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It's A Jungle Out There!

Story Fiction

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Posted 28 November 2015 - 10:37 PM

A Short, Unfinished Story by
Scott L. Spencer
© 2015 All Rights Reserved

NORAD picked up the first of the approaching ships on radar just as the Russian and Chinese Military did.
The Ships were enormous and were shaped like Gigantic Metal Sharks. They bristled with weaponry…but none of the weapons seemed to be charged up.
The Shark Ships descended to what some Astronauts would call Standard Orbit.
As people everywhere watched and waited, hundreds of Smaller ships were launched from the Shark Ships. Shuttles? Scout Ships?
One of the small ones descended slowly out of the thick New York City morning smog into Central Park. It’s landing gear locked into position, it landed in the Green.
Joe “the Grinder” Capaldi rounded the corner of 88th and Central Park West in his Garbage Truck. He saw it land, hit the breaks and skidded to a stop before he collided with the bus.
At the sound of the screeching tires, the owner/manager of the Pastry Truck, Carmine Jacobi looked up from his business and saw the astonished Joe, who was a friend of his.
He ran to the garbage truck to see if his friend was okay.
"Hey Joe, that was a close one! You off the wagon again or what?"
Joe shook his head as if to clear it and then got out of the truck and walked slowly towards the ship with Carmine following, now expressing his own astonishment at what he was seeing.
Joe stopped about 200 feet from the ship. A smile came slowly to his face.
“Hey Carmine, get a load-a this!”
The Scout ship was shaped like a giant metal rabbit.
He and Carmine started laughing.
The door to the ship opened and that was enough to stop them.
A shape walked slowly down the gangway.
It was armed with what looked like an old Thompson Machine Gun!
It walked towards the stunned onlookers and stopped a few yards away.
A thick cigar hung from it’s mouth. In a slow, smooth motion, the extra terrestrial reached up, grabbed the cigar and threw it to the ground, not bothering to see if it would go out or not.
Carmine could not believe his eyes. Before him stood a scowling Kangaroo which had just been smoking a cigar!
It walked up to Joe, giving him the once over cautiously and then spoke in a rough, gravelly voice, saying, “Hey, you da boss here?”

Joe's eyes bugged out for a moment as he heard the alien creature speak. Had Carmine
been looking at Joe's face he would have seen that it was registering something along the lines of "Uhhhh....Carmine, did you hear that?"
"Who, me? Christ!"
"Who is....Christ? Is he the boss here", asked the now slightly confused alien?
" could say that. Yeah," Joe said as he backed up a step.
"Good", said the alien. "Take me to him so that I can talk to the guy."
"Uh....well, ya see, it ain't that easy to go see Him", said Joe.
"Why not", asked the alien who was now starting to grow a little impatient?
Carmine and Joe looked at each other. Either one of them looked like they might start
laughing at any moment.
Carmine started laughing first.
"What is this, some kinda gag?"
"Okay Louie, you really had us goin' this time."
"Yeah! Where'd you get the parts for this thing, anyways? Long Island?"
Carmine and Joe almost bent double with laughter.
The alien's eyes shifted between Carmine and Joe then shook its head which made it's
ears flop a bit.
It tapped a button on the bracer like device on its left wrist.

The device beeped and a voice answered. "Yes?"
"Breelx, a litttle help down here!"
The laughter from Carmine and Joe absolutely died when the other alien creature stepped out of the Scout Ship. It was half the height of the original creature which put it at just over five feet tall. It too looked like a Kangaroo, but it had THREE eyes!
It looked at the two men first and then went over to Joe, pulled out a small device which
looked like a salt shaker, aimed it at him and pushed a button.
A beam of light enveloped him for a few seconds.
Breelx checked his readings on the opaque display that suddenly appeared in front of him and then nodded. It looked at Joe.
"You do speak....Inglish, don't you?"
"Uhh...yeah", Joe said, thinking he was dreaming. That had to be it. He was dreaming.
"Excellent", said the smaller alien in perfect English.
The taller alien gave a rough approximation of a smile and said, "We don't have much
time here", it said in a perfect Brooklyn accent.
"Our Guidance Systems have failed. OUR Boss said that YOUR Boss could effect
repairs on the Unit."
Carmine went along with it. "What kind of Operating System you got?"
"If you would come with us, we could show you. Maybe this Christ would wish to come and have a look at it, too."
"Uhhh, He's kind of like....sleepin' right now. He wouldn't be too happy if we woke him up. As for me and my friend here, we're kinda...."
"Very well. Come with us, then."
The Energy Field which suddenly appeared around Joe, Carmine and the two aliens
The two aliens smiled.
Joe and Carmine screamed.

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Posted 30 November 2015 - 06:50 PM

Captain, I have enjoyed your story & look forward to more!!

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