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Paranormal Vs Reality

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Posted 19 January 2023 - 02:03 PM

What is an experience you have had that you were able to explain away scientifically?

For example, my son once couldn’t find his air pods. We tore his room apart looking for them. Looked in our home office and living room. He we finally gave up, we found them under a piles of papers in his room…a pile that he swears he didn’t put there.  Upon researching, we noticed that a book had fallen off of his shelf, knocked the papers, and shoved them down onto his air pods.  How did the book fall? Well, we have a train track behind our house and I’m guessing the vibrations got to it over time.
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#2 LouczarGStudy



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Posted 23 January 2023 - 05:59 AM

Over the years that I have been a member / Mod here, I have tried to be the voice of reason when people find us and want to "jump to conclusions" and go straight to paranormal activity.  IMO, we must root out all possibilities of the non paranormal first.

I think I have a good example.

15 or so years ago, my wife told me that she woke up after I had left for work and that the bed was shaking.  It wasn't the first time it happened to her she told me.  This was the 3rd time.  She said that when she picked her head up off the pillow, the bed didn't feel like it was shaking.  Once she laid her head back down she could feel it again.  For the sake of complete transparency, my wife does has MS and at the time she did not have it very bad (yet).  We talked about what she felt and discussed if it could have been the MS making her think the bed was shaking.  The times my wife noticed the bed shaking had no consistency in time / days when she noticed it.

A few weeks later.  I had stayed home when my wife went to work.  I woke up around 7:30am and the bed felt like it was shaking a little bit.  It had a very consistent harmonic.  Picking up my head off the pillow greatly diminished the feeling of the shaking.  But, the feeling returned when I laid my head back on the pillow.  

The following Saturday, my wife and I were going to the store.  We had to stop at the RR crossing that is around 1 - 1.5 miles from my house as a crow flies.  As we were sitting there first in line at the crossing, I noticed that the RR ties (wood beams under the tracks) were VERY worn out right before the pavement of the road.  as the wheels of each RR car went over those worn out RR ties, the tracks would dip a decent amount....maybe 8-10".  Watching that movement had me thinking that the harmonic could be close to the bed shaking harmonic.  Some time over the next week, my wife felt the bed shaking again when she woke up.  As she laid there wondering if I could have been right about the train...she heard the train whistle in the distance.  She waited 3-4 minutes and the shaking had stopped.  That made us 99% sure it was the train.  The RR company replaced all the RR ties before and after where it crossed the road where we saw the movement up and down.  We have never noticed the bed shaking in that way again ever since.
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Posted 23 January 2023 - 01:04 PM

A couple years ago when I worked overnights, I kept hearing this sound in my house like someone was flicking one of those bouncy door stops...  You know the one lol

I would get off work early some Wednesday nights/Thursday mornings around 3am, go downstairs and hang out with my two cats before I went to sleep in the basement bedroom.  Well, a couple times an hour, I would hear that sound, like someone is messing with a spring doorstop.  Both cats were near me and my wife was asleep.  It sounded like it was coming from upstairs near the front door, but that was not possible.  I chalked it up to a weird noise in the ventilation.  

This sound went on for months until my Dad came over and I asked him to take a look at the sump pump.  I told him it was getting old and I knew he had repaired his own a while back, so he had a little experience in troubleshooting anything that may have been wrong with it.  Anyway, we go into the utility room in the basement to look at it.  He opens up the rubber cover and pushes a button on it.  It made the doorstop sound!  All that time, I thought I was hearing things, but no, it was the darn sump pump!  LOL
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