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Help With A Following

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#1 jakeken


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Posted 20 March 2017 - 05:23 PM

So for as long as I can remember I would wake up in the middle of the night unable to move or speak with the feeling as if there were someone watching me. Most of the time I would just ignore it but once in a while I would look around and I would see a dark figure of what appears to be a man in the farthest corner of whatever room I'm sleeping in. Whether the farthest corner is 10 ft or 50 fl away. It's usually a dark figure of a man half the time or a dark haze. There were a couple times where it was a white haze. I've come to find out that being unable to move is sleep paralysis. Once in a while it's also kind of like a dream within a dream I guess is the best way I can describe it. I would wake up and be able to move around and speak but it's like everything is the same except it's like everything is darker. Lights aren't as bright and if it's in the middle of the day it's like the sun isn't as bright. I always get the same feeling when that happens. This only happens when I have nightmares though which I have been having since I was a kid, which can happen as often as everyday for almost a month or I could go 4 months or so without a nightmare. The only times where I'm not woken up with this feeling I usually have panic attacks, some have even gotten as bad as grabbing the nearest weapon and latterly checking every spot that a person could be hiding. Every closet, large covered, garage, and even every section of my property, whether it's only a half an acre or 10 acres. I've been having nightmares and panic attacks since I was a kid and it seems like the only time that I don't is when my nightmares get interrupted like something woke me up. I used to be afraid of it at first, but then I just started to ignore for a while. Now it's like if it is some sort of spirit or demon following me, it doesn't seem like it's trying to harm me. I can't even think of a time where it would even try to scare me. It's never once even stood right above me or sat on my chest like I've heard of a lot of people's experience with sleep paralysis. Whenever I get woken up I basically just do something to clear my mind of whatever I was dreaming about like watching south park or family guy. There were a few times when I didn't fully clear my mind where I felt I light smack on my leg or a little pressure on my arm or something. I get that it could just be my mind making me see and feel things that are not really there but I just wanted to get another opinion on it.

#2 Jim@GhostStudy


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Posted 20 March 2017 - 08:12 PM

Well, as you mentioned it could be you and not a haunting. It would be wrong to not at least consider that possibility. So I would advise you have a complete mental and physical workup. It's always good to eliminate that from the plate, right?  :)  And sleep paralysis is a real thing and the weight we feel during the occurrence doesn't necessarily mean the "being" is on your chest but that you feel a weight holding you down. I should also say, sleep paralysis symptoms aren't always sleep paralysis. So keep that in mind too. In other words, sometimes it is paranormal.

Now, having said all that, in my opinion, we don't stop with that counsel. So you should also consider the paranormal aspect as well. So I would highly suggest logging everything in a notebook starting now. And make sure you include the time and day of all events with a short summary. After awhile you will be able to connect the dots and hopefully diagnose the situation based on those past occurrences. Or you can even hand over the log to someone that can help with that.

I personally have nightmares every night that I don't pray. So I always ask for protection while I sleep. If you are religious at all, I would suggest you try it. A daytime prayer can offer similar relief throughout the daytime hours.
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#3 jakeken


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Posted 21 March 2017 - 02:55 AM

It's been going on for about ten years or so and the only connections I can remember with these experiences is when I have a nightmare. Not a religious person so I feel like praying for protection might not have the same effect as a person who is religious. I'll start to log it to see if there is ever anything else that happens when it happens. Not afraid of it though. Use to be afraid for a while, then just started telling it to wee off and let me sleep. If it is something paranormal that has been around me for a while it has done nothing to harm or even try to scare me. Unless it would just be waiting for the right time or something. I forgot to mention that I also have epilepsy, so when I have panic attacks it usually triggers seizures for some reason and just having someone shake you a little or wake you up can save you from dying from one in your sleep. So I don't know if there is things out there that watch over people, if it's just coincidence, or if it's all just in my mind. Just trying to get an idea on this side of things from people who know a lot more about it than I do.

#4 Capt-Zeanie



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Posted 21 March 2017 - 08:21 AM

Perhaps, when you starts up again you can stick a camera to record the area of the room you see this. Maybe also to leave a side light on in the corners for illumination as most cameras will struggle at night

Then you can review it in the morning after an experience etc and see what might be there or not.

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