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Ghosts And Spirits Can Be Beneficial To Your Mental Health

Ghosts Spirits

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Posted 11 March 2018 - 03:52 AM

I came across this interesting article so I thought I would share it.
The author is Deborah Schurman-Kauflin, Ph.D., she is a criminal profiler and expert on serial crimes


Have you ever heard things go bump in the night? Perhaps you’ve seen a shadowy figure move across the room when you swear no one else was there. Maybe you moved into a house and had strange things happen from the moment you called it home . Then there is the chance that you have seen a full blown apparition, something that can scare the daylights out of you.

If you are haunted, then you are not alone. So many people across the globe have had similar experiences. Every culture has reported some sort of paranormal activity. The trouble is, the spirit world is considered to be a taboo subject in many circles. Therefore, people tend to keep their stories secret out of fear of how they will be treated.

Too often paranormal experiences are dismissed with a rolling of the eyes, especially in academia. Surely you were just imagining things, you are told. It is all in your head. There could be no possibility that what you experienced is real. Maybe you are simply crazy. If you are told this often enough, then you learn to keep silent about your experiences. Who wants to be
labeled as a lunatic?

No doubt, there are many situations where the mentally ill believe they have seen ghosts or demons. I worked many cases as a criminal profiler where schizophrenics committed murder because they believed their victims were demons or demon possessed. Hallucinations and delusions like that do occur. That is a very real concern when dealing with someone who claims to have paranormal experiences. Everything from depression, grief, trauma, and psychosis can be responsible for seemingly paranormal experiences.

However, many perfectly sane individuals have claimed to see spirits and believe in ghosts, and there are cases out there that simply cannot be explained away by grief, mental illness, or mistaken identity.

I have spoken with many parents of murdered children who have vivid dreams of their deceased loved ones just when they needed it. In some cases, the parent was ready to commit suicide and a departed loved one appeared to them to tell them not to do it. Some would argue it is a manifestation of their subconscious acting in
self preservation. Yet, those who reported these experiences were profoundly touched by them and often had a complete turnaround in their depressions.

Other cases involve those who visited a medium and received information that only the deceased would know. This confirmed for them that there is life after death. These after death contacts have such an amazing impact, that very often, they not only lead to simple survival, but they acted as catalysts for big life changes. After seeing or hearing from a dead loved one, grieving family often make very positive turns in their lives. They become involved in activities that they
never would have prior to being touched by spirit. They volunteer to do good things, such as form support groups and help victims of violent crimes. The spirit experience provided hope and gave them a joy that they had lost.

It would be easy to dismiss these claims as a product of a grieving mind. However, there are just as many cases where there has been no trauma in the life of the person who experienced spirit contact. I have talked to people who moved into new houses and all of a sudden experienced things moving on their own, strange dreams, spirit figures, and whispers that can’t be understood.

woman I spoke with moved into an old house and kept seeing a little boy running around her living room. She wasn’t the only one who saw him either. Later she found out a little boy had died in that home. This is someone I have known for years that has a level head on her shoulders and is not prone to histrionics. She is a woman who was very practical. Prior to moving in that house, she had never experienced any paranormal activity. She was quite skeptical about such matters. After experiencing it first hand, she found herself drawn to doing volunteer work at a children’s charity where she met a new best friend. This brought a complete happy change in her life.

Another person I interviewed spoke about his experiences with the paranormal. Phil had been an outright cynic to ghosts and spirits. He flat out never believed in any of it and referred to those who believed as ‘idiots.’ That was until he had his own paranormal contact. His little boy died in a freak accident, and he was sure that his son had ceased to exist. This
of course brought him into the depths of despair. This depression went on for over a year until a coworker at his construction site began talking about the unusual dreams he was having about a little boy. The man said he kept having a dream about a little boy who had been killed on his bicycle. He saw the accident in the dream. Then the boy would get up and say ‘tell him I’m all right.’ The dream repeated night after night, and it got to the point that this man was bothered by it. He said it gave him ‘the creeps.’ One day Phil heard this man telling his story, and he froze in his tracks. He asked the man more about the boy in the dream. What did he look like? What was he wearing? The man proceeded to recount the dream in detail and described Phil’s son down to the clothes he was wearing when he was buried. Phil was stunned to say the least. It was after that when he began examining the afterlife and found happiness again with the thought of his son being close by. Now you might say that the coworker was just saying these things to make Phil feel better. However, this coworker was new to the job and to the area. He had never seen the boy or even knew about the accident. He didn’t even know the boy’s name, and he certainly didn’t know what clothes he was buried in. No one at the jobsite
attended the funeral.

I’ve known police officers who ‘ask’ the murder victim for help in solving a case, and I’ve been told that more than one was then visited in a dream and given information about the crime. There are many in law enforcement that experience the paranormal but are hesitant to come forward due to stigma. Having spirit contact can help police do their jobs. It can be so daunting and jading to work homicide cases. You see the worst in humanity on a daily basis which can grind you down. Getting confirmation of the spirit world can reinvigorate an officer who has had the wind taken out of his sails.

Just going through everyday life can be challenging. Belief in the paranormal can have a positive psychological effect by aiding the grieving process, providing a life coping mechanism and simply giving hope where there was none. It can be a key to living. Knowing that you never really lose the ones you love brings peace. Just the knowledge that we go on after we die is enough for people to make positive changes in their lives.

So yes, there are things that go bump in the night. Sometimes it is a house settling, but other times, it just may be a spirit coming to say ‘hello.’ There is more out there than meets the eye. Perhaps you may wonder if such a thing is possible. Could something like that really be true? You never know, tonight may be the night that you have your first ghostly encounter.

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#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 23 July 2018 - 05:18 AM

Here is another article that I thought to share. I hope you find it as interesting as I have :D By Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Positive Spirit Contact: How the Other Side Can Help & Heal

For some people, the idea that spirits are around us is scary. They think of horror movies like the Exorcist and worry that any bump in the night is a monster trying to hurt them. Though there are some negative spirit contacts, there are many more good spirit visits.

Most spirits that I come across are pleasant, funny, and very helpful. They want to assist the living and prove that life goes on. As a psychic medium, I’ve seen first-hand how spirit contact can even save a life.

I am a retired criminal profiler, and for many years I worked with parents of murdered children. When they learned that I was a medium as well as a profiler, they told me wonderful stories of how their loved ones came to them after death just when they needed it.

A woman named Lucy* has lost her son when he was abducted and murdered by a serial killer. Her life fell apart after that horrible event. She ended up getting a divorce because all she and her husband could do was fight and blame each other for what happened. With all her emotional issues, she had difficulty holding her job and eventually lost it. Even family could not get through to her as she shut out the world.

She said that she really couldn’t see a reason to go on. She had lost her reason for living, and she just wanted it to be over. At her lowest point, she planned her own suicide. Many thoughts filled her mind as to various ways to take her life. After much thought, she decided on overdosing on medication.

On a cold February day, she went into her closet where she was prepared to end it. She had her pills and pictures of her son. She said she was shaking as she sat on the floor and cried. As she picked up her pill bottle, she heard her son’s voice. It was clear as day. She was sure of it. Then she heard it again. “Mommy, I’m here.” It was there; she had heard it twice. It was at this point that a bright light appeared above her head. It was roundish and glowing. She broke down in tears and laid on the floor looking up at the light which was hovering in her closet.

Right then, her phone rang, and it kept ringing. It wouldn’t stop. Eventually she got up and answered. It was her mother who was also crying. Her mother said she had heard her dead grandson’s voice telling her that Lucy was going to kill herself. Both women cried as Lucy admitted what she was doing and that she too had heard her son’s voice and seen a light. The women were overwhelmed. Through tears, Lucy’s mother told her that her son was obviously still here, and suicide was not the answer.

With all that, Lucy realized that she could go on. She knew, absolutely knew, that her son was still with her. Not only that, she knew that he was watching over her.

It was after this contact that her life turned around. That night when she went to bed, she dreamed of her son. He was beaming and all smiles. In the dream (which was obviously a spirit contact) he told his mother that she needed to live and make a difference in the world. He said he would be waiting for her, but she needed to live her life.

She said when she woke up, she hadn’t felt that good in years. Her pain had lessened, and she felt invigorated. As was typical, she went to make some coffee, and as she sat at the kitchen table to drink it, she about fell out of her chair. Standing right at her sliding glass door was a large lizard. Lucy lives in the Southwest and lizards are common, but this guy was big. Her son had loved lizards and kept them as pets. It stood there staring at her for several minutes, and she knew this was a sign from her son. She had never seen one quite like this one. It was so big and wouldn’t leave. Finally, she got up to refill her coffee, and when she turned around, it was gone.

Lucy truly was affected by her spirit contact. As she said, her son ‘saved her life.’ The contact allowed her to move out of her grief and start again. After getting herself together, she volunteered to foster animals for an animal rescue which was a life-long dream of hers. Though she misses her son every day, she knows he is still with her. And she knows that her spirit will go on once she crosses over.

Her story is not unique. A lot of parents of murdered children have told me similar stories. It shows how vital afterlife contact can be.  So not all things that go bump in the night are scary. Some occurrences are loved ones stopping by to say ‘hello,’ while other contacts may simply be spirits of people who had lived on your property.

Spirit visits can be healing and give you peace that you wouldn’t know otherwise. They literally can be the difference between life and death. For those of you who are afraid, don’t let fear get the better of you, for most spirits out there are friendly. And when life gets you down, remember that there is more than this life.
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Posted 24 July 2018 - 09:18 AM

Cool, thanks Klainey.

Aquène kah nahonnushagk(Peace and farewell),
WaûtuckquesSóchepo (SnowRabbit)

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Posted 25 July 2018 - 01:57 AM

I find her insight very addictive; here is another article

Psychic Mediumship in Law Enforcement
Psychic abilities are used in police work.
Posted Nov 09, 2012

I recently retired as a criminal profiler after working on over a thousand serial murder and sexual homicide cases and creating the profiles of female serial killers. I trained thousands of police officers, CIA and FBI agents and interviewed 25 serial killers and mass murderers. I was famous for how accurate my profiles tended to be. Many, many times, shrewd detectives told me I was so accurate it was eerie. There was a reason for that, a truth that I kept secret. I kept this secret because telling the truth about this subject is often taboo. The truth is that I am a psychic medium.

From the time I was little, I had spirits around me. I didn’t think it was strange because I thought everyone did. My family was very open to psychic phenomenon, and my mother’s aunt was also a practicing psychic medium. But even though I experienced things firsthand, like knowing people’s secrets, I was very skeptical. It became harder and harder to hide my abilities when working with police because I’d come up with things I had no way of knowing. And more than one shrewd detective outright asked me if I was psychic.

In law enforcement, it is not something that is widely accepted. However, the majority of detectives who I worked with admitted to going to crime scenes and asking deceased victims for help in solving their murders. I even know a homicide lieutenant who used a psychic to locate a body only to say he’d never admit that publicly for fear of ridicule. The interesting thing is that the best police officers are the most intuitive. They get gut feelings about suspects which later prove to be true. Some have prophetic dreams. How often have detectives pursued something "on a hunch?"

The reality is that people use their intuitive skills every day. You know when you meet someone, and your gut tells you that something is wrong even though the person looks normal? Perhaps something tells you not to take a certain route to work, and you later learn by doing so you avoided an accident. I’m sure many of you have stories of where your intuition saved you from something bad.

When I released my terrorist profiling book Disturbed in November 2008, I predicted that India would have the next big terror attack. I knew for a fact that they would be hit and hit big soon. Within two weeks of releasing my book and making this prediction, the Mumbai attacks took place. I recently did a private reading for someone and kept hearing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ playing in my head. It is like when you get a song stuck in your head. It kept playing until I told the client what I was hearing. She was shocked and told me that her daughter had just texted this to her for no reason. She noted how her young daughter had spelled it correctly and how unusual it was at the time. I told her that her mother in spirit kept showing me the pearl necklace and that she really wanted her to have the necklace. The client told me that when her mother died, she had gotten the pearl necklace but that her father had taken them and not given them back. I kept seeing a picture of David Cassidy and told her that the names David and Cassidy had significance. She was blown away and said that two grandchildren were born after her mom died, and her mother never got to see them. Their names were David and Cassidy.

The reality is that psychic abilities do exist, and our loved ones who have passed are close by. Those who have passed over often will show themselves to those grieving. Why wouldn’t they be around those in law enforcement who put their lives on the line and put bad guys behind bars? I believe that those in police work have lots of protection from the other side, so it is not surprising that police can be some of the most intuitive people. Though not commonly accepted in police circles, psychic abilities are being used. With time perhaps people can be taught how to better ‘tune in’ to their own abilities and learn to trust their gut instincts. There is more to this world than meets the eye.
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Posted 27 July 2018 - 12:52 AM

Thanks for sharing these articles, I always find it interesting when someone is assisting law enforcement!
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Posted 27 July 2018 - 01:17 AM

The other side of the coin and well worth considering when things go bump in the night!

When ghosts are nothing more than your own trauma

Paranormal Researcher, Criminal Profiler
Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

Many people believe their homes are haunted. In fact, they are downright convinced of it. Yet in a lot of cases, the ‘ghost’ is nothing more than a mixture of family trauma and negative life situations. What I mean by that is a large number of cases where homeowners believed they were haunted were actually not haunted at all. Well, they may have been haunted by a horrible life tragedy, but there was nothing paranormal going on.

You have to be careful if you think that you are being haunted. Because if you come to believe that there is a specter watching your every move, then you can become anxious, paranoid, and even frightened. I’ve worked with people who thought that they had ghosts in their homes. In reality, there was no ghost or demon. The things that they mistook for supernatural happenings were actually just everyday occurrences that were misinterpreted.

Life is hard. For some people, it is excruciating. Whether they go through a chronic painful illness which doctors seem unable to help, or they suffer from tragedy after tragedy, the trauma can be too much to handle. When this happens, the human mind searches for an explanation. Sometimes that leads them to the paranormal.

For example, Minnie was left by her cheating husband with four young children. Naturally the cheater skipped out of town and on alimony too. Minnie was overwhelmed. Then life hit her with a brick. She came down with all kinds of weird symptoms. Her eyes would go in and out of focus. She’d feel numb in her legs and arms. Sometimes, she had trouble walking. To the doctors she went, and the doctors failed her. They saw her as a middle aged woman who was malingering. In truth, she was suffering from early Multiple Sclerosis. It took several years before she found one competent doctor who was able to diagnose her.

In the meantime, Minnie had convinced herself that a bad spirit was haunting her home. The walls seemed to bang out of nowhere. Her wallet was never in the last place she left it. There was a cold spot in the dining room. Then there were those horrible dreams where something was chasing her. Because she was so stressed, every time one of these things would happen, she told her young children that an evil spirit was after them. It follows that the kids then began noticing every noise and bump, and they too, became convinced that a dark entity was stalking them.

When dinner was left in the stove too long, it was obviously the ghost. When Minnie tripped over the bathroom carpet, clearly it was the ghost. When the kids had nightmares, to them, it was a demon out to get them. Whatever goes wrong in the course of a normal day was attributed to the paranormal. And it made this family wild with fear.

They all ended up sleeping in the same room, taking turns trying to get rest so the ghost wouldn’t get them. The kids would go to school exhausted because, well, the demon had kept them up. At least in their mind it had. Their school work began to suffer, and Minnie simply collapsed. As sick as she was, she couldn’t go on and was absolutely convinced that the evil spirit had caused her divorce, her illness, and kids’ problems. Minnie’s behavior got bizarre as a result. She went so far as to run out of the bathroom with the trash when she was having her menstrual cycle. The reason? She felt if any blood was left in the house that it somehow ‘fed’ the demon. Minnie ended up having a priest come bless her home, she was so scared.

After this went on for almost a year, Minnie’s mother ended up taking the children and Minnie in. At first, every time they heard a snapping noise or bump, they would all jump with fear until Minnie’s mother reassured them that it was just the wind outside, the ice tray, or the refrigerator. It took several months of Minnie’s mother making great efforts to explain things and clam them down before they began to understand that they had not been haunted at all.

Still terrified of the whole thing, Minnie wanted her home (which had sat vacant for three months) to be tested by paranormal investigators. She wouldn’t believe her mom, but she would believe them. Investigators took a look at Minnie’s house and did several overnight stays. It didn’t take long to figure out that the bumps and bangs that the family had heard were the results of the pipes and the heating ducts moving and banging. The cold spot in the dining room? The window had been left open a tiny bit by accident. So chilly air was coming in at that spot. Minnie kept tripping on the bathroom carpet because one of the tiles underneath it had come loose. Where the tile was loose was the exact spot Minnie kept tripping on. And the nightmares were just that: nightmares. No more. No less.

Poor Minnie and her children had been so scared that they let fear override their common sense. If Minnie had investigated instead of jumping to conclusions, she and her children would not have lost a year to an unfounded terror. However, she had been horribly scarred from her divorce and disabling illness. It was too much.

After the investigation showed her that there was nothing in her home, she and the kids moved back in. With the window closed and tile fixed, there were no more cold spots or tripping accidents. The paranormal investigators had told her to have a plumber secure the pipes, which she did. Then the noises were no longer heard. Problems solved. Her son admitted to being the one who had been moving her wallet when he was sneaking dollars here and there. It was just one big mess.

Now don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is just females who have this issue. Unfortunately, there have been some scientists in the paranormal field who have painted women who have supernatural experiences as nutcases, and these scientists have done a great disservice to the field by using a broad brush. To these scientists, women who have paranormal experiences, especially poltergeist experiences, are hysterical personalities and attention seeking. While this may be true of some people (male and female) who are encountering paranormal happenings, it is certainly not true of all. This ghastly mischaracterization sets the field back. I’ve known women who have experienced actual poltergeist activity, witnessed by others, and these women are solid emotionally.

Both men and women can mistakenly come to believe that there is a ghost in their homes when nothing is there. I know of a man who became convinced that he had a demon in his house. Despite many different investigative groups over a period of years showing him that his demon consisted of his air compressor blowing, faulty wiring of his dishwasher, and raccoon families in his attic, he still walked away from the house and let it go into foreclosure. He had convinced himself that an evil spirit was after him, so to him, an evil spirit was after him.

The point is that you should never jump to the conclusion that your house is haunted. There are so many other things that it could be. Be especially careful when you suffer from illnesses or tragedies, because those things can impair your judgment. After all, if you have gone through horror after horror, it is easy to turn to the paranormal when looking for answers. People can mistakenly think that if doctors can’t help them or if several family and loved ones die in the same year, then maybe there is a dark entity making it happen. They look to the supernatural for answers because this world cannot provide them with the answers. Some illnesses are yet to be discovered. Doesn’t mean someone isn’t dealing with it right now. Doctors just don’t know what it is. And in some years, several people you love can just die. It is rare, but it does happen. Bad luck perhaps, but not bad spirit.

If you think you have a ghost in your house, then get it checked out. Have good investigators who will look at your heating/air system, pipes, windows, and other things to rule out something mundane. Whatever you do, don’t get scared when you don’t need to be. Life is too short.
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