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#1 Caesar


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Posted 28 October 2004 - 06:11 PM

Do you believe in Demons



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#2 Guest_HelenaHandBaskettGStudy_*

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Posted 28 October 2004 - 06:21 PM

Ceaser, what is it with you and Demons dude? You posted this on the last board!
(I'm just bugging hon! You know I love ya!)

Do I believe in demons? I would say yes.  I think that there are things in this world that just can't be explained. As a Catholic, we are taught that you cannot have good with out having evil. That's why I think that demons exsist.

#3 Caesar


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Posted 28 October 2004 - 06:35 PM

*SNICKERS* I know your just kidding I just love to talk about diffrent things. I think there are hauntings that are just evil though it could be the work of negitive spirits blink.gif
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#4 up_investigators



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Posted 28 October 2004 - 07:51 PM

Yeah, for a long time I was personally haunted by a spirit.  He would follow me to work and everything.  Anywho, I was later told from various souces that it was the spirit of a guy, but still to this day I am unsure if I believe that because I just got this really menacing feeling sometimes, like it was pure evil.

#5 Guest_corvette1972_*

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Posted 29 October 2004 - 05:03 AM

As a Christian, yes I believe in Demons!

#6 IsisoftheGarden



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Posted 29 October 2004 - 05:24 AM

Like Helena said, you can't have good without evil...  and I agree with that.

#7 Lawgiver



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Posted 29 October 2004 - 09:32 AM

I guess as usual I'm the dissenting one. I dont believe in Demons. I dont know why, I won't knock anyone who does, it just doesnt fit in with what I believe. Do I believe a ghost could be mean, yes, why should the personality change afer death, but not Demons per se.

#8 chad1989



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Posted 29 October 2004 - 11:22 AM

im not christian........i belive in em.......

#9 Caesar


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Posted 29 October 2004 - 11:25 AM

I'm not religous at all but I'm leaning that way too
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#10 BlueRose3



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Posted 29 October 2004 - 03:07 PM

I really don’t know about this and may burn in hell for saying this but I do not believe in “demons”.  I know we are not suppose to talk about religion but it’s hard not to here.

In very simple terms, As I understand it, in some religions it says that Satan was the right hand man of God until he went against God. Satan didn’t like the way God was bringing us up with all his rules and regulations and the sever punishments we were going to get if we didn’t listening to him. He, Satan, wanted us to be ourselves and make our own mistakes… to develop/evolve on our own.  

Now if God and all his angels are suppose to be beautiful then Satan was beautiful too. Where we got all those devil images from, horns and goats feet or tail and pitchfork,  etc.,etc., as depicting Satan I have no idea.

So now Satan is really mad at God for casting him and his original followers down here with us after a big battle and Satan lost. Now to get back at God for making him a prisoner here on earth, he deceives people and tries to make them turn against God and Gods rules/plans. Each person he deceives is a thorn in Gods plans. Of course if you become a follower of Satan you will be put in prison like Satan and his followers are… to be stuck here on earth for eternity. And if you are good and follow God then you will be free to roam the Heavens. This is were our free will comes in..  either follow Satan and put thorns in Gods plans or follow God and His plans for us and be rewarded.

I think “demons” is just another word for a  negative spirits. If you’re bad in life you will be bad in spirit. It’s these bad/negative spirits that show themselves as horrible creatures and try to frighten us. That’s how they get their jollies.

I don’t think Satan and his original follower from heaven have time to go around getting there jollies in trying to scare us by depicting themselves and horrible looking creatures to a person here and there. That would be too childish to them. They have more important things to do and are working on a bigger scale. Deceiving the world to go against Gods plans.

So I do not believe Satan and demons have anything to do with each other. A demon is just a negative spirit and will try and do anything to scare you. If he can not scare you then he can not get a hold on you, find you boring and go find someone else. The same goes for possessions. I don’t believe it’s Satan and his original followers that possess a person but a negative spirit masquerading as Satan, or one of his followers, to scare us.  What can be more frightening then thinking that you, or a loved one, is possessed by Satan. This must be such great fun for the negative spirit if he is really evil.

Some demons/negative spirits are hard to get rid of because they are so determined to have fun with us. Since all things living or dead (spirits) are under Gods rule we sometimes have to call in help to get rid of them…. Someone who knows the rules and believes in the power of God and knows how to confront the negative spirit to send him away.

Anyway, this is how I see it.

Sorry for such a long post but it would have been hard to explain the difference between Satan and demons/negative spirits. Satan deceives the world… “demons” deceives people… Why would Satan try to scare us when he wants us to follow him???? He gives/promises us worldly goods/riches if we “sell” our soul to him, only to be stuck here on earth for eternity as punishment from God. It may be these people/negitive spirits that are so mad at being deceived by Satan and are so jealous of us because we still belong to God that they try to make our lives a living hell.

I just thought of something. LOL… (sorry)  

In a way these demons help us to reach out to God for help… So are they not doing us a great service by scaring the c**p out of us, which makes us seek out God and his help? Bringing us closer to God?…  And once the demon is dispelled do we not thank God and try to stay close to him in fear that the demon might return?  Maybe we should thank the demons for helping us to seek out God. LOL…  

Just food for thought… smile.gif

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#11 Dire Wolf

Dire Wolf


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Posted 29 October 2004 - 06:43 PM

I don't really believe in deamons per say. Sure there could be melevolent forces at work that are out to harm people but I don't think they would be deamons.

I also don't believe in "evil" or "Good". Both are just word. They are subjective and misleading. They also differ depending on the person, culture, time, Geography, etc. So calling something evil is really reather vague, as there is really nothing that can't be justified. I'm not a believer in absoult morailty, that is one of the reason that I don't like relgions. That is also why I don't thing that deamons are what they are commonly associated with. At best they are probly some form of creature acting under their own motivation, but to call it evil is kind of pointless. I you can't really call a animal evil, as for the most part they arn't doing it randomly they likely would be following their own motivation, which isn't really evil it would be more instictual.

Heck take the "devil" or even the other fallen angels(if you believe in them) their action aren't really evil, they are what they would believe is right. They are now labeled evil, because god won(and we all know that the victor writes the history) and that he has the better publicist. So it wouldn't nessessarly make the devil evil (and along that line the deamons) they would just be different.
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#12 Guest_WolfofthedarknessFlame_*

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Posted 04 November 2004 - 12:55 PM

QUOTE(corvette1972 @ Oct 29 2004, 05:03 AM)
As a Christian, yes I believe in Demons!
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Yes but what kind of demons there was said to be two kinds the lesser demons and the Demons that took shape of humans.  As say the goat man might be a demon though im not patticurally sure  he has the horns but he is frightening......

#13 Guest_WolfofthedarknessFlame_*

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Posted 04 November 2004 - 12:59 PM

QUOTE(IsisoftheGarden @ Oct 29 2004, 05:24 AM)
Like Helena said, you can't have good without evil...  and I agree with that.
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Maybe we are just afraid of what we dont understand......Yes i beilieve demons exhist they exhist in our deepest thoughts haunting us but they are not the same as ghosts,  They are solid always and can take on the form of humans though the lesser demons are usually just like ghosts But most demons are evil though we consider good demons angels some demons dont belong in hell they are the opposits of angeels but ne who what is the difference of a demon and devil??

#14 annesegan



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Posted 05 November 2004 - 07:29 AM

I don't believe in demons in the christian sense... I do however believe in beings who feed off energy whether that is energy produced by love or lust or happiness or fear or whatever and that these beings have a telepathic ability to search our minds to find and produce images that will evoke to the greatest degree possible  these emotions from us...
So if we are talking about a being that feeds of fear and if blood on the walls and spinning crosses will get that out of you that is what they will aim for... I don't believe that these beings are seeking to corrupt our immortal souls...they are just looking for quick snack food and we happen to be the ones to plate it up for them...
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#15 Roon



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Posted 05 November 2004 - 08:59 AM

Having been through a possession of someone very close to me, I absolutely beleive in demons.

#16 Caesar


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Posted 05 November 2004 - 10:42 AM

Roon, what makes you think that it was a demon though, like do you think it could have been the work of a few sprits. Ii'm just thinking about what if there are ways to know if there is a diffrence between them. so investigators think they are more smarter
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#17 Yuri Hyuga

Yuri Hyuga


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Posted 06 November 2004 - 10:53 AM

Read somewhere long time ago there is good demons and story about King solomon that conquerd 72 demons here i found a site about them if anyone like too read about them oh saw ceaser already post that side

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#18 Guest_Dralion_*

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Posted 09 November 2004 - 06:14 PM

Eh, demons? Forming an 'aware' opinion about demons largely depends upon your personal theories concerning their origins, and what they actually consist of.  That being said, here is a bit of my take on the subject:

Demons exist primarily on the plane of dreams. That not really having a consistent name and classification that I am aware of and agree with, I'll refer to it as the Second Gate, due to the ease in which we observe it.  You see, the Second Gate being the plane on which they naturally reside, it is also where they are most powerful.  On this plane, they have a form, and the 'Gate' acts as a Window between dimensions.

(Let me step aside from the topic a moment. When we dream, and as we fall asleep, it's like walking down a hallway infested with windows.  If it is a person's desire, they can chose through which Window to peer.  Memories, fantasies, etc.  Our demons exist most strongly in nightmares, which come about generally as transitions, like inadvertently opening and falling through your fantasy Window and running smack into the Window that lets us view the area beyond the Second Gate. Those of us who have nightmares consisting of 'dark/shadowy' things are, by viewing these things through our minds, projecting ourselves onto their plane.  Mind, it is only a projection; hence the fact that we are generally not harmed by these encounters, and usually wake back up.)

Anyway, matters are similar in the opposite direction. Demons project themselves onto our plane of existence as well. (Of course, I not being a demon, and not having the ability to remain on their plane for extended periods of time, I've no idea how they come about getting here.)  In any case, one of my half-formed theories is that the more powerful of them simply choose to project themselves here, for whatever reasons they may have.  That being said, they have no power here, and can be easily banished back to their Gate, if it is in fact you they happen to have their attention focused on.  A matter of willpower, in my experiences.

I will say that demons are really quite spooky to look at, and generally scare the stuff (*snicker* they said 'stuff') out of people. (What with the shadowy figures, glowing eyes, and the other multiple forms they come in.)  By way of conclusion, my belief in the above theories has thus far given me the shield to overcome demon encounters, perhaps merely by giving me the confidence that, this being my plane (not theirs), I am the stronger being.  That, however, doesn't necessarily make it true, and I'm constantly looking for other opinions on the matter.

(So, y'know, -hint hint-. ^^)

That's all for now, chums.  ^(._.)

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#19 Guest_enchancea_*

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Posted 09 November 2004 - 10:09 PM

I believe in demons

#20 kathinr



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Posted 10 November 2004 - 05:20 PM

QUOTE(ceaser @ Oct 28 2004, 10:11 PM)

I believe in demons.  There are some evils so malevolent and foul that they surpass anything a human would be capable of conceiving on their own.  Not to say that humans aren't capable of committing evil acts, they most certainly are and do, every single day.  I just believe that there are some things that would not happen without inhuman influence.  IMHO, anyway.

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