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The Board Rules

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Posted 25 September 2009 - 12:47 PM

You MUST be 13 or older to post in this community

We encourage the safety of younger kids, and for your protection there are some rules that apply to kids that are under the age of 13 called COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and would require alot of work for the site.
heres a link COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Messages may be edited or deleted (and the member warned or banned) if they contain any of the following:

*vulgarity or sexually explicit messages or links.
*If you have to post a viewing warning for what you are about to post, it does not belong on the board.
*personal attacks
*offensive or harassing posts
*trolling---posts designed to bait others into destructive discussions
* personal gripes with forum staff or volunteers
*targeting a person because of race, sexual orientations or religion
*unauthorized advertisements
*multiple posts to gain attention to oneself.
*displaying private information about another member... email address etc.
*private messages between members within the forums.
*messages written strictly in CAPS
*nonsensical posts
*email addresses...for the safety of our members, we don't allow email addresses to be posted on the board. If you want to contact someone, please do it by private pm or email.


**Members joining this board just to put up a post advertising their website/paranormal group/messageboard/ etc. will be immediately banned, and their advertisement deleted. We are NOT a billboard for you to advertise YOUR website!

**Advertising personal websites are allowable only as a text link in your signature, however, we have the right to delete text links that lead to places with questionable content. Please, only one text link per signature!

**No posts or "click here for" inviting members to your new board/site/blog...again, we are not a billboard for advertising other sites, and such posts will be removed, and the poster banned without question or warning.

***siphoning of current members to yours (or someone else's) websites through our PM or Email System will result in an automatic banning. (no matter HOW long you've been around GS.)

^Signature banners are fine but need to be within a reasonable size (use mod banners as a gauge).
^Please, no political or religious debate threads...they will be deleted… off-topic forum included.
^ No political or religious signatures or avatars. They will be removed without warning.
^No post "bumping".

Spamming for post counts is not allowed.

~The off topic forums will be monitored the same as the paranormal forums for content. Any posts related to the paranormal or topics not related to that forum may be moved to the appropriate forum at moderators discretion.

***Please keep in mind that we will only delete posts with due cause. We do not
want our members to feel inhibited in any way from expressing their views and

*Offenders will be dealt with on a person to person basis. A warning will be issued first (normally).

**Any following offenses could result in limited privileges of forum use.

**Continued disregard for forum rules could result in banishment from the board.

If you feel a post was deleted unfairly or you feel that a post is
inappropriate you can appeal to board monitors. But, please do so by email
or PM only. Posting your rant on the board can result in your account being banned.

Above all....Be respectful to one another…and remember, in sharing, we learn.

Have fun!