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A Few Quotes On The Art Of Dreaming, Portals, String Theory, Energy

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Posted 11 September 2019 - 05:46 AM

A little backstory on Don Juan Matus.  He's a Yaqui Shaman who took Carlos Castaneda as his apprentice.  All the workings of Don Juan came from Carlos.  He wrote a series of books pertaining to dreams, magick, astral projection, and other crazy butt things we can't begin to imagine.  It's like the matrix on roids.

Carlos has been featured in time magazine.  At first Carlos wanted to ask him about hallucinogens.  That's what his thesis was about when he was studying anthropology at the UCLA.  He met Don Juan Matus through a friend that also studied anthropology. Some of you might know that authorities in any field gets backlash.  He was seen as a "fake".  Some claim Don Juan didn't exist.  Whatever the truth may be he must have had huge extensive knowledge which contained parallels to gnosticism.

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It's really the experience and knowledge of someone who dwells in pragmatics and not theories.  Also there are others, if you research deep enough, that claim who are in contact and also in Don Juan's party. You'll find them on shamanic forums and facebook which discuss the same exact experiences.

This no longer becomes a phenomena but an actual experienced shared by a lot of individuals.  And no they're not in the insane asylum.  Well some may be...  Here's a few quotes about dreaming and the nature of reality.  The funny thing is a lot of what Don Juan described is compatible with the string theory pertaining to the theory of everything in quantum physics.  It's in quote 2.  


Quote 1: What Is Dreaming?

Through dreaming we can perceive other worlds, which we certainly describe, but we can't describe what makes us perceive them.

Quote 2: What Do Shamans Say About The Nature Of Reality?
The essence of the universe resembles incandescent threads that stretch out to infinity in every conceivable direction, luminous filaments that are conscious of themselves in ways impossible for the human mind to comprehend.  The whole universe is energy.  

Quote 9: What Are The 7 Gates Of Dreaming?
There are seven gates and dreamers have to open all seven of them, one at a time. There are entrances and exits in the energy flow of the universe.

Quote 10: What's The Purpose Of The 7 Gates Of Dreaming?
You already understand that the gates of dreaming are specific obstacles, but you haven’t understood yet that whatever is given as the exercise to reach and cross a gate is not really what that gate is all about.  

rest of the quotes, https://beyondenigma...rt-of-dreaming/

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