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2 Unique Poltergeist Tales - Buddhist Poltergeist In Arizona And ......

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 01:09 PM

2 Unique Poltergeist Tales - Buddhist Poltergeist In Arizona and ......


Buddhist Poltergeist In Arizona


I’d like to recount to you a case that was recently told to me by a retired US serviceman now living in Thailand. He kindly answered a request I put out on social media for reports of poltergeist type phenomena, as that is a big area of interest for me, in fact, cases of this type have held my interest since I was a child and they continue to amaze me to this very day nearly 30 years later.


Melchior Joller And The Stans Poltergeist



Mysterious events began in a low-key way in the autumn of 1860, with the servant reporting that she could hear strange knocking sounds on her bedstead at night. Superstitiously she thought that this presaged the death of someone in the house, but Joller rebuked her and the incident was forgotten. Some time later, Karoline and Melanie, who had been sharing his bedroom while he was away from home, had a similar experience with the bedside table. Joller was sceptical but puzzled, not being able to work out a natural cause for the event. They now wondered, like the servant, whether this heralded a death, and a letter came a few days later telling them of the death of a friend. Joller thought that this was the end of it.


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