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666 (Religious Superstition): 'differentials'

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#1 Abishai100



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Posted 01 February 2018 - 10:59 PM

Can studies in number theory inspire/stimulate metaphysics students/scholars?

We know from Christian folklore that the number '666' is an enigmatic 'numeric value' assigned to the metaphysical 'energy' of the AntiChrist, a sort of 'knowledge place-holder' for the adversary of order and law.

Perhaps because the three-sided closed triangle is oddly shaped, we instinctively double the number 3 (to even it out!) and obtain the triad of 6's to signify mysterious (or even turbulent!) changes that do not return us to the point of origin like a perfect square or circle does.

We can therefore think of a numeric value that would better signify 'order' and 'law' to serve as a 'philosophically symbolic' (or even number theory intriguing) complement to the AntiChrist's value/number of '666.'

This number might be 235, a three-value number (like 666!) but more regular comparatively, since 2+3 yields the final number in the value, 5. We have a parsed 5, into (2+3) & (5). This double-figured number 'alignment' is much more 'regular' when compared to the three-value '666' number which only doubles into 12 (6+6) and 6 and does not bring us to any cute parity.

This is purely anecdotal of course, but the idea is to encourage scholars to think more 'creatively' about analytical orientations in this age of data/information that celebrates analytics-hype films such as Ghost in the Machine, Pi: Faith in Chaos, and The Imitation Game.


JESUS: The number 666 should not be idolized.
ANTICHRIST: The number 235 is purely anecdotal and does not offer a solution to chaos.
JESUS: There are ways to 'cage' chaos with 'constructions' of elegant symmetry.
ANTICHRIST: The real world is not elegant; it is one of vice and anarchy.
JESUS: Without references to simplicity, anarchy analysis can become vain!
ANTICHRIST: Mathematics is not incompatible with superstition.
JESUS: There's a difference between superstition and design.
ANTICHRIST: Are you suggesting that curiosity about chaos is childish?
JESUS: I'm delivering the message that boundaries serve to enhance details.
ANTICHRIST: I'm not opposed to 'finite math,' but I'm intrigued by uncertainty...
JESUS: There's nothing wrong with thought-modelling...
ANTICHRIST: You're a 'geometric idealist.'
JESUS: You're a 'labor adversary.'
ANTICHRIST: Perhaps there should be more 'counting-games.'



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#2 NightWalkerGStudy


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Posted 04 February 2018 - 05:55 PM

Hey, Abishai100...  Could I ask what your agenda is with this post?
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#3 Abishai100



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Posted 05 February 2018 - 10:35 AM

Sure, thanks for asking.

I'm sorry if my intentions seem unclear, but I wanted to add some intellectual dialogue-fodder for the Rationalism debate surrounding the 'number theory' and 'mathematical analysis validity' of the Christian folklore number 666.

My intention was certainly not to promote some personal belief (e.g., Scientology, Occultism, etc.), and I myself am a practicing Catholic by faith.

I was inspired to post this after reading comics and cinema-analysis symbolism surrounding the 'purgatory box' known as Lemarchand's Box from Clive Barker's Hellraiser film series.

After Salman Rushdie wrote his Islam-speculative novel The Satanic Verses (about the Muslim prophet Muhammad receiving 'deceiving' words from the Devil during prayer), the modern media world was abuzz about what was 'permissible' regarding 'empirical' analysis and 'Devil's Advocate' rhetoric in the world of religion.

I simply wanted to add two-cents to this discussion with the question, "What is considered a holistic and unbiased number theory methodology for approaching the scholarly 'analysis' of 666 folklore?"

Does that help/clarify?

Did you think I should add something to clarify this intention?

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