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How It All Began For Me

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Posted 16 January 2021 - 06:56 AM

I have mentioned in previous posts that I experienced 'unexplainable things' as a child in the family home at the time. Experiences that I still have very vivid memories of to this very day - 44 years after the events. I would like to share those experiences with you today.

I do not want to bore you with unnecessary information relating to the period, but I will briefly outline the house layout as relative to the subject.

From my birth in 1971, and until 1976, we lived in a semi-detached, two storey house on Southfields Avenue, Stanground, Peterborough. It was nothing spectacular and of typical British layout - Lounge, dining area and kitchen on the ground floor; two bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper floor. The main feature of the house was a linear striped  glass partition that ran the full length of the stairway (plasterboard wall from floor level to just above the stair runners, then glass to ceiling) on the lower level. This would allow you to see anyone coming down/going up the stairs, and would make them appear distorted due to the linear stripe effect.

We had a 3-seater sofa against the bottom wall of the stairs (I will reference this as '12 o'clock') where my parent's commonly sat together in the early years, and a single chair at 3 and 9 o'clock. Sitting in the 9 o'clock chair, and became my usual chair to sit in, you had a view of the stairs in their entirety beyond the glass. At the top of the stairs was a small landing, with my bedroom door just off slightly to the right and in front of you, to the right of that, around the corner, was the bathroom and then right a bit more, my parent's bedroom. As you looked into the door of my parent's room, there was a large heavy dresser unit against the wall shared by the bathroom. On this, my mother used to have a white polystyrene mannequin wig/hat stand, similar to the one pictured below:

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From the earliest age I can remember, I used to see, on more than one occasion, black shadows with bright red glowing eyes, creeping around the floor of my room and under my cot. This was a white, double bar-sided, high-standing unit which stood out in the middle of the room. They would always come in three and there was never any sound with them - no growling, no shuffling or footsteps. They seemed to always be looking up at me and although initially I remember being interested in these things at first, standing at the cot's bars watching them, it got to a point where I would feel afraid, hiding under my cot quilt and start crying, much to the annoyance of my parents who had to come in at all hours to comfort me. I can't remember exactly how long this lasted for, but I do remember that it stopped as suddenly as it started and just before I moved to a junior bed.

Things, visually, settled down for a while although other strange things were starting to happen around the house - strange noises, things being moved all the time (which I was usually blamed for). The main item of interest was my mother's wig/hat stand. This was constantly being moved, especially whilst we were out of the house - even with my parent's ensuring doors were closed throughout. I remember we went to Hunstanton one-day for a 'treat' trip. On returning, we found the stand in the center of the dining table. My mother was adamant that she had left it in their room, and the bedroom and stairway doors were all shut.

When I turned four, and now with a little sister in the house sharing my room (Nooooooooo!!), things took another turn. She would wake at night, screaming and seeming very distressed. She does not, nor has ever recollected anything unusual, but I often wondered if 'they' had returned. It would certainly explain the following events that happened if so.

Occasionally, sitting in my '9 o'clock' chair in the early evening during the winter months, and when getting dark early, I would see a shadow moving up and down the stairs, Now, the stairway would get illuminated from the TV whilst it was on and you could clearly distinguish the lightly coloured wall of the stairway behind the glass. This dark figure was approximately the height of a pre-teen child, probably 11 or 12 years old. it certainly wasn't as tall as an adult. It would come down, stop and appear to 'look' into the lounge, before coming down a bit further, before stopping again and so on until it had reached the bottom of the stairs and stood behind the glass door at the foot of the stairs, which lead into the lounge. Then it would repeat, heading back up the stairs to the upper floor, pausing on occasions, seeming to look into the lounge where we were. Sometimes it would do this only once - sometimes this would repeat 2 or three times in a 'session'.

I remember telling my parents about this shadow I was seeing on more than one occasion, but as usually is, it was dismissed as an overactive mind or shadows cast from the TV, which I can categorically say now, that it was not. It was not a normal light shadow - it had slight definition and obscured the light travelling between the glass and the stairway back wall.

Things came to a head (literally!) in the summer of 1976, a few months before my parents divorced and we left the property with my father. We were all in the lounge area. My father was sat on the sofa near the stairway door, my mother at the other end of the sofa near the kitchen (they had been distancing themselves further and further for weeks). My sister was in her bouncer on the floor and I was in my trusted  '9 o'clock' chair. I want to say it was mid-day, but not 100% on that, but it was daytime and there was lots of light in the house. We were all watching something on TV when something caught my attention moving at the top of the stairs, viewable through the glass partition.

I did not recognise what this thing was at first, as we did not own any pets at the time. It was not until the object started FLOATING down the stairway, a short distance above from the treads, that I recognised it instantly. It was my mother's wig/hat stand. It continued down to about mid-point of the stairs before TURNING towards the lounge and slowly, and silently pressing itself up against the glass. And I swear to God to this day, it was looking right at me with those lifeless eyes. I was petrified. I wanted to call out to my parents, but was literally paralyzed with fear. I tried to turn away from it's 'gaze', but again. I could not. We stayed locked in this unnatural staring competition for what seemed like forever at the time, before the stand moved away from the glass, turned back to face to go up the stairs and floated back out of view.

I screamed.

I screamed like I had never screamed before, nor ever again throughout my life. My parents, instantly shocked, jumped up and rushed over to me as my sister started crying. It took them a while to calm me down and I remember pointing to the stairs where the stand had come to rest half-way down and sobbing, "Was there! Was there!", much to the confusion, and panic, of my parents. I also remember my mother, rather ironically, telling my father that I, "looked like I had just seen a ghost".

The strangest thing was, my father, thinking someone was in the house, went to look upstairs and a few moments later was shouting at my mum for not putting "that bloomin' thing in its proper place" when he discovered the stand on their bed - its 'head' resting on my mum's pillow. Once again, she was adamant that it was on the dresser when she had come down earlier that day.

I never experienced anything like it again after leaving the property (although I have had a 'minor incident' at another property I lived in with my father, sister and step-family years after, and actually had a dream about only a couple of years ago, which is REALLY strange for me - I am not a dream kind of person) and I have spent many years contemplating if what I experienced was real at all. I have no evidence other than my memory, feelings and senses at that time. The fact that I can recollect this period with such clarity, presenting the real possibility of a trauma memory, suggests that this was something I experienced and not a fabrication of my own mind, despite my age at the time. I have also tried talking about my experiences at the property on more than one occasion, but after realising nobody would take me seriously, especially my parents, I soon stopped.

I have just recently found out the number off the property we lived at on Southfields from my father and, without scaring the living daylights out of the current owners, really tempted to try and revisit the property to ascertain if anyone else has experienced anything over the years. Very light ground to be treading on I guess, but that is just the Investigator inside getting the better of me :)

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Posted 16 January 2021 - 08:59 PM

All I can say is  WOW!!!!   I would honestly go back and ask the people 'If I might have a look around, I grew up here.  What memories it brings back.'  You being an Investigator know what to look for in the quickest expression.  I have had a few people come to my home and were passing through town and ask 'for one last look around.'  Make light of the fact 'when I was little, I was convinced monsters' lived under my bed.  I drove my parents crazy.'  It would make me ask you....'Why did you think that?'
Great story - thank you for sharing that!  Let us know what you decide!!!!!
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Posted 28 January 2021 - 08:56 PM

wow that is a great recollection of what happened to you Titch, thank you for sharing!
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