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The Woods Part 1 - 3

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 12:35 PM

I I'm from a poor family in central New York. I grew up in a house with 3 brothers, 2 cousins, my uncle, my parents and my grandparents. My oldest brother was 8 years older than me. Our house was a large house built in a field off a state highway the field itself was about an acre then there was about another acre of fairly dense woods at the end of this woodsy acre, was a very large cliff, maybe 30 feet up. About a 45-50 degree angle This hill was dangerous but very ominous, as no matter how far we walked along the cliff, we couldn't find were the hill met the ground level again. It just kept going. But because of the rockiness of the cliff face, the man power of 5 rambunctious boys (plus friends) and absentee parenting, we managed to build a rope line up the cliff face. Like a mountain climber. Adding to the mystery of the cliff, was the fact that as soon as we reached the top, the thickness of the woods got drastically more dense. But nonetheless, those wood were heaven to kids like us. Thousands of forts, intricate pathways, we even found a rather large river with a massive Weeping Willow canopying the river. Our friend Brandon climbed up into the tree and tied a huge rope swing over the water. Some of my best memories were back there. But I don't know if we all felt it, but me and my eldest brother, Thomas definitely did. There was something otherworldly about those woods. Something supernatural.  Thomas, my oldest brother Decided alongside his friend, Raheem, that they'd both join the military. To celebrate their acceptance into boot camp, they decided they'd see if they could spend a week in the woods living off the land. While they were
Back there, they told the rest of us they would explore parts of the wilderness that we had yet to venture off into. They came back a week later, visibly shaken up. They handed us two pieces of printer paper that displayed crudely drawn maps of the area the first sheet was was of a peak (if you could call it that) on the cliff that showed paths for trails and locations for forts. The second map was of the river banks. We, the younger kids were very eager to cross the river one day but Thomas and Raheem wouldn't let us. It was deep and at times very fast moving. we were all disappointed that they couldn't manage to cross. A little while later Thomas had told me they did in fact manage to cross the water but he claimed once they got to the other side they came eye to eye with quote "a wolf the size of a farm tractor." Luckily, this was almost immediately after they had crossed the stream, so they were able to lose the wolf on the other side of the river. Because they had to raft across, they were convinced the wolf(s) wouldn't cross the water.  I guess they never did because we never ran into any but I did see one or two watching from the trees.  

Sorry it was sort of rushed at the end but I have more stories to come. I've been wanting to start logging any and all of my paranormal experiences

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 12:48 PM

Hello, This is the second entry into my. Paranormal Experiences.

In case you haven't read the first part, I grew up in a house with my 2 cousins and 3 brothers. Were were usually left to fend for ourselves. We're from central NY, and we had miles of state wilderness behind our house that was hidden behind an ominous Cliff that seemed endless. As I stated in Part 1, the cliff felt like a barrier. It was difficult to climb, _and immediately at the top the woods became so dense it was like an entirely different forest. In our adventuring, we would come across these holes in the ground. We all jokingly referred to them as Graves. They seemed to be placed randomly throughout the woods. Some were right alongside the trails (although, we built the trails so I suppose it was our doing that made that seem insidious) and some were well into the woods they were about 3-7 feet and maybe 4-6 feet deep. Not a single one was ever filled in so they weren't actual graves. But some sometimes had torn and tattered clothes laying about in them. Some of them also had markings around the edges (usually the borders were painted I remember mostly yellow & white) Thomas always tried to say they were from abandoned construction projects but I immediately knew that couldn't be possible. I just didn't pry. But they were very unsettling.

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 01:07 PM

DISCLAIMER: I realize Know I shouldn't have timed this The Woods because I realize not all of these happened in The Woods.

Several years have passed (I'm about 11 in this entry) we've moved out of the big house, my grandparents moved to the city, my cousins moved to a house across town and me and my brothers had moved to a house on a different side of town as well, (yet my house still borders these woods, just a different section) Thomas was serving his first year over seas, and my little brother were at their respective friends houses. I had a friend named Dillon come over. I believe this was around the time that GTA SAN Andreas had first came out because Dillon had just bought it and we were gonna have a sleepover and play all night. Before it got dark, me and Dillon are into front lawn doing whatever it is that kids do. I went inside to grab something when I heard Dillon yell "woah!!" From outside an open window I look out and Dillon is looking up at the sky. I came out and he said "Look at that!" I looked up and floating very high above my neighbors house was a Black rectangle on its side just floating silently in the sky me and. Dillon were having a mini-freak out when I noticed it was almost pulsating. As it was doing this,what con only be described as an illusion, Isaac what looked like smaller translucent rectangles were coming out of the object and descending towards me (similar to the rings that come off the Ray Gun from CoD: Zombies, but rectangles) and as it was doing this it got more rapid and then stopped suddenly. And silently took off in a  "J" shape and was never seen again. I noticed that while it was doing its "Rectangle Ray" thing it was almost using it as a shield because when it was rising in the bottom of the J shape. It was amused to track because of all the rectangles I was seeing it was difficult to say which was the real one.

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Posted 13 November 2016 - 03:28 PM

Hello, and welcome. You don't need to make separate threads. You can have them all in this one. We usually separate them, when there are too many posts in the thread. That being said, I've merged them all into this one thread.

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