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Spidey Senses While I Sleep, Dead Talking To Me In Dreams?

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#1 Nort Thalem

Nort Thalem


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Posted 29 September 2020 - 11:06 PM

I'm trying to understand this weird feeling I seem to get when someone (My visiting mom in particular) decides they need to sneak into my room while I sleep for some inane reason. I don't know if it's just normal human biological functions or what, but it seems that someone being in the room with me can wake me up, especially if they are trying to be sneaky.

I've woken up and find that my mom is right in front of me, and on another occasion, she was in the room still hiding in a corner behind my shelves, and I could feel something that was hard to put into words. It was like a pressure, an imagined sound, and a pulse all at once, even though I couldn't see I was feeling something that indicated a presence was nearby. She kept hiding until I had to ask out loud what was going on. My mom has also told stories of turning my light off and I'd always wake up within 5 minutes to turn it back on.

I've also had three occasions at my old house where I woke up and my body seemed to turn on it's own to make me face my closet, where an apparition was watching me. I've mentioned this entity a few times in other topics before so I wont go into much more detail. I've probably never been more afraid in my life than when this thing was in my room. I don't know if my body moved autonomously because it sensed a threat, or if the entity made my body move, but I feel like it may lend some evidence toward the theory I can sense something in my surroundings.


On another note, in the dreams themselves, I occasionally seem to have dreams with a particular deceased pet, and even rarer, occasional dreams with a deceased grandparent. In the dreams, I always know they are dead, and the dream seems to emphasize a thought in my mind that I am actually talking to a dead person or pet. They appear as living in the dream, with the exception that my cat has at least once walked through a door to open it for me. I usually don't know it's a dream, and the dream makes it seem normal, as if dead people regularly popped in from time to time from the other side.  Usually my immediate focus then becomes to talk to the dead person or cat because I haven't seen them in a while and want to talk. Usually I wake up during these events, they don't seem to last more than a couple minutes at best.

Given that these are dreams, you never can say for sure, but between my apparent awareness of my surroundings and these eery dreams with people I know to be dead, it makes me wonder.

#2 razvan7750


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Posted 30 September 2020 - 01:13 AM

Probably the most bad thing you can do to someone while they are sleeping is staring them in the eyes and not moving. I used to do that to freak my room mate, he'd wake up every time, even though he is a heavy sleeper. He tells me that he has a strange feeling, realizes he is being watched and wakes up. I can confirm his feeling, he did that to me too. I'd wake up somehow knowing that I am being watched, even if the lights were out.

I usually sleep facing the room, but on some occasions I wake up facing the wall and vice-versa. I never really cared that much about this since my mom tells me what I move a lot when I sleep, especially my legs.
Posted Image
Here is a little scheme of my bedroom. Gray is the bed, blue is my desk, red are my closets and my bedside table. Pink is the door and purple the window. Now, I sleep facing the room like I said, but sometimes I'd wake up facing the wall in the opposite direction. I never sleep on my back since the window is directly in front of me and some unpleasant things happened to me. Some people say that your room layout and bed positioning really affects your sleep, so keep that in mind.

About your dreams, I'm not an expert nor do I have any knowledge about the meaning of dreams, so I have nothing to say about that.

From what I know, usually dreams only last a couple of seconds, but we feel like they last minutes or even hours because our brains can't tell the time during sleep, so we assume it lasts that long. Yes, it is possible to have a dream longer than a few seconds, but very unlikely.

In my experience, If I am sleeping and dreaming, things around me influence my dream. For example if someone is trying to wake me up and they are shouting at me and shaking me, those moves will be transitioned into my dream but in a different way. Loud noise during sleep? I hear it in my dreams too.

  I hope that you will find a better answer to your question.

Best regards, Razvan.

#3 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 30 September 2020 - 02:49 AM

Maybe your experiences with sleep are a little like "Hypnic Jerks" I was told they are leftover instinct from our primitive days. A bit like an internal alarm to wake us up when the sabertooth was sneaking up on us while we are sleeping maybe your instincts are kicking in with other threats or emotions.

I often have visits from my deceased loved ones while asleep; I find their visits loving and very comforting.  I often tell my mother "Your dead"! (Like you can't be here) and she answers "Really"!  With surprise/ sarcasm!

We usually dream while we are in a REM cycle these dreams can last up to a few minutes. The longer we are asleep the longer the REM cycles become so we can be dreaming up to 30 mins each REM cycle.  They say a normal person will have about 4- 6 dreams per night so it is a fair amount of time we can spend in dream land.

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#4 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 01 October 2020 - 10:05 PM

Good points Klainey, I think it's likely that there's a bit of the hypnic jerks happening here. But there's also the possibility of us being a little more open to ideas and paranormal communication when we are resting, so I like that part of your reply as well!

If your dreams are vivid and give you a sense of comfort, I would think they are your loved ones saying hello :)
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