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Strange Communications.

Spirit Ghost Haunting Scary

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#1 ShadowKeeper


    False Positive

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 11:57 AM

Hello! I have had strange communications with something abnormal.
This all started a year ago when I had a dream of a man in bed, he looked sick and tired. It looked older, like early 1900s.
People were looking over him and talking, though I couldn't tell what they were saying.
Just before I woke up, he said my name.
When I woke up it was around 7 A.M.
I went through the day not thinking much of it. But that night when I was getting in bed, I saw for a split second, a face in my window.
The face wasn't mean, but looked worried or sad.
I went a week or two without anything strange happening.
Then one day when I came home, there was I mark on the inside side of my wooden door. It was an 'V' and a 'B'.
I was worried and felt uncomfortable in the house alone. I looked up those and didn't find anything.

I kept having strange things happening. A cup fell out of a cupboard on it's own and a piece of paper landed next to my bed out of nowhere.
But it was winter in 2012 when something absolutely strange happened. I was in my bed reading a book when I found that on my wooden night-stand there was a carving on the top. It said 'Victor Braden'. I freaked and jumped out of bed. I got the night-stand from a store, it was brand new. And I looked at the spot loads of times without that there before.
I remembered the letters on my door. 'V' 'B' on the door and 'Voctor Braden' on the stand.
After that nothing happened for nearly a month. But one day I was eating lunch in my house when I heard something weird. It sounded like moaning. I sat up and looked around. I went outside to see if somebody was hurt. Nothing showed up, until I went to my bedroom and found a large bloodstain on my sheets. I ran out of the house and into my car, I don't know where I was going to go, I just needed to get away.
When I was a few blocks away I heard someone calling my name. I parked near a restaurant. "I need help." I heard a faint whisper say. I asked what was wrong. I got no answer.
I went home and went to my bedroom to clean the bloodstained sheets. But there was no blood.
Suddenly I heard voice talking to me. "Hello, Shadow Keeper." said a male voice. I turned around to see a man probably around 40 years standing in the door way. He had a wound on his shoulder and he looked sick. I asked if I could help him, he told me I couldn't, I asked him why, he said it is impossible.
But the entire time he kept calling me Shadow Keeper. Then he left. He came two nights later, I asked him why he was back and I urged him to let me help. He had the same answer and kept calling me Shadow Keeper. I asked why he called me that and he stared at me. This is what I can remember of his words "There are some who can see shadows, not normal shadows, shadows from other sides of sight. You are one of these. You are a Shadow Keeper. And me, I am called Victor Braden. I died in 1907, I fell of a ladder and landed my shoulder hard on a bucket, the sking was badly rip. I kept working but after I was done I bandaged it. After a while, we found that it was infected, I died here." we spoke all night. After that, he comes every monday night.
I don't know what to do about it all.
Please give me some advice. I promise that this is not fake.

#2 the evil

the evil


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Posted 05 September 2013 - 05:30 AM

pardon me for openly saying it sounds far fethced and out there but
1) have you ever had a history with any kind of illness or on any kinds of pharmaceuticals?
2) Are you dreaming during the conversations and feeling you are awake?

3rd) If this is real AND he openly admits you can not help him then there is no reason to continue talking. Perhaps the spirit is just boared and wants to chat buit also perhaps it is malicious and building a trust relationship before things get worse. A calm before the storm.
I would personally not humor him. I remember once my grandmother told me a story when my mom and pops rented from her in a haunted house. My mom used to like playing with a quigi board (pre my birth).
Well my grams is really religous and as a test asked the spirit in the house "who is your god".
The only answer she got was "my god has many names". Right there she knew this was not something they wanted in the house.
Not to say it should have said Jesus or something christian but that fact it eluded to not answer.
Next conversation ask something along these lines. If you are religious in any way ask it if it wants you to pray for him.
All in all I would not humor him past what you have done.

You say his voice said "I need help"
Yet later he said you couldnt help him? Kind of contradictory. So whether this is a flub in your story or he is leading you on, I cant say.

#3 dmitchellcsum



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Posted 22 September 2013 - 11:39 AM

This does sound like one of those "to good to be true" stories, but if it isn't a very realistic dream, I would proceed with extreme caution.  Typically if a spirit "needs help" they just need a message passed or an object found or something easy to do.  The fact that this spirit seems to want to occupy your time without telling you what he needs is a very bad sign.  Just like all humans have the potential to lie, so do all spirits.  And just like in humans, bad spirits have more motivation to lie than good ones.

To me (assuming that it is a real spirit) it sounds like you are dealing with something negative that is pretending to be seeking help in order to earn trust.  I would tell it that it either needs to tell you what it needs or find someone else.

That said, I try to believe witnesses whenever possible. However a quick Google of Shadow Keeper seems to only turn up books by J.K. Beck followed by mixed results referring to shadow keepers as spirits themselves.  I've never heard the term shadow keeper used as a way to describe a human that can see spirits, at least not in a paranormal case.  Honestly, how much paranormal fiction do you read? Could that be affecting your experience?

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#4 Nort Thalem

Nort Thalem


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Posted 26 September 2013 - 08:11 PM

It does sound hard to believe, but if your not pulling our leg you might be a full blown medium, rather than just being sensitive. Seeing an apparition for more than a few seconds is not a common thing, let alone being able to talk to it, which is why I would say you are one. The stories I see about mediums often have similar circumstances, and if they can be called credible yours certainly can.

It may be wise to confront V B and ask what he is. Evil spirits in particular are said to gain power by forming a relationship with victims, and like others have suggested this could be a trick to that end. Catholic teachings even have a rule that someone should not talk to the creatures, and only should command them to leave, never ask it to do things or to engage in conversation.

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