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Dark Cloud Over Me

Dark cloud Bad luck Spiritual attack Curse

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Posted 08 May 2017 - 09:09 PM

My youngest son is forty one now. No, he was never diagnosed with adhd, but forty years ago, I had never heard of adhd. He was diagnosed with bipolar when he was 20, and put on meds. Before that it was very rough, so you are right in thinking bipolar in itself causes a dark cloud around someone. But some things are not happening because of his bipolar, like his lack of friends that come around  only when they want something. But that may be the kinds of friends he has I suppose. He does  really well now. It took quite a few  years to get his meds just right, and sometimes they still change them, but all in all he does really good. He is on disability though, he cannot keep to a schedule in order for him to keep a job. He does some odd work sometimes for people. He has custody of his daughter, and raised his son, who is eighteen now. It's been rough through the years, but things are much better now. Yes, he definitely believes in the paranormal. I never thought it might affect him more than others, but come to think of it, my oldest son is a die hard sceptic! So maybe you are on to something there.
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Posted 10 May 2017 - 08:56 AM

View PostJenniescorner04, on 31 March 2017 - 08:40 PM, said:

For as long as I could as I could remember I have always been somewhat of a loner.

I remember as a child, none of the other kids really wanted to play with me.

Yet, I was often described as flamboyant and vivacious. I used to think my personality may have been "too much" for people sometimes. I was quite headstrong and always did/said what I wanted.

However, I always yearned companionship.

As I got older, things got worse. In middle school/high school I was paying people to be my friends (pathetic, I know)

During the whole MySpace era I remember making fake profiles and commenting on my photos to give the illusion that I had friends.

Although, at the time, I considered myself a fun, outgoing, and funny person. I repelled people.

As I approached my late teens/early 20's my soul kind of disappeared. I often don't feel like I am the same person I used to be. I google this a lot. It's the feeling of not feeling  connected to yourself anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I am an empty shell or a soul-less body. I can't feel much anymore.

As of a few years ago, I have had what feels like a dark cloud over. It has been a series of unfortunate events.

I have had to deal with many loses. I made a list of good/bad times in the 5 years and the list of bad doubled the good.

For instance, I haven't been able to keep a relationship in my 20's. I can brush off the relationships in my teens and early 20's because at that age, relationships likely don't work out due to not knowing who you are.

However, I'm 27 now. I have never been in a serious relationship. It seems men come into my life and leave when things seem to be going well (atleast from my perspective).

My last  "almost" relationship ruined me completely. I would say prior to dating this guy, I was holding on to life my a few strings.

When I started dating him, I felt a very strong connection. His mom died while we were dating. I helped him through that whole mourning process. I stayed with him through his darkest time. He told me he wanted to marry me and start a family with me. He even talked about the number of kids he would like to have with me. Things were going so great.

I started getting excited that this was probably going to be my first real relationship. I told my family and friends about him. Then out of nowhere, he started acting distant. Eventually, he forced my hands into a break up when he started snubbing me.

We only dated for 4 months, but that relationship took a toll on me. I feel like the last bits of life I had left in me died when that relationship ended.

Since then, I've dated a few guys. As usual, just when things are picking up-the guy ghosts me.

I don't believe I'm ugly. These men shower me in compliments. One guy saying I was one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen. I don't think I have a boring personality or a pessimist. I don't see a logical reason why these relationships are not working out.
I just think I have bad luck.

The same with friends: I can never keep friends. After some time, people turn on me. They start gossiping about me or making fun of me.  I am always the odd one out.

Finally, I was accepted into an Ivy League school for grad school (best news I had all year). I was so excited, I made several Facebook posts about it. My parents told so many friends and family about it. It was a big deal.

Unfortunately, I almost flunked out during my first semester. I went from being a straight A student to getting C's. I am currently on academic probation, and I need really good grades to stay in the program.

It is really embarrassing because I know so many people that were not happy about my acceptance into the program. I feel like if I flunk out, those people will laugh at me.

Last semester, I dropped a class because I was failing. I thought it was going to put me behind a semester. LUCKILY, that class was offered this semester and I was back on track with the rest of my classmates. Unfortunately, I started failing in one of my other classes and I had to drop the course. This course is only offered once a year so it puts me behind again.

I helped my nana sign up for this program, but after about a 2 year process, we found out her application was denied.

I started a business and lost all of my money that I invested.

It seems like nothing works out for me. I feel like a dark cloud is over me or I am not meant to live this life.

Today, I even baked some cookies. They turned out perfectly and I frosted them and decorated them. They looked so lovely, all for them to drop on the floor.

Any bit of happiness that I have is quickly knocked down by the wrath of bad luck. Do you think I am a dark cloud, or there is some kind of curse that was put on me, unlucky, or not meant to live this life?
Me too buddy
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Posted 06 June 2017 - 11:18 AM

Wow Jeannie, you look like me! :o
For many years I thought I was cursed! People don't have interest on me and my relationships were really bad! Take a look at my post about past life, because, I found the reason why my life is like that: it's my life karma! Because of things I did in my past life: I was very popular and didn't care too much about the others and their feelings, now I'm suffering all the wrong things I made the others feel! But now I've learned the lesson, and I now the thing will get better! :)
I had a very strong relationship too, with a person totally like me (my twin soul) and then an ex made a call telling lies, and the relation ended..... It was really unfair, the most unfair experience of my life!!! :( I felt like I was dead, all the days were the same.....I wished to die, many times........In true, I've never lived before, not even in childhood....I just started to live and saw how good life was, when I met my "twin soul"! But my twin soul is not here anymore, and I have no friends here too, just virtual friends from another countries! But (I think) I've found my past life, so I feel better because I understand that it's not my fault and I'm a excelent person, it's just my karma! No matter how hard we try, Jeanny, it's just our karma! :) I wish you find your past life too, for you to understand better why the life is so unfair with you! Like it was with me! :D

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