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I'm Haunted- Thoughts?

haunting possession curse spirit

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#1 gypsylady


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Posted 03 February 2013 - 04:52 PM

Hi there,

I'm not sure how long or short this should be, but I will try not to bore all of you too much! This all started about 8 years ago when I was 18 years old. I had never had anything strange happen to me until that time, other than having a strange attracting to all things paranormal (my mom's side of the family were Romany gypsies- although I was not aware of this for years, but this may explain my fascination with tarot, spirits and that type of thing.)

Anyhow, back to my story, I moved into a Bachelor's suite when I was 18 years old with my then-boyfriend. He worked as an arena operator, so would sometimes work late shifts. Strange things started happening immediately in the home. I would be sitting on the couch upon coming home from work, and would suddenly hear dragging footsteps on the carpet around the couch, but there would be nothing there. My boyfriend started noticing this type of activity as well. It got to the point where I would actually go to the arena and stay there out of fear. Eventually, things got worse. We started hearing banging and knocking from the closet, which would wake us up at night; the shower curtain would move as if a big gust of wind hit it; I was having continuous gory nightmares (which I haven't forgotten to this day). My boyfriend and I would wake up to a dark shape standing in the kitchen, and it got to the point that one night, an empty water bottle by the bed flew across the room and hit our front door so hard that we were both woken up. The nightmares I was having became more and more real; one night I woke up so afraid that I made my boyfriend get up with me and turn the lights on. He was terrified because he felt something was wrong in our home that night. The dream I had was about a spirit telling me what he was going to do to me and how he was going to kill me and let me know that there was nothing my boyfriend could do because he would put him to sleep. I still remember the spirit's face in my dream- it was incredibly real. About 3 hours later, we decided to go back to bed and awoke to one of our taped up storage bins completely open with a cable cord strewn in a straight line across our living area. We were terrified and arranged to move out a couple of weeks later. The day we were meant to move out, both of us got incredibly sick to the point where we could hardly move, but we did end up moving within 3 days. Nothing happened to me for years after that and I chalked it down to location.

Fast forward 4 years. I had moved into a townhouse with my daughter in a different city where I was working as youth justice worker. Strange things started taking place in my bedroom and again, my daughter was catching on to this. At first, it was just knocking in the closet again, always from the same spot. I slept on the second floor and there was no one on the other side of me. Just knocking- one night, it sounded like drumming and that terrified me. I would get the eeriest feeling and it got to the point that I was afraid to go to bed, although things were only taking place in my bedroom, nowhere else in the room. Eventually, things started getting dragged on the floor when we would shut the lights off and my daughter would tell me someone was in the house and get really scared. One night, she told me to stop tickling her when I was on the opposite side of the bed from her. I was starting to hear a voice before I'd go to bed and it would loudly go "Hey!" and it would sound like someone open handedly slapped the wall behind us. I would nearly jump out of my skin. The nightmares starting coming back full force (I am not one to have nightmares). I dreamt my daughter was possessed, and again, the dreams seemed so real- everything appeared as in real life, nothing was out of place. I had a dream I walked out into the hallway and my daughter was standing there and she wouldn't respond to me and it was dark- out of nowhere she grabbed me and started pulling me... it was terrifying. The next night, I woke up to her standing near my bed- I called out her name, and she wouldn't respond and finally when she did, I asked what she was doing and she goes "I don't know..." In that same townhouse, I was watching 2 of puppies that my brother owned. I was playing with them on the bed when suddenly, both stopped playing, walked over to the edge of the bed and were staring at something and following it with their eyes. Suddenly, my big TV fell over out of nowhere- I still can't explain it to this day. I went to a tarot card reader for fun when I was out of town, and she randomly mentioned my bedroom and strange happenings in there (I never mentioned anything). She claimed there were 2 creatures attached to me... again, I moved out into another place and things stopped for awhile, although I did have one bout of sleep paralysis.

Fast forward to where I am now- things are starting to act up. I see a black shape, much like the one in my first home out of the corner of my eye walking. I feel uneasy some days as if something is watching me. I came home one day to a picture of a guy I was seeing face up on the floor about 20 feet from where it was on an 8 feet mantel (my kitten has never been able to reach and nothing else was touched).. the frame was unbroken. One thing that has been throwing me off is one incident that has happened twice. I am starting to get more and more worried. So I was lying in bed falling asleep and suddenly woke up to the feeling of something between my calves. At first, I thought it may have been my kitten, but heard him purring by my head. I lay in bed in fear that someone was in my home, because I had heard a male voice earlier that night as I was falling asleep. I was trying to remember where my cell phone was so I could call the police, but I was afraid to move. I could feel an arm or something like that just moving up between my calves. I lightly squeezed my legs together to see if I was just dreaming, but I could feel it there. Finally, after a few minutes of lying there terrified with my heart beating at a million beats a minute, I convinced myself just to throw the blankets off of me. I did it and there was absolutely nothing there (this happened to me twice in about 3 weeks).

I am really starting to believe I am the one being haunted and not the locations I am. There is a different feel to each of these hauntings though- as if it's not the same entity.... I would love your thoughts, because all of them feel malicious....One thing that all of these hauntings have in common is that they always happen when I am in a serious relationship... Help???

#2 faithsista



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Posted 04 February 2013 - 10:48 AM

I know this might sound a bit silly, but have you watched any episodes of "The Haunting Of..." or "Celebrity Ghost Stories"? Because your story reminds me of the one that a woman/actress named Kelly Carlson tells about her own life. She's been haunted by different spirits throughout the years, since she was young. Sometimes, it's a specific spirit/group of spirits that seem to haunt her consistently for long periods of time.

It sounds positively horrific. I can't imagine having to live with that kind of haunt!

I don't know if it will help at all, but I recently caught her episode of "The Haunting Of..." on Bio, and maybe watching something like that could help you out? She was accompanied by a psychic named Kim Russo who gave her advice on how to handle her ability on a go-forward basis.

If I recall correctly, part of her advice for Kelly was that she needed to let go of the fear that she had of these spirits. Because it was feeding them with the negative energy it projected. She needed to take more control of the situations, and that wasn't going to be done through fear.

Now, I have no advice on how to get rid of that fear/avoid getting scared when you're dealing with these entities, but maybe you can find a therapist that can help you with it? That could be a decent start, anyway.

As for the hauntings all happening when you're in a serious relationship, the only thing I can imagine might be happening there is that when you're in a relationship, you might feel safer, in some way. Thereby opening yourself to more attacks in a spiritual sense. Is that a possibility, do you think?

#3 alphacoven


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Posted 04 February 2013 - 08:47 PM

I have to say I agree with Orb.  In my own opinion, it sounds very demonic.  Maybe consult a reverend or priest? just my two cents.  My blessings go with you.  ~Rev. Mark
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#4 moiraesfate


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 10:06 AM

Well, I disagree with Mark, this doesn't sound demonic to me in any way. The reason is because you felt an arm trying to force its way between your legs. This sounds like a human spirit. Probably one that was a very bad person in life, maybe a rapist. It also sounds like its focused specifically on you. What I think is that it was attached to the first house you started experiencing that stuff in. Quite possibly, a previous tenant.

If this was an unhealthy man that actually did abuse women, he may have attached himself to you somehow. Maybe you are the first women to live in that place since he died.

There are different kinds of spirits. Some are rather like a recording that plays over and over again in the same spot. Its usually called a residual haunting, caused by the emotions of the people that were once in that spot. This is another kind. This is the spirit of a vengeful or angry person. One that's using your fear to prolong it's existence, and probably getting amusement out of it at the same time.

So I have a couple of suggestions for you. The first one is that, if you are religious, you can speak to your religious leaders to see if they can help. But I do have a feeling about this one. Christianity will likely say it's a demon and try to expel it from you. But I don't think it will work, and things will probably get worse in retaliation because I don't think this is a demon (I don't believe in demons). Ordering it out will just tick it off. If you believe in another religion, there is a possibility that you can get rid of it depending on your beliefs. I would suggest talking to others of that religion. Some religions have more gentle ways of dealing with these things that won't tick the spirit off but still manage to get rid of it.

You can also contact an investigation group to come in with cameras. They would have suggestions others don't and may be able to even trace the history of the place where this started happening. Sometimes finding out the history will help solve the problem.

There is one truth that the others spoke above that I think will do a great deal to help you. You need to take control of your reaction to this spirit. It's gaining power because you are giving off energy from your fear. Its absorbing this energy to allow its continued existence and gain in strength. You need to take control of yourself. Find in yourself the strength to resist this thing.

#5 gypsylady


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 10:45 AM

Hi everyone,

My apologies for the late response- between work and life, it has been difficult to get any free time to sit down and reply in a proper manner.

As far as the spirit being demonic, this has been something that I started considering after awhile due to the nature of my dreams. They were all surrounding cannibals, being killed by this spiris and crows in rooms full of guts and such. It really terrified me, as I rarely have nightmares and when I do, they are more of a feeling than vivid imagery. As I said ,it did all begin in the one home that my then boyfriend and I lived in in Alberta. I remember saying to him that maybe someone had committed suicide or something in that home, because it just had such a negative energy to it. My boyfriend and I constantly fought in that home as well and he became abusive- I remember thinking that either our anger was inviting it in or the negative energy was taking its toll on us. Once we broke up though, nothing happened for years until I moved into a townhouse in a new home. I had gotten into a relationship then and things began really acting up again, but only in my bedroom. I moved again, nothing happened until recently when I moved into this new home. I'm not sure whether it is the same spirit or not, but it does have some similarities.

I agree with the last posting in regards to it possibly being more of a negative human who has passed on rather than demonic. I have never had any markings on my body or any such thing. Just feels like an angry spirit that acts out when I am in relationships. And yes, this could be because I feel safer at those times in my life and let my guard down a bit more.

As far as the feeling between my legs, it did not move its way up any further than my knees and didn't necessarily feel sexual in nature, just extremely terrifiying.
Thank you for all your suggestions!

#6 bree2981



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Posted 06 February 2013 - 06:33 PM

wraith.. u are right that it couldn't be a demon and religious churches may not help. yet no offense i do believe in demons. i believe they are very rare and some ppl mistake a nasty poltergeist as a demon. doing an investigation if it is already dark soul would only let it believe it has approval and can cause chaos. in my belief. a medium would be best. and using the white light method on top of blessing the home. stand your grounds tell them to leave that its your space.just my opinion
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