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Sometimes We Are Just Messengers

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#1 Amethyst


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Posted 24 October 2016 - 05:02 AM

Most of you know I am now retired but I use to do readings professionally for over 25 years.

It has been asked on here how spirit will communicate or give a message to someone.  Here are 2 stories.


A very nice woman came into my office years ago.  We were chatting about her children and her job and the entire time I am talking with her I kept getting flashes of a dark horse in a corral pacing back and forth.  I didn't get it.  I had no idea why I was seeing that.

As we continued to talk I kept seeing that same dark horse.

When I first started reading I would see strange things when talking to people that made no sense or would hear a name but I would not relay the thought as I thought it was not important.  I learned to say what I see or hear.

So anyway, I finally said to her....I have no clue why I keep seeing this, but I am seeing a dark horse inside a white fence.  Does that make sense to you?

She said.....Oh, my husband bought a race horse and he is going to run in a race in a few weeks.  We are fighting because he wants to bet $20,000 on him.

Immediately I thought OMG no! and I felt like I was in a panic.

So I looked at her and said.....I feel like that is a really BAD idea, but I hate to say that because what if I am wrong and he won and they didn't bet the money????  I just had to go with my gut feeling of bad idea.

Then I said, you know, I was shown that horse for a reason and she was not going to bring it up in conversation, so I believe Spirit wanted to bring it to her attention.

Well, several weeks went by and she called me.....the horse came in dead last and they did NOT bet the $$$$.


A very sweet girl came into my office.  She may have been in her early 20s.  She had just lost her mother.  Now I do not claim to be a medium.  I listened to the girl talking about her mom and how she missed her and my heart broke for her because my own mother died when I was 23.

So while we were chatting I felt someone come in on my left side....that is what I call my clairaudient side...and I heard a woman's voice say.....the pearls, ask her about the pearls.

Well, I didn't.  We continued to talk and once again...a little louder this time a woman says ask her about the pearls.  It made no sense to ME so once again I didnt say anything.  I was not going to mention them because I did not think it was important.

Finally I felt a pressure like somebody leaning on me and I hear this voice in my head once again louder...ASK HER ABOUT THE PEARLS!!!!

So finally I said, Honey, there is a woman's voice in my head insisting I ask you about the pearls; does that make sense to you?

She burst into tears and sobbed.  Then she reached down and picked up her purse.  She pulled out a blue velvet bag and then pulled out a strand of pearls, a pearl necklace.

She said she had been shopping with her mom and her mom suffered a heart attack.  They called the squad and she road with her mom to the hospital.  They had to remove the necklace to work on her mom and she had clutched them in her hand.  Sadly, her mother died on the way to the hospital.  She carried those pearls in her purse everywhere as a reminder of her mom.

Had I just ignored that voice in my head that young girl would not have had that experience of knowing her mom came thru and acknowledged that she carried the pearls.

I had no other words, no conversation, nothing...just to mention the pearls.

Sometimes people are just messengers.  No matter how weird or off beat something is I always say it and sometimes when I say....does this make sense to you I will get a who knows......



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Posted 24 October 2016 - 01:42 PM

I agree~My mom was visiting a few yrs back, at Holiday time but had also found out one of her closest friends was ill. Mom went and visited her, and I was home with kids- finishing up Christmas things..the tree etc.

And I went to rest - for a minute intending not to nap, but just lay down. I did shut my eyes, but kept an ear on the kids. (They were like 8 & 11yrs, so knew to get me if the doorbell rang etc).

But I was thinking of moms friend....and I saw 3 roses. One was prominant-black and bend over. The other two were a bit smaller, but one was a wilty brown, the other a brownish green color. I wasn't sure....why they seemed so vivid, except I do see in pictures/images (I am fairly visual anyway-I love sketching) and on sometimes.

But I felt that moms friend wouldn't be around much longer.

Mom got back and was crying since her friend had very advanced B.cancer and wasnt expected to live more than two months or so.

But her friend passed around a day or two after Christmas - it was super sudden; mom was still with us even. I realized the black rose was the friend...the brown was her extremely depressed and suicidal husband, and the green/brown one was her daughter who was so overwhelmed she left to finish college studies overseas.

I didn't place a blind trust in my image of the roses - at the time I 'saw' them, but did use it as a reason to send thoughts and prayers for moms friend and family....but certainly didn't know she would pass on so fast. Kinda tough holiday, that was. ~
"..for those who believe, no words are necessary. For those who do not believe, no words are possible.."  (and that's ok!~)

#3 siguie


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Posted 24 October 2016 - 06:26 PM

Amethyst those are both really Great stories :yes:

I'd love to read more about your psychic work tales  :yes:
- siguie -

#4 LouczarGStudy



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Posted 25 October 2016 - 01:33 PM

Those are awesome!!!!  Thank you for sharing!!!
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