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My Experience (Dark Shadow)

Dark shadow

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#1 Brenster


    False Positive

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Posted 17 May 2020 - 05:12 PM

Hi All , new here. I wanted to share something that i have dealt with and still deal with periodically.

First I would like to say this has been a VERY positive experience for me. People might view their experiences as negative/scary. and i have to admit mine has been scary. but it has made my Beliefs so much stronger and I now consider myself re-Born because of it. and i had no Faith till i was about 45 because of this experience and i am very thankful.

I moved into a Studio apartment in ST. Petersburg, FL about 8 years ago to be closer to work. i lived here(yes, still live here) for a year and no experiences what so ever. I put in for a VA Loan and started looking at homes with a realtor. i think i looked at 5 homes on 3 different occasions. needless to say I didn't find what i was looking for.this all started after looking in empty homes. I live in a  big open room with a bathroom in a seperate room. I would be sitting at my desk and i felt like someone was behind me, i would keep looking over my shoulder. this went on everyday for a week. I took a shower after work one day, came out of the bathroom, and I saw what looked like a stick figure, very tall, about 7 feet tall. i seen arms swinging and legs moving to the darkest corner of the room which is an open closet i hang my clothes. now your thinking Stick figure??? well, i have a 55 inch Tv in a corner sitting  facing a couch and a table on the end with a light with lamp shade. the stick figure came from behind the TV and went by the lamp so that's is why i believe it looked like a stick figure. I got dressed to go out and certainly was feeling like "what the heck was that"? Well, this was the big mistake i made. I looked towards the corner where I seen it go, tieing my shoes I said. " I seen you, i know your there" i left the apartment and ran some errands. watched tv for awhile and went to sleep.  Sleep  hahaha, yeah right.  I woke up to something that was pushing hard up and down on my mattress right next to my head to wake me up. i turned the light on, it around 3 am. needless to say i never went to sleep again that night.

here are a list of things after this evening that happened.

every night for about 10 days i was poked in the back if i was laying on my side to wake me up.

one night i felt it scratch my back and fell burning hot.

I had a nightmare one night, i can't remember the total dream, but i know I seen something in the dream that was not human. I woke up to what felt like something had a hold of my foot.

a different night i woke up and I remember the smell of rotting meat, and going pee--uuuu.

i have woke up to the shadow standing just outside the closet area and moving back into the closet area when it seen i was looking.

I went grocery shopping and I go thru this screen area, my fridge is actually in the screen area. i have a glass door to enter, across the door is a small window over the sink. well, the light from the window over the sink went completely dark and light again, meaning it was behind my tv again and moved to the closet again blocking out the light from the window in my view.

all my family are in Maine. I didn't tell them what i was going thru, i told some guys from work. of course they were like your full of crud.
but they told a lady in the office , and she went to a local spiritual store and bought me 3 sticks of Sage.

and told me to do a cleansing , I went home and researched it. I found one with a prayer. so I said the prayer, opened up the door and started moving corner to corner with the sage.
to be honest it worked. i had a pretty good sleep that night, So i kept doing it, and i ended up buying some off of amazon 4 pack i think, and burned that, not every night, i started burning less and less.
then i would get poked and woke up, and i would start the process over.

I think recently i didn't burn for 5 months and slept good with no poking. but 4 nights ago. i woke up and the poking was hard enough to wake from a very deep sleep on my chest. so hard that i was looking for bruises the next day. I fell back asleep around 5 am

anyways, I found the store the lady bought the sage from and bought Sage and this Palo santo wood he said was good for clearing negative spirits also.

So i have been here 8 years now. I know what your thinking, why didn't you move??? well, I think it followed me home, and my rent is pretty cheap for ST. Pete. so why move to a more expensive apartment with the chance it is going to keep following you. the guy told me he had someone that could do a cleansing of me, would take a couple hours. and that is something i might do when i move.

I did not list every experience. but mainly after burning sage, it is just getting poked in the middle of the night to wake me up

I do not push God on people. but like I said this was a very Positive experience. open your mind if you do not believe.
I repent now, should every night because I'm still a screw up when it comes to sins.
As far as the Dark shadow, i feel it is negative, the awful smell that one night i will not forget. but i have not seen it with my eyes in about 5 years. but i think the poking in the middle of night might be a reminder it is still there.

funny, I ask god if I die, please don't let me die in this apartment lol  I don't want to cross with that thing here  

Well, i haven't read any other experiences yet, that what i'll do next.

#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 18 May 2020 - 12:38 AM

Hello and welcome to the boards

I think you have kept things well under control, by what you are doing, from what you have written.

And don't find it strange you have stayed there for 8 years you obviously feel comfortable, are in control of your space and, have set boundaries.
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#3 Brenster


    False Positive

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Posted 18 May 2020 - 08:21 AM

Thank you for the welcome. I believe you are right, I do feel comfortable enough, and i do feel i took control of the situation.
but i would be lying if I said, I don't wake up in the middle of night, and look around feeling paranoid. even when not poked.

#4 lorac61469



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Posted 18 May 2020 - 07:02 PM

I would just like to suggest you google hypnopompic/hypnagogic hallucinations.
This could explain a lot of what you’re experiencing.
Here is some info you can take a look at...

#5 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 18 May 2020 - 09:50 PM

hello and welcome! Glad you got the poking under control, that's not fun at all!
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#6 Brenster


    False Positive

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Posted 21 May 2020 - 05:20 AM

View Postlorac61469, on 18 May 2020 - 07:02 PM, said:

I would just like to suggest you google hypnopompic/hypnagogic hallucinations.
This could explain a lot of what you’re experiencing.
Here is some info you can take a look at...

i appreciate the links, but I don't feel it pertains to me, I know what i saw wide awake.
and I don't feel fear at all when i get woke up now. in the beginning, yeah I felt fear lol

I am certainly a light sleeper, and i know what getting poked feels like when someone wants you to wake up.