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Need Some Help Please

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#1 DancingInTheRain


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Posted 30 June 2020 - 12:20 PM

Hi all,

I spent some time scouring through websites to find someone that may be able to help me with something, I finally came across this one and thought that maybe someone might be able to give me some advice.

We have been living in this house for nearly 4yrs with no paranormal experiences (apart from the odd seeing something from the corner of your eye) About 9 months ago I started up meditation (use to do this in my bedroom where I felt the most relaxed) Not connected...probably, but thought I would mention it.  OK, please bear with me on this..I'll try to explain everything from scratch.

During lockdown I had a man come round to fit a smart meter (I have turned the front room into a bedroom and the meter is in there) That night I went to bed feeling really uneasy, I just put it down to having a stranger in the room most of the morning,,grasping at straws I know. I managed to go to sleep and awoke with a start feeling very weird, it was a very heavy feeling. I got up and slept on the couch instead as it was making me feel really odd (I wasn't scared as I have seen and felt weird things in the things like this dont frighten me)
Here is where it gets weird, every time I went into my room to get to sleep..I just couldn't. I thought this is stupid, it's not like me to be this paranoid over nothing at all. Yet everytime I went in there at night, there was that feeling again.

Jump to the start of June, I was busy making my twins some Happy 13th Birthday banners sat at the sittingroom table. I looked up to change the audio book and my eyes darted to the hallway as I saw movement. I saw it as clear as day, It was a black figure, from the shoulders up peering round the door frame at me. I stared at it as it shot off, thinking I was seeing things. I shrugged it off thinking it was my imagination. 10 minutes later I had my head down drawing the smaller details of my sons Assassin Creed character on his banner..when I sat back up I'm not sure what the heck I saw. To my left was black, all black (the room I was in was all lit up, its quite bright in here) but I coudn't see the couch or anything else out of the corner of my eye to the left of me..just this black thing. It shot off again and the left of the room became brighter.

At this point, I felt like I was going mad. I had come across a black shadow before..yonks ago. It actually came right through the wall in front of me. But this time was different,  I have been only having about 5 hours sleep at night..I put it down to this...just tiredness.

Heres where things get odd, my son also seen it downstairs. I have heard weird noises coming from my room at night. One evening my daughter stopped up with me and heard my door open and close. I have also stared to wake up in the early hours not knowing why. I thought may be I was waking myself up at first (I am not ashamed to admit I snore when my hayfever acts up) So I recorded myself again (I have tried it a few times and its always my sawing through the rain forest that wakes me)   I don't know what the fluff is going on.. It sounds like I am have a night terror, I can hear myself fidget...actually it sounds like I am throwing myself about and like I am running for my life as I am breathing weird. I don't recall having a bad dream, I just wake up suddenly. On the app you can hear a small gasp as I awake the first time.

I would like to point out whilst I do believe in the paranormal, I sit on the fence with a lot of the stuff. I try and think of the logical before jumping to the paranormal. My bedroom use to be my safe haven, but it feels so heavy in there and I am not liking how I am feeling at the moment. Someone told me to confront it, I did and asked it to leave. I even played a prayer in there to help clear any negative energy. I thought this had worked as that day the air seemed thinner, more fresher. That night, I was waking up so many times. In the morning I felt like I had been working out. I was going to mention the marks on my back, but that could be a coincidence.

Apologies for the war and peace post, but thought If I give you a ton of info someone out there might be able to give me some advice or help.

#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 01 July 2020 - 02:59 AM

Hello and welcome to the boards DITR.

I have been reading through social media and with what has happened with me (Just annoying bumps, etc.) that people have experienced a lot of unexplained paranormal things recently.

It sounds like you have successfully dealt with things like this in the past. It is good to look at each new experience by ruling out or trying to find a logical reason behind the occurrence first.

I feel your sleep disturbances has nothing to do with someone coming into your home, to install the smart meter. But the problem is from the device itself. Maybe you could try turning it off during the night to see if that helps?

As for the shadows and negative energy, you need to keep reinforcing what you have been doing.  I feel once you have better sleep patterns, and your energy level is up, you won't be having as many negative experiences.

I am glad you found the site too, sometimes it helps to be able to write things down, and for sure I will be sending positive energy your way.
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#3 DancingInTheRain


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Posted 01 July 2020 - 04:34 AM


Thank you for your reply.

You are right about the sleeping patterns, I do feel that If I got more sleep I would be able to handle these thing a lot better than I am.

I can't turn the meters off, but I did reset a few things and I have a carbon monoxide detector in there (when he had finished there was a slight smell of gas in the air, which I was told was quite natural and would fade) I have had the detector in the room for about 2 weeks and it hasn't picked up any leaks. I know this could cause people to see things, have visual problems etc...

Thank you for your positive energy, It means a lot :)

#4 ParanormalEmpath



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Posted 01 July 2020 - 08:41 PM

Hello.  If what you are experiencing has all happened after you began doing meditation you may have activated or altered your pineal gland.  This could be raising your awareness level and you are intercepting different frequencies than you normally would otherwise.  Listening to Solfeggio frequencies can have the same effect as meditation on pineal gland function.  The pineal gland also releases and regulates Melatonin which affects sleep patterns.  It also controls circadian rhythms which affects sleeping and waking.  You might want to listen to 528 hz or 741 hz solfeggio tones to see if it helps you sleep.  You can find these tones on you tube.    I will listen to these solfeggio tones (different frequencies) several weeks before we do paranormal investigations and it has worked for me for interactions.  But you want the opposite.  A good sleep is priceless!  Best of luck to you.

#5 DancingInTheRain


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Posted 02 July 2020 - 10:05 AM

Thank you for your reply.

I do listen to certain sounds at night to help me sleep, usually from Sleep Droid studios. I find sounds of rain and thunder quite calming. Have to admit I have never heard of Solfeggio frequencies. I will definitely take your advice on board and try this out. If I can get my sleep patterns back to normal I can then get stronger and be able to deal with what is going on around me.  

On another note..I did speak to a lovely lady today who is very intuitive with these things. She seems to think that itís something in the house, something thatís been brought in recently. Iím not sure what that is or if thatís true or not.
Not sure if anyone on here can confirm something for me. Say a spirit attach has attached themselves to a person when a spirit see somebody else who is tune with the spirit world and more open to things, can the spirit stay and attach itself with that other person?

#6 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 05 July 2020 - 05:37 PM


What you asked can definitely occur. It's the same if there's an attachment to objects, the object moves around and the spirit can follow.

I hope your sleep patterns are a little better?

If you're experiencing weird things don't forget to record or take photos, you never know what you might find :)
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#7 LouczarGStudy



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Posted 13 July 2020 - 03:11 AM

I would suggest to start making a journal on the stuff you see or experience.  That may help you understand any patterns to what is going on.  I'm sorry it's happening.
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#8 JFox


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Posted 10 September 2020 - 07:13 AM

Hi Dancing, I read your post and I was wondering if you and your family are still having disturbances in your home.  If so please respond back to me I know I technique that will most likely get this ghost to move on Take Care!