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Hidden Creatures Of The Occult

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Posted 10 December 2015 - 04:58 PM

Horror186- I was a little kid I never had the experience creepy, maybe this experience is not will never can I forget my whole life. Experience scary this happened tens-twenty years ago, when I spent my childhood in the Stone Nunggal.

That time I was 8 years old, I was never afraid of anything even if there's a man naughty with me. I often make them to cry, especially the name ghost. First, I consider a ghost that only existed in television, but I thought it turned out wrong. That afternoon I was playing hide cussed with my friend.

I'm hiding in a yard which looks like ordinary, but just so you know that time I hid in the house are not inhabited aka an empty house and at that time I didn't think anything. I know, I have to hide so unknown and found by my friend.

From far away I hear the voice of my friend who was looking for me, I'm getting freaked out because the sound my friend is getting close. I start't-look around looking for somewhere else and will not discovered until my eyes see a place that I think if I was hiding there will never be found, that is in the house.

I rushed into the house, without any fear though. I walked into the house it just happens to be the house that wasn't locked. The doors are a little broken for the locked or closed, I go into the house and hide near the window so I can peek and really from that window I saw my friend was looking for me. Behind him stood a few of my friends have found, they walk towards me and maybe they see my reflection against the glass. Without much movement, I'm looking for a place else to hide. My eyes look to the right and to the left to see other places, home crud that's pretty big and dusty.

The floor is much broken and besides that I saw there is some furniture that is not shaped anymore.

Chair, old sleigh, the lights of the old, too dirty until my eyes leads to a thing and that thing is like the box long. Not too big, that box looks hidden downstairs, the house was destroyed in the middle of it and make anyone can't ride to the top floor. I approach the box, the box length that looks very safe to hide.

Without a thought I went right into it.

This box is very uncomfortable, especially the bottom box very soft. I lay down in the that box and head to touch like a cushion buffer. Really very comfortable, quiet and I lay down while waiting for my friends to find me. 5 minutes, 15 minutes, I heard the sound of the step and the sound of my friends looking for me.

But why didn't they find me, I smile inside the box. Box long the inside like the bed, and slowly my eyes terkantuk. I fell asleep inside that box, until, my gosh, I woke up startled. I don't know how long I was asleep inside that box, the air inside the box was getting stuffy and I was starting to feel cold.

My hand pushed the box cover and the box that I slept with that won't open. I keep pushing and banging that box. In the middle of the panic, I heard like a voice the man was crying. The sound of a crying woman, but I don't know where it came from and I kept pushing the box.

That time I thought the sound of the cries that came from outside the box, but it's not. The sound of it from inside this box, and right when I started to realize it turned out in the bottom this box is not foam. Unless I sleep on the body of a human, I can feel parts of her body.

Slowly I looked to the top and seraut face creepy appear, the face colored dark and very creepy. That face covered in a white sheets with the upper part of the bound. I then noticed his face are the bruises and suddenly the eyes of the creature open wide and he's staring back at me.

I don't know what time, I also don't know if my friend was still in the house and I keep yell for help. The atmosphere in the box is dark, but why the creepy that can looks clear to me. Vaguely I heard a guy's voice cried again, this time more sound because it is the sound of crying that comes from a body that was right under my body. I kept pushing the box and the tearful voices of that sound faster but this box is still don't want to open.

I close my eyes, all of a sudden the atmosphere into silence. I start moving my lips, from read the prayers while with all his might and with one kick finally the box was open. The atmosphere in this house is so dark, it looks like I've slept in a few hours. I open the door and sure enough it was night.

I don't know how long I fell asleep in the box, the light of the moon through the door to the house and the light directly illuminate the box where I hid last and the box where I hide it is a coffin for the dead. Then the box was moving and from the box that appears a creature was with in the box.

All over the body of the creature wrapped in a shroud of white, with face bruised and eyes it looks just the circles black. I keep on running and within seconds, he's already there in front of me and I kept running through that thing. Looks like he kept after me, after managed to get out of the house. I was so shocked when I got home, mom welcomes me with tears of hysterical while cuddle with me and asked constantly where I'm from, where I've eaten or not. But I'm just speechless to see that view, my brother even then hug me and my dad many times prostration of gratitude and then, when I was a little teenager.

My mother then told me, that the time that I've been missing for a few days and mom get a chance to ask all my friends and they said I had to go into an empty house. And from there I just know, if the ghost was there and it said I was hidden by them. I still remember very clearly from the events of my childhood, a coffin and an empty house that until now I still live in Stone Nunggal. Even every day I still often pass in front of the house, sometimes shadow will that thing is always present when I was going through the house.

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Posted 11 December 2015 - 05:54 PM

horror186, are you blogging, writing short stories or trying to post an actual account that you yourself witnessed first hand? I ask these questions as I must know what your goal and or purpose is for posting is in general.  My inquiry is not to offend you, it is to find out what you are wanting to accomplish with GS.


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Posted 16 December 2015 - 06:57 AM

in my coutry there is a demon which like to hide children we call it wewe gombel. it usually took a kid who still out after dark. wewe gombel will took it and hide it, she would provide the child with food but when the kid  eat the food he would never back. in my town to take back the kid we need a ritual with cock and noice and say some phrase. my grandma was hidden by wewegombel when he is a kid. she say that it only feel like only hours,but actually she gone for 3 days.She said the food that  the demon gave turn to maggot and worm when the town people found her, she glad she didnt eat it .even when she feel hungry she did not eat it.

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