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New Member Seeking Advice/ Guidance

Paranormal Ghost Help Guidance Information Creepy Family

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#1 Drock1986


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Posted 22 June 2020 - 10:40 PM

Hello all,

My name is Derek and let me start off by saying thank you in advance for any help/guidance/advice you all can provide.

I have been having some strange occurrences around me over the past 2 years or so. These have gotten progressively more obvious to the point that I'm reaching out.

I'll start at the beginning. My wife and I purchased a new (to us) house in 2015 that was built in the early 1990s with our 2 sons. I work a rotating shift between day and night 12 hour shifts. After some time of living here, our 2 year old began waking up between 3 and 4 am screaming his head off and at times he would bang his head on the wall or something crazy like that. He is the only child doing this. Fast forward some short time, I'm sitting in our living room around 1am or so and see what I think is my 2 year old pass by the door. I figured he had just gotten up and went to lay with mommy and I planned to give him a few and go carry him back to bed. I got up and went to grab him but to my surprise he was still in his bed. I shrug it off as nothing. 4-5 weeks later one of the boys toys starts playing music in the middle of the night, again while I'm preparing for night shift. I jokingly say outloud, "ok, do it again" and it starts up. This happened once more on command and I left it alone.

My wife bought a solar wind chime to hang in the bay window of our bedroom. The light had not worked at all so we just wrote it off as broken and hung it up as it was a pretty wind chime anyway. In the middle of the night it started turning on. We made our jokes but were still slightly creeped out and this became a regular occurrence as well.

We had our 3rd son and we set up baby monitors in both the older boys shared room and the newborn's room. We were swapping between the rooms one night and saw a small white dot moving about the older boy's room. I watched for a minute to see what it was and it, to me, looked like a mouse or insect eyes glowing in the IR light of the camera. I got up, camera monitor in hand, and walked to the hallway outside the room. I had the hall light on behind me casting light into the room. I could still the the moving object on the screen but not with my naked eye. The dot moved about the floor, went up the bunk beds, back to the floor, under the bed and disappeared.

I continued to catch stuff around corners such as shadows and such but nothing too crazy.

My wife was asleep one night and essentially began a kind of sleep paralysis episode. She looked up and saw this black cloaked figure with red eyes and it was choking her. Our dog started going crazy and whatever it was took off out the bathroom window. My wife was worried the dog would wake the kids so she ran the dog out into the back yard where the dog proceeded to jump up at the fog in the middle of no trees, just empty space to rule out critters.

We moved downstairs to the finished basement and began renting our upstairs out to some friends.

My wife and I have had several nearly sleepless nights from this weird feeling coming from the closet area. I can only describe my feelings of it as standing in front of a heat lamp. The sensation was VERY directional from the closet and felt like TV static all over the skin exposed to the closet area.

Our friends upstairs had some interesting moments but never really said much but it was enough that they decided to sage the upstairs. Mind you, we never mentioned our experiences prior to them moving into until they brought up the sage. They did the upstairs and my wife began the down. She walked into the closet with smoldering sage and began to pray, the light flickered and went dark. She continued the process praying hard and demanding that whatever was there should leave and was not welcome. A while after we started getting black flies in the house for no apparent reason. Windows shut, doors closed, no food laying out...just random. They eventually went away and we continued life as normal.

(While all of this is happening, my middle child is still having episodes around 3am)

Now to more recent events....

I was laying in bed and heard scratching from the same closet area about 2 weeks ago. My initial reaction is "mouse". Open door, turn on light, nothing. Walk out and look in storage room that shares a wall, nothing. I left the closet light on and closed the door. As soon as my head hit pillow, the scratching started again. I do not scare easy and I do not let things like this bother me but I slept with a lamp on that night. My wife has been staying at a cabin in the mountains with our boys for the past 3 weeks so I was home alone and have been traveling back and forth on days off. She just wanted to get away from the crazy COVID stuff and let the boys run around. I drove up to visit her and everything was great. I left and she became over ran with anxiety and was short tempered with our sons and just overall in a foul mood. When I returned, several light bulbs had blown throughout the house. She wrote it off as no big deal but I thought it was strange. We laid down that night and the lamp on my side of the bed began to flicker. I half jokingly said "ok, you can stop now" and it quit, just like that.

I went back home and felt extremely off and the house didn't feel right. It so had this weird smell. Now I get it it a basement but this was almost a burning kind of smell and not a sulfur/eggs kind of smell. The house just felt heavy so I decided to sage myself. I completed the process and I'm not sure if it was a placebo or real but the house felt better. The next day I was talking to our female friend living upstairs and she said she had a terrible night. She woke up to see several white outline figures along the ceiling and she said their presence gave a feeling to ill will. She woke her husband up and they were gone. She was telling her mother (who was staying the night) about what she saw and her mother said that she had some terribly vivid nightmares that night as well. She saged and salted the house the same day.

Today, 6/22. I was in our basement at home and was using the facilities when I heard a knock at the door. I suspected my wife was giving a single knock to to a check on me. This was a distinct knock that sounded like 2-3 knuckles rapping once on the door. I said something out loud expecting a response from my wife, but silence. I opened the camera app we have for a nanny cam and the basement was empty. My wife had been out front talking to a neighbor the entire time. We left our house and came back to the cabin. I developed this terrible migraine on the way up the mountain and took meds to ease the pain. I walked into the house and put my oldest in bed as he fell asleep during the car ride. I put him down and went to the restroom. Of the 4 bulbs in the light fixture, only 1 was left at this time. The light had been on 15 or so seconds when this high pitched ringing started and I forcefully said "stop" and the light went dark. I was now standing in complete darkness.

These occurrences have been progressively getting more and more prevalent in our lives. Not to mention my wife had an accident where she broke both wrists, our nearly new car started giving us problems, then my wife wrecked it. My son was bitten in the face by the same dog that chased away the cloaked figure (we were forced to put her to sleep). Another son busted his mouth. Our friends upstairs have had eye injuries, plagued with some sort of common cold, and the wife has had more serious health problems. We are all in our 30s and I have even had issues with extremely high anxiety and now a test that says my thyroid is out of whack.

I'm sure there are more things that will come to mind as I go along with this thread but feel free to ask questions as at this point I'm a pretty open book. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We do not entertain any type of communication attempts with whatever this is except to tell it to leave and to pray.

We have had electronics such as computers fail. Our nanny cam has been found unplugged twice when nobody was home and the footage was corrupted and could not be played back.

Side note, 2 nights before the scratching closet incident I woke up at exactly 3:33 am like someone slapped me in the face. Again I was home alone. The following night I woke up at 3:24 am.

#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 23 June 2020 - 03:29 AM

Hello and welcome to the boards

It sounds like you have had some frightening experiences in your home.

I feel some people think saging once will do the trick but unfortunately it often is something that needs to be done when things get active again.

The only advice I have would be:
  • Cleansing the house with resin  House Cleansing with resins or sage;
  • You could even anoint your house ;  
  • Continue doing the things that give you a sense of calm like prayer and verbalising for it to leave;
  • Keep a diary or journal and;
  • Make sure to keep a check on your health issues.

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#3 ParanormalEmpath



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Posted 23 June 2020 - 09:34 PM

In MHO, what you are describing does not sound like a typical haunting.  It also does not sound like whatever is harassing you was once human.

First, however, before jumping to paranormal conclusions, you should have an environmental assessment done inside your house checking for high EMF levels or other environmental issues like high levels of CO2 or CO.  Both Carbon Dioxide & Carbon Monoxide poisoning can cause a myriad of problems including headaches, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision, hallucinations, etc..  They are both odorless and both can be lethal.  Your home is newer and has fewer Air Changes Per Hour than older homes.  While that is great for utility bill savings it is not so good for trapped CO & CO2.  Carbon Monoxide build up would most likely be greater in the basement and diminish per floor.  You moved into the basement and also moved more carbon expelling people into your home.  If that is the problem, you would have added to it.  I am in the home energy performance business and test homes for a living.  I know what I am talking about here.  

That being said, if I am reading your post correctly, this is also following you away from the home.  I am not wanting to frighten you but this (these) manifestation(s) could be attaching itself to one or more of you.  I am certainly not an expert on demons but I have ran across some dark entities in the past posing as child spirits.  Has there been times when your friends experienced things at your house while you were experiencing things away from the house?  If you know someone who sees auras you might want them to look everyone over.  If they can see a disruption in the aura or the aura doesn't appear right (it is hard to explain) around you or the others there might be an attachment at play here.  I would start by having them check out any children as they are the most vulnerable.  I would then invite a paranormal group to investigate the house (low key - no taunting) with your family not present to determine whether there is any evidence of contact within the home.  If they can find nothing then I would try to involve clergy.  They could attempt a cleansing both of the home and bless everyone.  If there is significant mood swings of anyone or them not acting like themselves, I would worry about possession.  In the end, you and your family might need to make a firm stand and vocally command whatever it is to go away, that it isn't frightening you and it is not welcome there.  

But first, I would start with an environmental investigation as ignoring that could be lethal.  In either case, I am sorry you are having such a disruption in your lives.  Not fun!  

Wishing you the best...

#4 lorac61469



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Posted 25 June 2020 - 11:22 AM

I think somethings are explainable.
Child sounds like he’s having night terrors. Both of mine suffered from night terrors, it’s very scary for the parent. The child usually has no memory of them and they usually grow out of them.

IR light will catch dust and make it glow on camera. It won’t be visible with the naked eye.

Sleep paralysis can also cause hallucinations. They’re called hypnopompic/hypnagogic hallucinations. You can see things, hear things and even smell things.

#5 MichelleGStudy



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Posted 28 June 2020 - 12:48 PM

Welcome Derek!
WOW.   KlaineyGS & ParanormalEmpath's suggestions are spot on in my opinion. They are very wise and have much more experience than I do and I would definitely take their advice. Please keep us informed re the events you and your family are going through.  We are always here and will help as much as possible.  Take care, stay strong, you and your wife continue to pray and support each other.  Do not let this divide you two as a team and most of all do not give up.  Remember this is your home and you make the rules. It's ok to get angry and tell it to leave (to coexist is a non negotiable)  but as you said earlier and are very correct - no communicating with it.
I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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#6 Drock1986


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Posted 12 July 2020 - 07:12 PM

So far, the only update that I can give is that my wife and the kids have gone out of state for the last 2 weeks. I have been sleeping ok for the most part with sporadic waking up. I have noticed though that I can walk up to the solar light/wind chime at any point in the day or night with no light changes in the home and it will illuminate.  I have had extreme loneliness and sadness feelings that overcome me randomly at the house and go away once I leave the residence. I apologize for the delay in updating this post. I have been busy with work. Nothing extreme or anything in the home other than occasional cold chill or tingling sensation ocross the back and shoulders.

I will look into the environmental effects of the home.

Our friends upstairs have not had anything major but their mother blessed the upstairs and they continue to salt entrances and windows.

We have joked about passing it back and forth between upstairs and downstairs.

I don't know much about the history of the house other than the home is built using repurposed wood from a church (floor joists for example). Our neighbor said that one of the previous owners was a pastor and his child was killed by a falling book shelf. We have gotten mixed messages from whether it was in the home or elsewhere. The couple that we purchased the home from had not been in the house for nearly 2 years. The wife refused to stay here. They moved from Florida to my home and the story we were given is that the wife couldn't do the winter and moved back without her husband. He moved back later and then they finally sold the home to us.

I will say too that they seemed highly motivated to sell. They dropped 40k very quick on the sell price (we lowballed as it was our first home and we were reaching the top of our budget) which was unexpected. I didn't think about all of this until recently but I wonder if they experienced things that made them leave?

It sounds very Hollywood movie but it is just a thought process.

Do you guys and gals have any research sources to find out information about a specific address outside of a simple google search? I've seen paranormal groups do historic research but I am not sure of the process and I would like to know if anything has happened on the property.

I know this post is all over the place and probably tough to follow but I'm typing from my phone as our laptops are still down.

Best of luck and well wishes to all

Thank you for the replies and any future assistance.

#7 Drock1986


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Posted 12 July 2020 - 07:48 PM

I would also like to add that the home that we rented prior to moving had some very dark energy to it. My dad had paranormal experiences when he was little but doesn't speak of them much and he is very much a "man" as in thing never scare him and he is the bravest of them all (whether an act or real). He was uncomfortable in the home we rented before. He and my mom had private conversations after leaving the first time visiting the home about how it just felt heavy and off to them. He did not like to come over if he could avoid it.

The home had a psychiatric woman who suffered from PTSD, schizophrenia, and a various amount of other illnesses. She had security cameras in every window, she had done some unspeakable things to her daughters, and she would go for days laying in the master bath tub (with and without water) smoking like a freight train and refusing to leave saying things were out to get her. She did end up passing in the home. We did not bring anything from that property that was there when we moved in (that we know of). The daughters left the home as it was and refused to go back in after their mother passed. We worked a deal for reduced rent to help bring the place back to where it needed to be as I am able to do a lot of handy work as time allows. We cleaned, refloored, repainted, replaced appliances...etc. I don't know if these kinds of things can latch onto people if there were some dark entity attached to the woman who passed.

I know Hollywood is Hollywood but I distinctly remember a horror movie where an entity had attached itself to a man and the idea behind it is "she" could be seen perched on his shoulder (via aura or camera or something similar). He suffered from migraines and pain in that shoulder for a long time until it was discovered what was attached to him. Again, it's Hollywood...but these ideas come from somewhere and I just wonder how much some of these things can attach to one person.

If this is absurd, please say so. I am absolutely new to any of this and wouldn't reach out if I wasn't honestly concerned or interested in what is going on. It would be great if these things don't happen but if they do, I would also like to know.

I did go for a physical that involved both a mental and health screening. The woman who did my mental screening went through her normal process and basically said all checked out 100% for the physical. She hesitated at the end of the session and told me that she is required to leave religion out of her physicals and asked if she could talk off the record. We began talking and she asked if I was a Christian and that she felt that something wasn't quite right and wanted to pray over me. I don't know if she could read auras or how much she was invested in that side of her profession but she made it very clear that something was off in her opinion and she cast away anything that was attached to me during her prayer. This all just came back to me as I sat here and thought of past experiences, so I'm sorry it is just plugged in randomly.

Let me also say that my career requires annual psychological exams as a sit down interview and 500+ question written exam due to the nature of what I do. I have never had any red flags or items of interest nor am I on any kind of medication for any medical issues. Just as a disclaimer for any of those paths that might come up.

#8 Occultjam


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Posted 19 October 2020 - 08:13 AM

Hi, Drock1986.  Any updates?  I'm curious if you've had any clergy over to bless the house or if you've considered looking into mediumship services to see if they are able to get a handle on what may be in the house and if they can determine if anyone in particular is a target or beacon for these things.  I'm no expert, but it sounds to me like you do have one or maybe multiple negative energies in that home.  It's interesting that you mentioned some of the building materials are recycled from an old church.  One would assume that that would be beneficial, but maybe it had the opposite effect?  Just a thought.  Did you get your home checked for EMF and carbon mono and dio levels?  I'd be curious to hear what the results would be.  I hope you all are doing ok and that you are getting some help with all of this.  Let us all know how things are going!

#9 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 19 October 2020 - 09:29 PM

Occultjam  welcome to the boards.

Wow, that is strange! It is as if this thread has gone unnoticed since 13th July!  I am glad you commented on the thread Occultjam.

I would be interested on any update too, Brock1986, and hope all has been quiet on the home front.

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#10 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 22 October 2020 - 06:16 PM

How weird, can't believe I didn't see this post!
It's in the trees, it's coming!

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