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New Members Please Read!

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 08:15 PM

Hello New Members!

We're very happy to have you with us at GhostStudy!
You may notice that once you get your validation email,
and you try to login to post on the board, you will get an error
message. Everything was fine and you could read the topics
when you weren't signed in, but that changes once you login.
Here is the reason why:

The reason you are having issues is twofold. Number one, is that
all new accounts must be manually validated by a
board administrator before a new member can be
active on the board. Account validation can take between
24-48 hours depending upon the administrators schedules.
Currently, we have only 2 administrators that validate accounts,
and we get between 300-500 accounts signed up a day. Of those,
approximately 10-20 of them are actually legitimate accounts.
So it does take awhile for us to sift through all the accounts to
separate the bogus accounts from the legitimate accounts.

The reason you cannot access your profile after your account
is validated, is because new members will not have access to
the pm or profile view system until they have 30 posts to their
names. As you will see, your account when you first join the
board will be under the title of "False Positive". Once you hit
that magic number, you will have access to all features and
functions of the board. And trust us, it really doesn't take
very long to hit that number!

We do realize this can be a bit of an inconvenience, but unfortunately
it is a necessary evil, because as the saying goes, one bad apple
spoils the whole bunch. The board was hacked a few years ago,
and it took a few months to get all if our information back. We are not willing
to go through that again!

I hope that explains everything, and of course, my email inbox is
always open should any new members have any questions. I generally
try to get back to you within the hour after you send the email, but with
a full time job, an active toddler and a family, sometimes it may take longer,
but fear not! I will get back to you!
My email is:

We hope you enjoy it here as much as we all do!

Helena and the GhostStudy Staff

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