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Posting Thumbnails And Pictures

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Posted 21 May 2010 - 11:31 AM

Hello Ghoststudy family!

There are a few ways to post your ghost pictures on the board. One way is by hosting them on a free picture hosting site such as flickr. Here is a list of sites to help you.

Photo Hosting Sites


You will need to have the URL for that picture. The free hosting sites supply you with that URL. Once you have your URL, you then will click on the button above the type space that says "IMG". This brings up a box to the top of your screen. Put your URL in that box then click ok. This will place the URL in the type space. It will need to look like this or it will not work
[IMG ] your URL [/IMG].


To add a thumbnail to your post, you will see the browse button under your type space. This is where you search your folders on your computer for the picture you want to post. Once you find the picture click on it then click on "Add this attachment". It will upload the picture and you will see under the browse button where the picture is attached. Then click your reply button. You should see your thumbnail in the post.

The board gives you 500kb global space for you pictures. After you use up that space, you will not be able to upload more. To gain more space you have to delete your old posted pictures, which does remove them from the old posts. To delete your old pictures you will need to go into your Control Panel. On the left side of the page you will see different categories. You want to find the "Options" box. You will see "Manage your attachments". It will bring you to a page that has all your photos you've uploaded. To the right is a white box. Click that white box. When you've chosen the picture(s) you want to delete, under the list is the "delete selected". Click that to delete your pictures.

Some people prefer to link their picture to their post. This saves a lot of bandwidth for the board.

Hopefully this is helpful and you have success in posting some great pictures!

Have fun,

The Ghoststudy Staff