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The Curse Of Hotel Transylvania. Roleplay

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Posted 25 October 2018 - 11:54 PM

OK, Klainey I've just been chatting with that little white-haired girl, Leea. I have a little notepad and pencil.

I read off the notepad "The blood moon is tomorrow night, the Enemy of Old is some big ghoul. I am not sure but I think the dogs and the bats might be these guys behind me. I make a thumbing gesture in the direction of Vlad and Alexandru. "But I can't work out the Belfry or those blood will run free" I scratch my head while contemplating the problem.
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Posted 27 October 2018 - 06:22 AM

Tommy reminds me of that detective show Colombo.. I look over his shoulder as he pencils  and whispers "Vampires and Werewolves"

Sofia's gasp of outrage "We aren't vampires or bloodsuckers"!  

No, we're not we are immortals we just need more blood than we can process. We are able to heal at a rate faster than even the Lycanthrope, we don't age past our prime and we live for a very long time. Vlad sounds a little tired with it all.

I have a million questions! "Why are your eye colours different"?

Vlad sighs, Evolution!


"Yes, our evolution is what the Vampire myth was built on".  

"We were an advanced civilisation of Arkadia, a lost civilisation a little like Atlantis. When  Arkadia was destroyed we had to evolve to survive in the primitive civilisation we found ourselves thrown into".  

"We had darker predatory pupils, greater speed, strength, improved senses and fangs to hunt".

"As humans evolved so did we. We developed industries like blood banks so our prodigy didn't have to feed off the hoof.  With the bagged blood came their lighter honey coloured eyes".

"Who is the Enemy of Old"?

"These valleys, are known as the Valleys of Legends."

"The Enemy of Old is just one of many! But as with any legend, there is always some truth".

"Legend goes, he is the Master of the Ghouls. Every 5000 years the Master has his minions do his bidding to try to restore his incorporeal body into a new host.

Tommy's eyes pop wide. "What like a body snatcher?" Scribbling again!

Vlad ignores Tommy.  "It takes a lot of blood and a host body to bring the Master back. The Lycans are very good hosts".

I let all that information sink in then ask.

"What was in our drinks"? I hope it wasn't blood!

"Just a tonic, it enhances your natural abilities"

"What about the Pixies"?

"They are Valkyries, they are nearly as old as we are, and Leea is one of the oldest of her kind".

Tommy asks "What about bats, can you turn into bats"?

Sofia shook her head. "We can turn into a bat about as good as you can"!

Tommy nods and scribbles something on his notepad again!

"So the bats are just bats", I ask.

"Yes, we have a human company we contracted to remove and complete the building restorations to the west-wing tower and they were checking the other three towers for any bats".

"Maybe we should check out the towers too"?

As Halloween is fast approaching.
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Posted 28 October 2018 - 07:30 PM

Although Vlad and Alexandru argued their groups should split up to search the four towers faster. I was equally insistent that we remain together. And, it had nothing to do with my fear of bats!

The west wing was deserted, except for the new restorations, a few building tools and a backpack looking vacuum, you wouldn't know anyone had been here.

Tommy seems very interested in the vacuum turning it off and on trying to get it to start, he grabs the tools and makes a few adjustments to the vacuum then it roars to life. With a grin, he turns it off again and slings it over his shoulders. He has now turned into a real MacGyver.

We make our way out and into the other two towers without any luck.

I ask Alexandru why he and Nicolae were arguing that day, I first met them, on the climb up to the hotel.

"Nicolae thought since some of the villagers were, well, like us, the blood... aah... vampires... were definitely behind the disappearances.

I hear a snort coming from above us on the stairs and realise it was Sofia. "What would that dog know anyway!"

I wonder if Sofia realises how close Vasile and Catina are. He has been at her side all evening.

The 4th Tower

As soon as we enter the fourth tower there is a strong compulsion to leave.

I can almost hear the words "It's not safe here! Nothing to see here! You missed something in the other towers. LEAVE NOW, RUN!"  

I push through these feelings of doom and gloom. But Tommy starts slapping his body frantically "Get these spiders off me".

I rush to him, ready to help, but I can't see anything on him!

Vlad is there too "It is a Suggestion Spell. There are no spiders!  They are using your worst fears".

Tommy is still madly slapping but gradually calms down as Vlad's word sink in.

The North tower must have been the first built. These stairs here are made out of stone where the others were fitted out in timber.  We finally make it to the top but the entrance is barred by a red door.

"OK, who's fear is that?"

Apparently not Alexandru's as he steps up to the door and rips it off its hinges as the stone where the lock was, crumbles away.
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Posted 31 October 2018 - 05:08 AM

We all step up into the tower.
The floor space up here is huge.

There are several things I notice simultaneously.  I  hear the bats straight away, they are roosting in the pitch of the ceiling. I think they must be real because Alexandru shone his torch on them. There are also ghouls up there, I can see their red eyes, hiding in the shadows amongst the bats.  The place smells of sulphur and burnt flesh. The room is lit by the ambient red moonlight filtering through the tower windows.

In the right top corner of the room, there are three men they are all wearing overalls with a company logo "BAT REMOVAL PRO".   They appear to be unkempt, swaying from side to side as they shuffle on the spot, they definitely don't seem to be orientated to us or their surroundings.

Then there are the villagers, they are chained to  5 areas on the stone floor and in the middle is a large cocooned mummified thing.

There are strange etchings on the stone floor. You can see it is a recent addition as there is a large mound of stone rubble in another corner along with other tools- picks, crowbars and shovels.

Leea must be batty! Not only does she now have a pet bat perched on her shoulder, but she starts to dance around and in a pixie sing-song voice, sings  " OH the  P-E-N-T-A-G-R-A-M  is etched into S-T-O-N-E because tonight we are going to be making a new E-N-E-M-Y of Old.

I look to the stone floor and yes it is in the shape of a 5-star pentagram and the villagers are chained to the points of the star.

Alexandru, Tommy and I move closer to the mummy thing. It is like a piece of petrified wood but on closer inspection, it's a grotesque misshaped corpse. It looks as though it died screaming in agony or in disbelief.

Lenna dances around singing in her pixie voice while giving the corpse the thumbs up!

At first, I didn't realise But the mummy thing is suspended inches above a chained, metal mouth gagged Nicolae.  The gag is similar to a horse gag that opens their mouth, So Nicolae is encased in the stone floor, face to face with the mummy with his mouth gagged open.

Alexandru bends to Nicolae and notices the chains and gag are made from silver and there is an intravenous drip of what he suspects is wolfbane, which will stop Nicolae from shifting. Although Nicolae is alert, he is unable to move a finger and the silver has burnt his flesh where the metal rests against his skin.  

Vlad and his people are checking on the 5 missing villagers "The chains here are silver too, and they all have several deep bleeding cuts".

I move towards the villagers and notice the blood is seeping its way through the pentagram towards the mummy. With this realisation, all Hell Breaks Loose!

There is chanting coming from the ceiling "Master! We invoke thee! Enemy of Old. Ruler of all ghouls. Guardian of the Underworld. Show us your glory. Show us your power. We pray of thee!  Accept this, our blood offering when the moon is red...We invoke thee!"

All our supernatural creatures have shifted to their Vampire or Were forms.

The shuffling Batty men are getting agitated. They have picked up the picks and crowbars as the ghouls fly down from the ceiling and enter the batty men's bodies.

The vamps move, faster than my eyes can track and the batty men are tired up in some leftover chains. Although the Ghoulish men were stronger their strength was nothing compared to the Vamps.  The ghoul's slash at the Vamps with their sharp claws and teeth as they retreat from the batty men.

In their Ghoul form, the Vamps and Were soon have blood gushing from numerous claw and incisor wounds.  

I watch as three ghouls impact and enter Tommy's body. One minute he has that blank no one's home look on his face, the next the ghouls are leaving him with Pooky hot on their vapers.

I don't know what is worse, the ear-splitting screeches as the ghouls try to escape Pooky by entering the bats. Or Pooky's fiendish grin as he devours the bats and ghouls, piece by bloody piece.

I look up to see what has snagged Tommy's attention. Above us, from out of the dark vortex floats the Enemy Of Old. He is nearly as grotesque in his shadow form. Tommy fires up his backpack vacuum and points the hose towards the Enemy of Old. The shadowy form of the Enemy of old is sucked into the vacuum. Pooky not to be outdone hits the vacuum too; there are some sounds of screaming,  grinding bones and sucking noises then a big belch as Pooky leaves the vacuum snacking his lips.

Leena and her ilk are lounging on fluffy clouds that hoove just out of the chaos munching on popcorn and candy.  And in that sing-song voice of hers, she sings out "Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!"

The End!

P.S. Note: No bats were hurt in the making of this story.
All the missing villagers and Nicolae made full recoveries; as did the Vamps and Weres... Sorry Immortals and Lycanthropes :D

P.S.S Sorry it was a bit rushed, trying to finish on time.

Happy Halloween everyone :halloween: :heart:
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#25 TommyTurkeyBody



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Posted 01 November 2018 - 03:57 AM

Yep I am a regular ghost buster with that vacuum backpack
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