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I Fell In Love With A Mermaid!

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 05:02 PM

Anyone know the story of the sculptor (from Ancient Mythology) who made a sculpture of a beautiful woman and then fell in love with it?

I've been studying paranormal sightings of sailors (from older times too) claiming they saw ghostly images on the rocks by their ships and the ghosts resembled beautiful women who were half-fish --- mermaids of course!

So I was perusing numerous mermaid photos, art, paintings, sighting depictions, etc., etc., and I came across one I really liked and I started to...fall in love with her!

My wife thinks I'm crazy, and I tell her if this mermaid is *real* we'll become Mormon and adopt polygamy to make it official! Jokes aside, I really felt drawn to this mermaid...

Maybe I've become too obsessed with cryptozoology and paranormal investigations and Paranormal Soup Forums(!) to realize that my natural and innocent curiosity has given me irreversible sentimental feelings or even hallucinations.

At least this mermaid is not a frightening ghost/spook or banshee or something...

Anyone have a story like this to share (anyone ever feel like they fell in love with a mermaid photo or something)? I don't want to feel 'alone' on this! Then again, I remember this college radio talk-show on which the DJ joked he was in love with Jasmine from Disney's Aladdin.

I don't know, someone from this forum help me out/give me a compass!

Peace and chicken grease (and God bless!)...

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