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Organizations That Cover Up Wrongdoing Within = Morons.

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Posted 04 May 2018 - 06:47 AM

View PostTrue North, on 01 May 2018 - 11:40 AM, said:

Criminal activity within large organizations like the church is not only covered up by the organizations themselves, but by entire local communities who rather not have their nice little world rocked.

Making criminal allegations against esteemed members of one's community often means facing a ton of negative social backlash. Even when the accused are charged and found guilty, those who initially dared to come forward can still find themselves ostracized by members of their church and the town in general (who didn't want to hear about it in the first place, and who very much want to continue about their business like it never happened).

Well, then; Those shamers should be shamed because my thoughts on cover-ups also apply to them. Sweeping stuff under the rug won't make it disappear and one still looks like a first-class monster.

Now; I understand that some may be good people who don't want to believe it's real (especially if the clergyperson was a seemingly kind-hearted, well-liked pillar of the community) but the sad fact is is that some of our heroes turn out to be villains. However; Changing one's perception and facing the truth can be done....

* When I was a teen in the early '90's (Class of '93, baby), I was actually rooting for O.J. Simpson to be found innocent. I didn't want to believe that this guy who I thought of as cool, charitable, a decent actor and one of my hometown NFL team's best ('Let's Go, Buf-fa-lo!') runningbacks was a monstrous double-murderer.
* I was willing to accept that he was a jerkass spousal-abuser (again, I was young, dumb and didn't 'get' why abusers abused, the gender-dynamics or why the abused seldom left them....although Nichole did indeed, rightfully, leave that jerk) and maybe a coke-snorter....but a gruesome slasher-murderer on par with Michael Myers was too much for me.
* However; I now know that he most likely did it, was a huge monster, was rightfully sued and now has to pay $$$ to the victims families, went to prison for a while for another incident and....although free....is now totally ruined reputation-wise and perhaps even monetarily.

* Then there's Bill Cosby; I LOVED THAT GUY! He was so much a part of my life, my childhood, everything! I used to quote that silly "Dentist" routine EVERY TIME I went to my yearly dental check-up to OCD levels! I used to quote various lines from that Bill Cosby: Himself stand-up special! I had his book, Fatherhood. I watched The Cosby Show and Fat Albert!
* Even today; I STILL find his material absolutely hilarious and inspired!
* But it turns out he's a monster. He's a sociopathic serial rapist and has been known to intimidate and bribe certain reporters.
* I didn't want to believe that this guy who brought so much joy, did so much good things in society, could bring people from many social and ethnic strata together with the power of his comedy and call for good ethics....could be literally a hard-core sexual predator.
* In the beginning, before the scandal blew up, I did hear inklings of accusations from a few women but I assumed it was settled, forgotten or a misunderstanding....and I wanted to believe that.
* Then it blew up....then I saw that interview where he intimidated that reporter....then I saw survivors coming out of the woodwork....then I heard The Cos himself admit to mickeying women's drinks with 'ludes....
* That does it! Guilty as heck! Time to put the legal smackdown on that scuzzola!

* Then came George Takei and Al Franken....ET TU BRUTE?!
* To Franken's credit; He did seem to show genuine remorse and even stepped down. That said....what he did was still terrible.

....So I understand some of the resistance from people and the cover-ups to some degree, even if it makes no sense and is counterproductive. They lose any sympathy from me, however, when they start tormenting the alleged survivors.
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