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The Coming Of The Skallynonder.

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#1 Captain Kundalini

Captain Kundalini

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 12:07 AM

Wednesday, June 29, 2016. 4:15 AM. Killeen, TX. USA.

It all started early Sunday morning as I was cooking breakfast for my girlfriend and I. I was whipping up a batch of Belgian Waffles with whip cream and blueberries and some tea. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) I dropped an ingredient into the tea that was to be used for something else.
The kitchen immediately filled with smoke and steam.
Coughing, Terry went to the door and opened it to let out the smoke.
"Whew! That sure smells funny", I said.
Five minutes later, the kitchen was cleared out. As Terry was about to close the door, we heard a cooing sound from outside in the dark. "What was that", I asked rhetorically?
A breeze blew in from outside sending loose papers flying.
I looked at the tea somewhat disgusted.
"Well, that didn't go in there" I said looking at Terry who wrinkled her nose and giggled.
"I think I put in the wrong ingredient."
"Not at all. It's perfect", said a voice from somewhere in the kitchen.
"Well, I'm glad you think so", I said sarcastically, looking at Terry.
"I didn't say anything", she said.
"But I did", said the voice.
A creature with wings, and multi-colored scales appeared in the kitchen sitting on the table.
My mouth dropped open in shock. Terry took that moment to get behind me "Doctor Smith style".
"Hi there", it said with a smile.
"Uh...Hi", I said a bit shaken.
"I hope it's friendly", Terry thought to hersaelf.
"That soup sure smells nice. And yes, I am friendly."
"Huh? Oh, that's tea. I'm afraid I..."
"Well, that's alright then."
"Pardon me for asking, but what...ARE you?"
"Ah! The spell is now complete. In my language you would find what I am difficult to pronounce. In your language, however, a rough approximation would be...'Skallynonder.' How else might I serve you, Master?"
"Well this is handy! What shall we do with it", asked Terry?
"You're asking ME?"
"Hmmmmm.... I see that you and the female have a bond. A deep one."
"Yeah, she's with me. Actually, we're together", I explained.
"Ah, then I will serve both of you", the Skallynonder said.
Terry smiled and gave me an amused look.
"What task will you give it first, dear?"
"Don't look at me!"
"Can you turn Donald Trump into a toad", she asked innocently?
I laughed out loud.
"I am forbidden to do that to your kind unless directly threatened by him or unless YOU are directly threatened by him.
Besides, I am exhausted! These transdimensional flights take a lot out of me", it explained.
"Awwww, poor thing. What would you like to eat" asked Terry?
"Well, that sou...uh...tea would be nice."
It jumped off the table, went over to the deep pan and started slurping at the tea.
"We have proper ways of doing things here", said I.
"Yes. Usually we eat from a bowl or a plate. In this case, a bowl", Terry explained
and then thought to herself, "I wonder if it will eat the bowl?"
*Only if it is edible and allowed*, it said into her mind. Terry jumped.
"I heard it in my mind", Terry said with mild astonishment!
"How? You mean like Telepathy?"
"Whoa! How did you do that?"
"Born with it", said the creature aloud, smiling.
"So, Adrian and Terry Sloane. Nice to meet you both. You are wondering how I got here. Who is Doctor Smith?"
Terry sighed. "Nobody."
"Ah. I can see him in your mind. A rather dignified if not cowardly fellow. He talks like this.
'How do you do'", it asked sounding exactly like the late Jonathan Harris?
I couldn't help myself. I threw my head back and laughed.
"That is amazing! How did you do that?"
"Born with it", it said, once again smiling."
Terry shook her head, full of wonder.
"Hey, I have to go to the gym, love. I hope you and ... our guest ... will have fun. Don't talk to any strange robots!"
"Smart butt."
She giggled and was out the door and on her way, leaving me alone with our new friend and for the first time, Servant and Protector.

To be continued.....

(Feedback is welcome)

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#2 Kaida



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Posted 29 June 2016 - 12:12 PM

I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the next installment!

#3 Captain Kundalini

Captain Kundalini

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Posted 29 June 2016 - 09:29 PM

Chapter 2.

I thought for a moment before I spoke again.
"Well, what is your name? What do I call you?"
"I am called 'Tryffaldor'."
"Good. Now that we know each other...uh....what do you do?"
"I am a Guardian and Servant to you and to your Lady. I have a variety of offensive and defensive spells to assist me
in the accomplishment of these things, including but not limited to, Flight, Invisibility, Dimension Door,
Fire Breath, Telepathy, Venomous Stinger, Shrink, Sanctuary and Shield."
"What do you eat and drink?"
"Well, since I am a magical creature, I do not 'eat' as you do. I absorb energy from various sources,
such as your sun. I also occasionally enjoy a glass of wine."
"Are you some sort of dragon", I asked?
"No, no. Dragons are from the 5 Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space. We Skallynonders
are from the Realm of Spirit. We are quite rare and you sir are quite fortunate, for I am bound to you
and your Lady until death."
"I....don't quite know what to say. You will not be our slave, though. You are free to come and go anywhere
at any time you choose."
"THANK you! I was a bit worried about that because in years long past we were indentured as such by
Royalty, Powerful Mages and disreputable Humans, Elves, Dwarves, etc., alike." It shook it's serpentine head.
"I too was once a slave. Getting out of that last one was not easy."
I sat down  facing the back of the chair with chin in hand.
"What was it like? What happened?"
"I was...summoned by a very powerful Witch. To this day I still do not know how she survived the casting of the spell, for a Spell of Summoning is VERY powerful. And dangerous! I happened to be in the vicinity and because of my nature and aspects of the Incantation as well as physical components and gestures long forbidden to use in Magic, I was forced to answer her call."
"I'm sorry", I said sympathetically.
"To make a long, painful story short, her evil and grasping nature got the best of her. She broke into the tower of another mage to gain knowledge and power. She found a magical deck of cards, a Deck of Many Things I think it is called.  She picked one too many cards and was reduced to a nice little pile of ashes."
"Serves her right", I said with a smile.
"Oh, about your room. You're free to....."
"No need, Master. I have noted that there is a very nice and comfortable cave approximately 88.5 feet below this house. There is also water there, so I will be quite comfortable there. If you should requite my assistance, use this."
Tryffaldor gave me a necklace with a crystal amulet and a key.
"How beautiful."
*Just hold the key and the amulet in your hand, close your eyes and speak my name*, he said into my mind.
"Do you have one for Terry?"
*Give me 2 of your days to craft it.*
"How are you going to get to the cave from here", I asked?
*I know it's location. I can teleport to it or get to it via the the nearby lake which gives access to it.
I will return when I have it completed."
I looked at the clock and saw that it was too late to get a proper breakfast,
so I headed for the door, determined to grab a Coffee and a Croissant sandwich at the Starbuck's near my office.
"If you need to get inside the house, how do we....?"
*Just use the Amulet in the same way.*
I looked at the Amulet and held it in my hand, eyes closed, concentrating.
**Testing. Testing.**
*Loud and clear, boss.*
**Incredible. See ya later.**
I drove to work all fired up and ready to go, happy with my little secret but oblivious to what was coming.

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Author's Note: Carrie gave me the inspiration for this story and most importantly, she gave me this amulet the last time we were together.
She has a matching one.

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