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Something Won't Let Me Sleep!

ghost bed shaking furniture pushing

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#1 mavsynchroid


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Posted 27 March 2014 - 02:28 AM

Hiya. Just joined the forums because enough is enough.

No matter where I try to sleep, be it the bed, couch, or as I just found out last night, recliner, whatever I'm sleeping on will start vibrating, then I'll feel something pushing up towards my back, feet, etc. Soft at first then harder as if it's trying to break through the mattress or cushions. It's in a different spot every night, last night happening both at my feet and my head.

I originally thought it could be the floor shifting, but I've lived here for about two years without issue, and it's not a subtle "did I just feel that?" It's pushing up hard. I also checked for animals like maybe a chipmunk found a way in at night and is attracted to my body heat but I've lifted the mattress and looked for slits or holes and there was no sign of that either.

If it bothers me too much I move to the couch, but guess what!? Happens there too!! And the recliner as well!  I then began to think maybe it was me, my muscles going nuts or something. But I've put my hands on the spot I've felt with my feet or head and I can feel it with my hands. I would describe it almost as the same rythm as breathing, only pushing uuuuup, then doooooown, then uuuuup, then dooown. That's when it's not vibrating, almost like something it burrowing around.

The next morning I wake up and there's nothing shaking, shifting, or jerking. Have had my brother come by and check it out during the day and nothing happened.

Earlier today I've also heard things near my bed. My back is to it when I'm on the computer, and I've heard the shades rattle a bit as if something pushed past it, and other things like that randomly.

Right now something new happened. I was trying to sleep, and whatever it was was once again pushing against the heel of my feet. Being frustrated and realizing it was positioned in the perfect spot, i slammed my heel down a few times. It would stop for a bit, then do it again. Finally it stopped all together, but then about two minutes later, I swear on my life something touched my knee.. Touched the SKIN of my knee, while I happened to be wearing sweatpants tonight. So something touched me through my pants. It wasn't the blanket plus my imagination. It felt almost like a finger. I shot straight out of bed and I'm trying to figure out my next move.

To be clear, I am WIDE awake every night during this. I watch tv as I fall asleep, and it's either when I JUST start to close my eyes, getting comfy enough to sleep, or sometimes when I think about it (which makes me feel kinda crazy) when it begins. I'm a 29 year old man. This isn't an active imagination going on here. I'm up all night pleading, placating, threatening, or trying to simply punch whatever is doing this. I'm exhausted every day and want a good night sleep. It's 6:30am here!!

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. To be honest with you guys, I've never much believed in ghosts or the paranormal. I've always passed them off as coincidence, like street lights ALWAYS turning off as I drive under them, and "ghost paraylisis" that I get every few months. This though is very hard to explain away.

Oh also, this has been going on every night without fail for about two weeks, if I ddin't already say that.

#2 PIT leader

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Posted 27 March 2014 - 04:28 AM

I would see a doctor about that if it keeps up, before considering paranormal explanations. Sounds like a trapped nerve.
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#3 Augustine


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Posted 28 March 2014 - 09:44 AM

I agree that you should DEFINITELY get it checked out by a doctor both to rule out the most obvious non-paranormal possibility and to address any underlying medical problems before they get any worse.

#4 Loru



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Posted 01 April 2014 - 02:31 AM

For sure it could be medical,
to me though, it reads like someone from the other side is visiting you,
very much trying to get your attention. Probably in a positive way,
meaning no harm, it's very unpractical for you though, because you can't sleep.
Try talking to who ever it is, (a recently passed away family member or friend?)
I'd speak with a normal voice, and ask who it is, and explain how this is making
you feel. They will hear and understand.
I you told them to leave, which I wouldn't, 'cause you don't even know who it is,
or what they want, they would have to leave, in worst case you'd pray to God,
and ask for his help. The angels would enforce that rule then.
When it comes to the visiting and touching, I speak from experience,

It's a beautiful experience :)

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