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Ghost Experience?

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Posted 11 July 2017 - 07:33 PM

I'm 17 now but this expiernce happend when I was 8 or 9 when I was little I used to sleep with my grandma she had a queen size bed so we both fit I was little too i didnt really take up a lot of space but one night I couldn't sleep I told my grandma I couldn't sleep either witch was weird because I would usually go to sleep early but for some reason I just could not sleep so I told my grandma and she was like OK then stay up and she then eventually fell asleep I was just laying there then I turned off the TV to try to sleep I couldnt then I see a small shadow move past the dresser it looked like it had a pony tail but I could only see like kind of the torso and head it was a small shadow I soon think to my self what the heck? did I just see am I seeing things I kinda brush it off but literally moments later the bed starts shakeing like a small earthquake or something but just the bed shaking I'm scared witless my grandmas still asleep even though I littetly see her shaking with the bed it gets worse then I hear an evil demonic laugh I was so freakin scared I know it wasn't a dream I stayed up that whole night putting my head back and forth uder the covers to look around then eventually I see sunlight comeing from the window i never told my grandma about it. As a kid that was one of my biggest fears it was like a real nightmare come true I get the chills ever time I talk about it. I just wonder what was it and what was it trying to do and why was it doing it is there a meaning to it did people used to do witchcraft and worship evil sports or something I just really wanna know does anyone know anything about this?

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Posted 12 July 2017 - 02:17 AM

Hello and Posted Image to the boards

Your experience sounds quite frightening :confused0068:

When I was little I thought my sister turned into a bear at night once the lights were off. I knew she didn't, but the shadows around her were great tools for scaring the bejeebers out of myself  :yes:

Another thing I have found is, if you are really lucky, no 2 encounters are ever the same! So hopefully this might be your one and only experience of this nature.
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