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I Think They Follow Me...

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 11:16 AM

First off, let me say hello to all of you.  I found this site yesterday and as I was waiting for account conformation I read through several posts and I am so happy that I did.  A lot of the things I read honestly gave me the heebie-jeebies, but they also let me know that I'm not alone my experiences.

Well, I guess I'll start from the begining, which is why I said in the description 'long post'... There's a lot : )

My mom, baby brother and I lived in a small mobile home when I was probably 5 yrs old.  My mom bought it, or rather my grandpa bought it for my mom, from a man that worked with her.  It was a 2 bedroom, itty bitty trailor in a trailor park not far from my grandparents' house.  My mom put my brother's crib in her room, the big room, and I had my own room.  My room was just big enough for my bed, a small night stand, and my toy box.  At night it was really dark in there and I would frequently get scared and ask to sleep in my mom's room.  Keep in mind that we were little kids with bed times of about 8 pm so mommy would still be up watching tv when it was bed time.  Anyhoo, on several occasions I can remember laying in my mom's bed listening to the baby making 'baby noises' and hearing the tv in the living room and all of a sudden the bed would shake.  The first time it happened it scared me so bad I cried, but what made it worse was that my mom didn't believe me.  She said it was just my imagination.  But like I said, it happened several times.  I guess after a while I got used to it because, well I guess I kinda had to.  If I slept in my room I was scared of the darkness, but in mommy's room the bed just shook, so the lesser of the two evils was the shaking bed : )  Now, I never saw anything, ever, in this trailor, but the shaking bed was just the begining...  Soon after my first encounter with the shaking my mom discovered that the corner where she put my brother's crib stayed cold all the time.  She eventually decided to just move his bed and put hers on that side of the room instead...  Like I said, my room scared me at night, but I'd play in there during the day.  My mom has this thing about doors staying closed when the room isn't in use, so when I wasn't playing in my room the door was supposed to be closed. ( I don't know why she's that way with doors, just a 'mom' thing I guess or maybe ocd, I don't know ) But anyway, I always closed the door back.  It was one of those sliding rolling doors, kinda heavy and squeaky... One day when my mom was heading to the bathroom, the bathroom was in between the two bedrooms, she peeked back in the living room and said "Are you done playing in your room?". I was and told her I was, she closed my door and went to potty.  When she came back into the living room she said "I thought you said you were done playing in your room".  The bedroom door was open again.  I didn't open it, she was in the bathroom and my brother was like 8 months old, so he didn't do it.  Funny thing is though, I never heard it open.  We never heard it, but every time we'd close it, we'd walk back by and it would be open.  The 'logical' explaination for it was that the trailor wasn't level and since the door rolled instead of having hinges, it just rolled open due to gravity... Very possible, I suppose, but it always squeaked when we closed it so why didn't it squeak when the gravity opened it???  Ok, so things like the bed and the door were creepy, but nothing to worry about.  One night after my mom got off work, a friend came home with her to spend the night because they both had to be back in to work early the next morning.  The lady, her friend, slept on the pull out couch and we (me, mommy, and baby brother) slept in the big bedroom.  The next morning her friend was gone... My mom asked her at work why she left and the lady told my mom that she was woken up by the bed shaking and it freaked her out, so she left.  So then my mom HAD to believe me : )   Lots of little things like that happened while we lived there, the shadow my mom saw in the window that she assumed was me but it wasn't...and my brother looking down the hallway screaming his head off like he was scared of something... But all that didn't compare to the last night we spent in that trailor.  We were all asleep in the big bedroom when my mom and I were woken up by thunder and lightning.  It was a bad storm.  The whole trailor shook.  It was summertime so the windows were open, and a large wind gust blew the curtains off the window as rain was getting in.  I was scared and so was my mom.  I remember getting down in the floor with her as she tried to pick up a weather station on the radio to see if anything had been reported or if it was going to just blow over but she couldn't find anything reporting on the bad storm in Lexington.  So, we gathered up a couple things and litterally ran out to the car to head for my grandparents' house.   As we left the trailor park the storm seemed to calm, but for safety we went on to the grandparents'.  When we got there, I remember my grandma being really surprised to see us that late, it was probably 12:30 or so.  She even asked what my mom was doing "dragging those kids out this late".  "Because of the storm" was my mom's answer.  As it turns out, there really was no storm.  "The Storm" was the last straw for my mom I guess, because she sold the trailor the next week and we moved in with my grandparents until my mom found a house.  My mom asked the guy that they bought it from if he'd ever had anything happen there and the guy said no, but that the previous owner died there.

I remember telling my mom one day that I could tell if people were good or bad.  She asked how I knew that and even to this day I don't know.  I don't know why I would have told her that, but I do know that out in public I still get this shiver feeling sometimes around some people.  I guess that's why I said that to my mom, but I can't remember anything ever actually telling me that the shiver I felt meant someone was a bad person.   But the feeling is sometimes so strong I do the full body 'cold chill' dance.

My whole childhood was very confusing, supernaturally speaking, because our religion says there are no ghosts.  You either go to heaven or hell, there is no pergatory (sp) and God doesn't let spirits come back... But there were so many incidents in my family, myself as well as cousins and aunts and uncles were aware of something, but no one knew what exactly it was.   My Aunt lived up the street from my grandparents' house, and for a time I sort of lived with my grandparents (I was there all the time), so I'd go to my aunt's pretty often to play with my cousins.  I hated their upstairs.  Again, I never saw anything, but I hated it and I wouldn't sleep up there with my cousins.  I remember hating it the first time I ever went up there, but later on my older cousin told us about the rocking chair up there moving so I hated it that much more.  My little cousin even had an 'imaginary ' friend named Barney.  This was long before the big purple dinosaur, I was probably 7 or 8 years old and my little cousin was 3 or 4.  She contantly talked to herself, or rather talked to Barney.  She would come inside from playing and have a cute little boquet of flowers and when you ask her where they came from she'd always say that Barney gave them to her.  She had Barney for a couple years until one year they took a vacation to Florida and Barney went with them, but he decided to stay because that's where his family was.  And that was the end of it, no more Barney.  My cousin never mentioned him being there again.  A couple years later a couple of people from the neighborhood church knocked on my aunt's front door and asked if Barney still lived there... He had went to their church in the past, but they hadn't seen him in several years and they just wanted to check in on him.  I think my aunt did some research and found that Barney actually died upstairs.

When I was 12, my grandmother died.  I wasn't in the house when she died but several family members were... She had cancer and hadn't been doing well for a couple weeks, so I guess we all knew it was time.  But one of my older cousins, from another aunt and uncle, said that around 2 am she woke up and saw what she said was the ghost of my grandma.  That incident was dismissed as my cousin's imagination due to the 'bad things' she'd been doing in life.  I assume, now looking back, she probably smoked pot and that was the 'bad thing' my family was taliking about... So, once again, it's possible, I guess.

After my grandma died, I moved in with my grandpa permantly, which was no big deal because I stayed there all the time anyway... I already had my own room there and then I had stuff at my mom's house too, so I kinda had two homes : )  But I moved in with Papaw mainly because no one wanted him to have to be alone in that house.  Nothing ever really happened there eventhough my grandma died there, but occasionally my grandpa would ask me if I sprayed some purfume.  It never was me, but he seemed to smell it often.  There was once when my mom was driving to her house, around the corner from my grandpa's house (yes, at some point in my childhood all of my closer and extended family lived close to my grandparents' house).  She said she smelled my grandma's purfume in the car with her and it lingered until she passed my grandpa's street, then it just dissappeared.  My mom says that she figured she was giving Nanny a ride home.  That always kinda of comforted me.. Even though I don't remember ever smelling the purfume or ever seeing anything unusual, I felt like my grandma was always watching over us.

I moved out of my grandpa's house when i turned 19.  I got married and had kids, I have 4 now, btw. : )  Back in 2002, right after I had my 3rd child, my mom and step-dad moved in with my grandpa because he hadn't been doing so good, had to be put on oxygen, etc... and I took over the payments.  My mom bought this house when I was 13, so it's always been home, still is : )   There was one night in my house that one of my husband's friends stayed with us.  He slept upstairs that night.  In the morning he was on the couch.  I asked him why he was on the couch, expecting him to say that the kids were being noisy or something, but he told me that he woke up in the middle of the night and it felt like someone was choking him.  The room he slept in is kinda creepy, but again, I've never had anything happen anywhere in this house.  I tried to rationalize his incident with sleep paralysis (sp) but he claims it was very scary either way.  

The same room upstairs, a couple years later... My cousin was staying with me for a couple of weeks and after his first night, he refused to stay up there.  He said it was just too creepy.  The room is creepy, but only because it's an old house and the fact that it looks like a partly finished attic.  This same cousin, after he moved out came by to use my computer.  I had to work and no one was home, but he said as he was on the computer he felt like someone was watching him, he said he turned around and saw what appeared to be an old lady standing there.  He said as he was running to his car, *giggle*, that he had just the strangest feeling and it wasn't until he got out of the driveway that the feeling disappeared.

One night I was going to play a game.  I think it was on the Nintendo 64, Tony Hawk... I turned the game on, but I couldn't get the cursor to stop scrolling on the screen.  I tried several times, but everytime I turned it on, it scrolled.  I told hubby when he got home and he tried it, of course the scrolling didn't happen to him.  But every time after that I tried to play that particular game, I couldn't because of it scrolling.  

At night sometimes I hear footsteps upstairs.  A lot of times, the kids are falsely accused of being up in the middle of the night.  Everytime I go to check, they're all sound asleep.

I get touched a lot.  I didn't even realize that's what it was until I read some of the posts on this site describing what it felt like to them.  But it happens to me so often.  I've been pinched, or that's what it felt like.  Cold touches, pokes while I'm sleeping, cold chills, all kinds.  I always assumed it was like a mini muscle spasam, eventhough that's really not what it felt like.  But that's the only way to 'explain' it.  

The only thing that I've ever seen that creeped me out was this huge black cat outside one night.  I mean it was big...  I have a cat that stays outside, Clyde, and this black cat made Clyde look like a kitten in comparison.  I saw it and before thinking, I ran outside to scare it off ( so that it wouldn't eat Clyde's food).  I chased it down the short walkway from the back door to the driveway, then it must have ran behind the garage.  But when I got to the driveway I got this indescribable feeling.  Phyisically, my body went through the motions of being scared... shaking, heart racing, weak in the knees... but I wasn't scared. There was nothing to be scared of, it was a cat.  But the overwhelming feeling stopped me dead in my tracks.  I stood there for a second and then went back in the house.  I haven't seen the cat since.

Just yesterday as I was talking to my new fiance' about a dream he'd had the night before, he got on the subject of a weird dream he had about his dad a few years ago.  When we started talking about it, I began to have this heavy strange feeling come over me.  It was so strange.  I wish I could describe it.  My heart rate slowed, I felt my breathing slow down, I tried to concentrate on what he was saying, but it was hard to.  My thoughts were turned to his dad, his dads name specifically... John.  In my head I was thinking that the feeling in my body was strange and I was for some reason repeating "John" over and over in my mind.  So I really didn't hear a lot of the actual story until he said he woke up from that dream at around 3 am.  For some reason that totally shocked me, but it makes sense as well (as if any of this sentence makes sense at all).  

Lately the lights have been flashing in the kitchen, and a heater in the bedroom has been unplugged everytime we go in there.  If I tried hard enough, I'm sure I could come up with logical reasons for anything that has ever happened to me... But what if it's not all that logical.

Personally, I do believe in ghosts and spirits and in the fact that somehow we can communicate with them, but I also think that my rational mind takes over with a lot of these incidents because it can be scary to even consider...   But there's something to it.  I just wish I wasn't such a big chicken : )  I'm not scared of the feelings I get, actually I think it's kind of cool... I just know that if I were to see something that even resembles a ghost, I'd pee my pants right then and there.  So that's it, I feel like whatever spirts there may be around kinda follow me, but don't interfere visually... maybe because they don't want to get peed on : )

Just because you can't see something, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist... Just because you can see something doesn't make it real

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Posted 16 January 2008 - 12:03 PM

You may just be a "sensitive" and have had these abilities since childhood. I would read up on some of the more experienced Moderators and others (posts) who also have this gift.
It is not insane to feel this way.
I recently spoke with a medium who was really worried at one point, until she began to study.
She now does a great deal of work on cleansing, communicatin, ect.

It is most likely a gift. If you feel like you need to see an MD, I would do so. If only to rule out "other stuff".



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Posted 16 January 2008 - 02:51 PM

I agree with Ellsbeth's response.  Although some of the experiences you described might have had natural explanations (like the possible sleep paralysis episode, for instance), I don't think all of what you recounted here could be explained away so simply.  You--and other members of your family--might just be more sensitive and/or open in terms of perception.  I also agree that doing some reading and researching might help you get a better idea of what might account for these experiences and whether others have experienced likewise.

Reading about the incident with the cat gave me the creeps for some reason.  It almost makes me wonder if what you saw was really even a cat...or if it was, whether the feelings were significant or just imagination.