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#587893 Strange Figure In Popular Bar! - Photo!

Posted kevinscan on 22 November 2017 - 11:24 PM

Here's a comparison photo.

Posted Image

#587470 Face & Hand Appear On Glass Door! - Photo!

Posted JIMOverSeer on 11 November 2017 - 07:52 PM

Face & Hand Appear on Glass Door
Submitted to for consideration

Posted Image

About this Photo
Shannon writes, The picture was sent to me by email from my 20 year old daughters iPhone. She is the one
who took the photo and her girlfriend and my mom (who doesn’t really believe in the supernatural...until now
probably) all saw the image. And when they started to back away, it lifted off of the glass.  The image that you
are seeing is looking in from the outside. The door is an entrance from the back of my mom’s house. The only
things in the backyard are an old shed and a garage.  I didn’t crop the picture but if you like i can have my daughter
send you the one taken from her iPhone, if she still has it.
Jim's Comments
The family have been very cooperative with us as we study this extremely unusual capture. So a big thank you to them
for sharing with us! If you missed it above, the family actually watched this creature push against the glass door before it pulled away!
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------------------------------------------ is not looking for analysis or debates
but they simply wish to share a mind stimulating experience.

Is it explainable? Maybe...... Is it a ghost? Maybe. ......It's ultimately up to the viewer to decide.

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#603190 Something A Bit Funny Happened Last Week At My Lake House

Posted LouczarGStudy on 30 November 2021 - 11:44 AM

I went to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with my dad.  It got really cold a couple of nights I was there and the temperature was below freezing.  My lake house was built in the late 60's and tends to creak a lot when it gets real cold at night or when it warms up the next day.

A side note.  I purchased an app for my phone called Tasker.  It was recommended by a few here and it is set up to scan for ELF that is above or below the masked out range.  It gives me an audible alert whenever it detects something outside the masked out range.

Anyways, it was below freezing one night when I was going to bed.  I turned off the lights and got in bed.  About 1 min later I hear a sound that sounds more like something banged on the exterior wall of my bedroom.  I opened my eyes when the sound happened as it wasn't really the normal creak or popping type sounds that come with expansion / contraction with temperature changes.  About 1 second after the sound / me opening my eyes, my phone's Tasker app makes an audible alert that it just registered something.  That had my attention.  I could not open my phone fast enough to see what reading the Tasker app saw.  It was below the low end of the masked off area (low is set 47) and it read 45.  no ghosts to report...but it sure made me wide awake!

#603123 Why Is Christmas Such A Spooky Time Of Year?

Posted Vlawde on 05 November 2021 - 06:20 AM

For me, the most scary part of Xmas is hearing Mariah Carey sing "All I want for Christmas is You"    Absolutely terrifying!  :D

#600881 I'm Back...

Posted MacCionoadha BeanSidhe on 10 June 2020 - 02:13 PM

Sorry, I've been absent. I lost my internet connection. I finally got back on today. YEAH! :dance:I hope everyone is feeling well; if not here is a hug. :hug:

#600014 Do Presences (Ghosts) Notice When You Are Not Home? Actually Miss Your Presence

Posted MacCionoadha BeanSidhe on 17 January 2020 - 03:14 PM

I believe that they can miss the commotion that goes on in our lives. They may love their home and want others to enjoy being there too. Also, they may worry about the health and wellbeing of those who reside there. I know that when I was ill and was alone, one of the residents gave me a gentle squeeze on my elbow to let me know they were there. It was comforting, startling, but comforting none the less.

#599984 Do Presences (Ghosts) Notice When You Are Not Home? Actually Miss Your Presence

Posted ParanormalEmpath on 16 January 2020 - 04:19 AM

That is an interesting question and kind of a disconcerting one too.  Do ghosts get lonely?  I have hours of EVP's and ITC recordings from various haunted locations.  I have on several occasions have had voices tell us to "Don't go".  Typically you hear of the angry "Get out", we've had that too but it does show there are possibly ranges of emotion on display.  Which has always bothered me.  I am hoping that some of our human worries don't carry with us to whatever is beyond but so far I am not satisfied that is really the case.  And you don't sound weird at all.  It was an interesting post.  The best to you and your Husband.

#599162 Why Everything We Think We Know About Ghosts Is (Probably!) Wrong

Posted KlaineyGStudy on 31 October 2019 - 05:54 PM

Sorry, I thought it was a given!

I am sure we know very little!

I prefer to go with my intuition :yes:

#598464 A Pair Of Ufo Balls Appear Over The Brooklyn Bridge, Legit Or No?

Posted EVP on 30 August 2019 - 04:33 AM

Let's apply a little logic. With a little investigation, I was able derive the following airports/skyports/heliports were within 30 miles of the Brooklyn Bridge:
  • JFK Airport
  • LaGuardia Airport
  • Newark Libery International Airport
  • New York Skyports
  • Teterboro Airport
  • Lincoln Park Airport
  • Caven Point USAR Center Heliport
  • Linden Airport

The furthest, Lincoln Park Airport is under 30 miles *road travel* from the Brooklyn Bridge.

I can't say with absolute assurance it wasn't a man made aircraft. But, there is strong probability it was either a seaplane, a helicopter or an airplane taking into consideration of 8 immediate locations and factoring in the immense number of spider travel paths including landing and take off runways. How can this not be a more than  probable explanation. If an aircraft is coming directly towards you from a distance, it will appear relatively motionless.

Posted Image

Also keep in mind the source of a video being a cellphone. Under night conditions, cellphones have the light gathering characteristics of a blind man looking for a black cat in a pitch dark room. An object to suddenly appear is not unusual. It will take a strong measurement of light to register in an image or video capture. Typical cameras/cellphones do not have the same ability in light gathering as your normal eye. Consider the sensor of a cellphone is close to the size of a pinhead. Below is an image illustrating comparative sensor sizes. I can say with a certain level of assurance the video capture was done with a cellphone and the quality of the capture doesn't give me cause to think differently.

Posted Image

Sorry folks, I cry fake news and yes I believe in the possibility of unexplained flying objects. I've witnessed some strange stuff in my day with no rational explanation.

#598293 Debunk Please

Posted Mikaru on 21 August 2019 - 01:03 PM

Found on Facebook. Supposedly taken by a paranormal team at the moment someone died. Claims that it was posted online but hasn't been debunked. Have fun!

Edit: forgot to post the picture lol

Attached Thumbnails

  • FB_IMG_1566419788530.jpg

#598105 The Fylde Hag

Posted KlaineyGStudy on 08 August 2019 - 04:40 AM

Posted Image

Meg Shelton the Fylde Witch or the (Fylde Hag)  died in 1705. It is said she is buried beneath a large boulder in the grounds of St Anne’s Church, Woodplumpton. She was buried in a vertical headfirst position, with the boulder placed on top of her grave to prevent her from digging her way out of the grave.

Locals stated, Meg was mischievous and used her witchy powers to steal from the local community. One of the many stories of Meg had her stealing milk from cows in a field, disguising her jug as a goose. The farmer did not pay much attention to Meg and her goose until he saw milk dripping from the animal’s bill. He approached the goose then gave it a good kick, at which point it transformed back into a jug and shattered, spilling all the milk that Meg had stolen. Infuriated with being caught, Meg flew away.Posted Image

Meg was said to walk with a pronounced limp which was an injury she obtained whilst in the form of a rabbit. The story relating to this is incident is that she made a bet with her landlord that she could turn into a rabbit and race his dogs from Wesham to the cottage she rented in Catforth. One condition of the bet was the landlord could not release a large fierce black dog that he owned; Meg thought it was too dangerous! The prize for winning the race would be the cottage she rented. The landlord, of course, set his black dog after Meg and it bit into her hind leg just as she got through the cottage door.

Another story had a young girl outwitting Meg whilst the witch was sat in a chair in front of a fire. The girl trapped her in the chair somehow by sticking a bodkin, crossed with two weaver’s healds on her dress

On another occasion, Mag was said to have turned herself into a sack of corn in a farmer’s barn to steal food from him. However, the shrewd farmer, seeing he had one sack too many decided to stab each sack with a pitchfork, just to be sure they were filled with corn. When he stabbed the transformed Meg she let out a scream, returning to her usual appearance and fled.

Meg died by being crushed to death between a barrel and a wall. Then, of course, Posted ImageMeg made two attempts to dig herself from her grave, before locals foiled any further attempts by burying her headfirst in a very narrow shaft and capping the grave off with the large rock. Their rationale: If Meg tried to dig herself out again she would be digging in the wrong direction....Poor Meg it must have worked!

Meg's Ghost?

There is an account from the1920’s where a boy encountered a strange-looking woman in the churchyard who scared him away and it was thought to be Meg’s ghost.


#596365 The Wreck Of The Titan: A Book Written Before The Titanic Tragedy

Posted True North on 22 February 2019 - 04:43 PM

White Star was a subsidiary of the International Mercantile Marine Company, owned by J. P. Morgan (& Co.), and so, the Titanic was owned by Morgan. Morgan had been booked for the maiden voyage but canceled days before the Titanic set sail.
Sure, people change plans, things come up, happens all the time, but, considering some of the circles Morgan and other prominent bankers belong to, and knowing these scoundrels' penchant for engineering disasters, I'd say Morgan knew his ship was on a one-way trip to the ocean floor.

#595840 I Thought It Was Gone...

Posted True North on 26 January 2019 - 08:32 PM

On doormats:

The words we choose matter, and this includes words we choose to place at our doors. 'Welcome' mats are silly because not everyone who comes to someone's door is going to be welcome; there are going to be those who are decidedly NOT welcome.

On house rules:

For home owners, it's best practice to carefully consider and be very clear on who IS (clearly articulate this) and who ISN'T (clearly articulate this) welcome – and not allowed at all – in your home. House rules need not be posted anywhere, or even written down, but they do need to be created by someone with the authority to do so - i.e. created by the owner(s) of said house/property or by whoever has been put in charge by the owner(s).

1. Create your house rules.
2. (you don't have to but you may wish to) Inform all those present of the house rules.

'Informing' means this is not an 'ask' - you're not asking, you're telling certain individuals to leave (by way of stating the rules / by way of laying down the law of the space you control). Mean what you say, say it with focused intent, but remember: there's no need to raise your voice; the power of the words you speak is not measured by how loud you speak them. Powerful people don't need to yell. Powerful people don't need to turn to charms and superstition, or to gadgets, or need to burn a particular incense, or light particular candles etc. If it's your body, it's your body. If it's your space, it's your space. Take responsibility for them / exercise control over them. That is all.

#595571 The Blob Based On A True Story!

Posted KlaineyGStudy on 31 December 2018 - 07:32 AM

Beware The Glob


Who would have guessed the movie "The Blob" would be made some 7 years after a true event!

"In the September 27, 1950 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer readers were treated to a bizarre headline which read:  “Flying ‘Saucer’ Just Dissolves.” The article told the tale of Joe Keenan and John Collins, two veteran Philadelphia police officers who spied a strange “object” plunging through the night sky less than 24-hourst before, resulting in an encounter that neither man would  ever forget.

According to the officers, they were making their evening rounds in their patrol car when they turned down a desolate side street between Vare Avenue and 26th Street.

As the two policemen rounded the corner they  noticed a large, glittering “mass” drifting toward an open field approximately half a block distant.

The bewildered Keenan and Collins wasted no time in racing toward the unidentified falling object that was sparking under their headlights’ glare.  Once their patrol car squealed to a halt, the officers swiftly retrieved their flashlights and rushed toward the quivering, domed mound of what they described as “purple jelly.”

The perplexed policemen observed the strangely pulsating heap, which they claimed glistened beneath their flashlights. The officers estimated that the circular mass was approximately 6-feet in diameter and nearly a foot thick at the center.

The edges sloped down from the peaked top of this “glob” — as Frank Edwards dubbed it in his tome “Strange World” in a chapter titled “Police and the Purple Glob” — tapering to a lip that was just a couple of inches thick. When they turned off their flashlights, the men discovered that the “thing” emitted a faint purplish, perhaps bioluminescent, glow that illuminated the darkened field.

The most disturbing thing about this odd object, according to the officers, was the fact that this iridescent, gelatinous substance seemed to vibrate of its own accord. There’s even one report that claimed the entity was “oozing” up a nearby telephone pole. Regardless of the limits of its mobility, the fact that this thing moved at all seemed to indicate to the officers in question that this blob-like entity was almost certainly a living organism.

At this point the two cops, fearing no one would believe their story, sagely radioed for backup and within minutes Patrolman James Cooper and Sergeant Joe Cook arrived at the scene of this extraordinary close encounter. After a perfunctory investigation, Cook speculated that object appeared to be solid enough to actually lift, so he entreated his cohorts to help him have a go at it.

The four officers evenly (and hesitantly, one must assume) spaced themselves around the glob. Collins was the first to screw up the courage to actually touch the substance and found, to his surprise, that this seemingly solid object instantly broke apart in his hands. Tiny pieces of the glob remained attached to his hands and fingers, but within seconds they evaporated leaving nothing but a residue of “odorless scum” on his skin.

The officers — apparently unable or unwilling to retrieve a sample — simply watched with astonishment as the purple goo evaporated before their eyes. Less than half an hour after the arrival of officers Cooper and Cook, the object had completely disappeared, leaving nothing behind but four mystified Philadelphia patrolmen. The following day when the police officers addressed a group of newsman regarding their bizarre encounter, the men made it abundantly clear that they believed that the glob was a living creature.

And......drum roll .....THE BLOB IS BORN:"

#604596 Purpose Of Shadow People

Posted EVP on 28 September 2022 - 04:14 PM

Gary was living with his GF at the house we rented. They moved out once their relationship went south. Years later I met up with him and he invited over to his new address. I asked him about whether he had any visits since moving and he became manic and refused to utter another word about it. I could tell by his reaction, he was angry that I brought it up which to me was telling. Unfortunately we never saw each other after that short visit. I knew things were different and much like other people that come into your life, they also disappear just as quickly.

Reminds me of the sasquatch encounter I had, I'm sorry there is no proof of it happening. Only words. For what it's worth, it's from some of my previous experiences I ended up here at PS and continue to study and research. I just wish there was some proof of it happening. It's frustrating, I've had enough events to stay convinced there are things out there without proof. The one telling piece of evidence came from a recording alone in my own house where a woman at 3:15AM called out my first and last name. That's not a radio snippet. No one knew to call out my name while I was recording but something did.

#602427 I Wouldn't Have Seen It If My Dog Was Looking At It.

Posted MrsFrootloops on 28 April 2021 - 12:49 PM

This is a very interesting story. It very much sounds like inter-dimensional beings, so maybe you are experiencing micro-rips between our dimension and theirs.

I am a very firm believer in the multiverse theory, and let's face it, life here on Earth has been getting way stranger. There had been an increase of UFO sightings in 2020. So honestly, you seeing something that no one else has seen yet, does not surprise me one bit.

#598858 Flute Heard, Music Outside, With No One Around

Posted EVP on 16 October 2019 - 06:30 PM

I’m a little late to respond to this but I will be the first to say, the characteristics of acoustic attenuation is most interesting. In general terms lower frequencies tend to travel much further than higher frequencies.

An excellent example of this is how elephants communicate to one another over long distances with very low frequency burst or the effect of very low dB has on objects.

An attributing factor of acoustic attenuation is the absorption rate of the wavelength. In many ways sound and light share similar properties. As light is absorbed by dark objects and reflected more prominently with lighter colors, higher frequencies are absorbed by objects and higher densities of air create diffraction dissipating sound.

During dry still air conditions, sound will carry much further. Typically, during the still of winter, sound has its least absorption rate. During hot humid days dissipation limits the travel.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in sound. My main study in the paranormal for the last 10 years has been sound related paranormal phenomena. Unfortunately, with the reflective properties of sound, our ears frequently are fooled as to the origin. Countless times while monitoring in a relatively controlled environment, I’ve made a special effort to track origins and often, the perceived origin have been completely wrong.

To complicate further, EVP (electronic voice phenomena) isn’t truly sound phenomena. It’s actually said to be low levels of EMF exciting the voice coil of a microphone.

Where sound phenomena becomes most curious, is when heard “allegedly” with your ears but fails to be recorded to medium.  I’ve had this happen at least a half dozen times. On one such occasion three of us heard footsteps walk past us, breaking branches and shuffling grass with 2 feet yet it failed to be recorded on 9 analogue/digital voice recorders including video. All that was heard during playback was the 3 of us in synchronicity verbalizing the single word “footsteps”.

It’s difficult to say if your “flute” has paranormal origins. You would need witnesses and audio recordings to validate if it was spontaneous sound phenomena (SSP).

I apologize for the long dissertation. My final words are don’t trust your ears and don’t be surprised if you hear something that fails to be recorded.

#592789 Question For Macc

Posted Snickers on 22 May 2018 - 04:39 PM

I saw a post you made in another topic about vinegar keeping spirits away...... interesting because I started cleaning strictly with white vinegar with a very small amount of dish liquid soap added. I never use any other cleaners because this works very well for everything, including mopping floors, cleaning counter tops, table tops, cleaning the microwave and stovetop, oven, windows, etc. Except laundry and washing dishes of course, it doesn't work for that. It is cheap and effective, and I have an aversion to chemicals. I am not alergic, I just don't like them!  I have been using this for a long time, and my ghost disapeared. I wonder if using the vinegar made him vanish??  I can't remember if I started using the vinegar at the same time the ghost vanished or not, but it's possible. You seem to know so much more than me about these things, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

#587221 Even Gluren... (Taking A Peek)

Posted EVP on 02 November 2017 - 04:19 AM

View PostEssiepessie, on 01 November 2017 - 11:46 PM, said:

Ahhhhh...there is all the exif data!
I could't not find it like on my digital camera.
But when i put my original in i get even more data. Do you need that EVP?

Ow, And that image edited program. With my picture ( the original from my phone)
It say's can't say. When i know for sure they are the original. Even if i take other pictures in from my phone it says that.
How is this possible? I was thinking. I have my HDR setting on in my phone when taking pictures. Maybe that is the issue?
I would't like to understand :-) Why does it say "cant say" , does it always says that for a 10 score.. or is there a "100% original " option as well?

You did great Essie, thanks for providing the additional information.

Posted Image

#586043 Photo Making The Rounds On The Internet

Posted The_Dead_Shall_Rise_Again on 09 October 2017 - 01:19 PM

i think a healthy discussion like this really adds to any forum and should continue.It is a good picture worth hearing all possible explanations about.