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New Postsers And Evidence

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Posted 27 September 2017 - 12:22 PM

View PostJim@GhostStudy, on 22 September 2017 - 10:55 PM, said:

My team and I had a big bulky chair disappear at the top of a stairway once in a haunted hotel. I mean like, it was there and then it wasn't. We looked around the immediate area but it was not to be found. We decided to do one more quick sweep and "Presto", it was was suddenly back in it's original space as if it never moved. We were in awe as we pondered the whole event.

I have heard many theories as to how a supernatural being can manipulate an object in that fashion... but I'm still undecided as to how really works.   :wacko:

I remember you talking about this before.   But when a house was being emptied, a huge box of pillows came up missing.   They looked and others looked and finally the box turned up, right where they left it.  Now everyone swears that it wasn't there yet it was.

Mine was on a much smaller scale.  A pair of gloves.  Working without them in the winter is no fun.  I tossed them on the floor by the door so that I wouldn't forget them like I had the shovel.  Next thing I knew I was searching for my gloves.  My co-worker was griping at me for fooling around.   I showed him exactly where I left them and then we backtracked looking for them.   We both agreed we were getting no where and went back and there were the gloves.   We looked at one another and that was it.   There/Not There.  We never talked about it.  We went to work.

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Posted 27 September 2017 - 12:40 PM

View Postsiguie, on 24 September 2017 - 01:48 PM, said:

I wish! People tell me my house is haunted but I have eXactly zero evidence :gaah: Wait does not having any paranormal anything count as proof of cunning paranormal entities or no paranormal entities :confused:

K so the paranormal prime directive is "no video evidence" making the most reliable ghost deterrent cameras and Ghost Hunters are then in the paranormal eXtermination business  :pleasantry:


Did you tell us about your house?  I can't remember it.   What do people say about your house?   I can appreciate you not wanting to talk about it because no one likes to be thought a fool.

And you do have to use the razor although if you're house was really haunted, you would have tossed that out the window or jumped.  LOL.  Just laughing with you.

View PostCapt-Zeanie, on 27 September 2017 - 01:31 AM, said:

Coincidence? I am talking of camera here and I have just had a phone call from my Mother-in-Law asking when I am going to replace her CCTV system at her house as she was woken up by something knocking hard on her door in the middle of last night..
She looked out of the bedroom window and there was no one at the door and none of the PIR lights surrounding the house were on. She shouted "Hello" out of the window but got no response. Now she is out in the country side with only a few houses nearby and has a long (75m) drive way to get down to her house.
The current CCTV system only has one camera which is located on one side of the house which is pointing down the long drive, so she check the CCTV and nothing. No one coming up the drive or going to the front door. Nothing!!
So I got asked to replace the system with a more modern one and with 4 cameras.
Now, if you don't know, her old house which is next door to her new house has spirits according to mother-in-law and other members of the family, and is currently being totally renovated, and in her current house she has had a few things happen. So was it Paranormal or just something else?

Coincidence is a funny word.  They are still studying that word.  Stuff happens, CK.   You can only keep on top of your game.  There/Not There.

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Posted 30 September 2017 - 03:43 AM

Hey, CZ:

I found my brush that very same day.  At the foot of my bed between the mattress and the footboard.  I was on a rampaging fit looking for something else.  lol.  No doubt while at my desk I set the brush on the footboard.  I put it back where it belonged.

When I checked my mail I had a notification on "Coincidence".  Checked out Dr. Bernard Beitman's interview on "The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network.   If you type in 'connecting with coincidence' it could bring up YouTube and you can learn quite a bit about what Dr. Beitman's research is all about.

I went on from there and listened to a world renown physicist lecturing to young students on statistics and he used the word, "luck".  Yeah, I caught you.  

And another one with my least favorite astrophysicist.  The interview included the arrogance of science and he didn't disappoint.  He threw a fit!!!  He could have thrown out a bone and made everyone happy but not this guy.   We are all stupid! lol

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