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Second-Hand Bizarre Experiences.

shadow figures anomalies aliens bedroom animals haunted house UFOs

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#1 AimeeDeeGreenwood


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Posted 29 March 2022 - 08:54 AM

Posted Image  The first account I would like to share comes directly from a good friend. This was told to me late last year, over a table conversation about the paranormal. Prior to this, I never saw my friend look visibly frightened- he kept a rather 'strong' attitude. He was not stone cold in nature, but again this has been the only time so far he was clearly uncomfortable bringing this up. He told me this in trust, having only told his mom prior. He has moved houses twice in his life and one of these houses in question, he only lived in for a short while. This is his only memory of the house. He was in his bed, around 4 at the time. He watched a 'monk' come to his bed and sit on it, proceeding to stare at him. The description: 'it' had red or orange eyes, no discernible face as 'it' had a hood up, wearing what looked like some form of robe. All black. Tall and thin. Here's the kicker- the description of the hands; they looked bruised, or like that of a bloated deceased person. They were blue/purple, with yellow undertones from what I recall he told me. There were also long fingers or claws. When he told me 'it' was a monk, I said he sounded very sure that what he saw was a monk. He said when his mom told a friend of hers not long after, she said it was the ghost of a monk who previously lived there. Now, I will interject his story and say I think if it was a monk, either the house this happened in was built on an old Monastery or the house's foundations were previously from the old house of said monk's. This happened in the early 2000's, from what I believe this stereotypical monk was prevalent way back in the past, like the 18th Century or what have you. I told him about shadow figures, and a common description of a certain entity looking exactly like what my friend described. I showed him a photo of a hooded shadow person, and he looked even more freaked out than when he was re-telling his experience. He asked how I knew that was what he saw, and I just said it matched the description, and for some reason I've heard many stories of ghost monks, it's hard to believe who's really seeing what they claim or if it's some local legend or mass monk hysteria. He hasn't spoken about it since and has changed the subject when I tried to bring it up once since. The way he told me the story, so nonchalantly like how my mom told me her ghost experience, just sounded so literal. No 'it looked like a monk type of entity', just 'it was a monk in my room'- so serious and straight to the point like they KNEW. That's the best I can describe that.    When he saw it he screamed bloody murder and that's all he remembers. The hooded figure matches what he saw, only it was thinner with more detailed hands and glowing red/orange eyes.

These next experiences come from my mom, who has kept the same description whenever I bring it up and really goes into detail about them. She grew up with multiple siblings and both parents in a house that used to have an air-raid shelter in the back garden, so I think the first two entities I bring up could be residual and intelligent hauntings left from the war/s. My auntie vouches for seeing shadows dart across walls and up the stairs. My mom was little when she said, again so nonchalantly, that a literal boy sat with her at the top of the stairs on multiple occasions and said if she fell down the stairs now she wouldn't get hurt if she relaxed her body and just fell forwards. She did, and she got up perfectly fine when she landed. She did however, say this boy was almost see-through but with enough detail to know it's a boy. It was shadowy, and small. She was never afraid, but she insists it's the ghost of a boy who fell down those stairs and died before they moved in. I tried looking at background history of the house online, but couldn't find anything much at all.
Her second story is my favourite, because it's so bizarre. She was being babysat, and the person looking after her eventually told her it was time to go to bed. She felt scared and didn't want to go, but he insisted. When she was in bed, she said she watched a teddy bear (button eyes and fur and all) walk from her bedroom wall on one side of the room, to the other and it waved at her as if it beckoned her to follow it. Of course she didn't, and she told me she watched it walk into a portal in the wall. I have two possible and rather extreme theories: it could have been a screen memory, which is the idea alien abductions involve sometimes a false memory to cover what really happened. However, she never had another experience like this nor have I, so I feel like this isolated incident is less likely to be an abduction as they tend to be a 'frequent' occurrence that can be 'inherited' from what I've read. The second theory is more of a reference, as it in itself is unexplainable. There's a phenomena that was discussed on Reddit called 'Bedroom Animals' where people describe as children seeing animals, Sesame Street characters and even cartoons in their room. It has been previously mentioned on this site before. This also links to alien abductions as again people see this as a possible screen memory. When you read these stories, some of you may not believe it, but when your own parent or close friend tells you something like this, it's so much more believable.

These are two more short experiences: my aunt claims she watched a UFO with 'people' inside it hover past her. The UFO had windows and these entities, she described as people, were watching her through the windows. I am unsure if they were actual people or if they were humanoids, like 'Tall Whites' or perhaps 'Greys'.  
The final story comes from another even closer friend. Like many, she swears she floated down the stairs as a child. I directed her online where there's lots of accounts of this. Perhaps it was astral projection. I also remember an incident when we were back in Highschool and she called me panicking, asking for me to come to her house so we could leave for school earlier. She heard boots walking around upstairs and she was home alone. She also, along with her mother, watched the dial on the washing machine turn on it's own which she said was not on any sort of 'set mode' and was unable to turn without physical force. She still talks about it. Her mom once asked her why she threw something across the room which hit her in the back of the head. I think it was an orange from a bowl. Of course my friend denied it, but what is interesting is that a man died in her house who had a strong fascination with trains and that his train replicas still reside in the attic.

#2 True North

True North


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Posted 30 March 2022 - 03:44 PM

Hello Aimee,

thanks for sharing.

You say your friend called the 'monk' an 'it', not a 'he'. That can be an important distinction since it suggests your friend (at least subconsciously) didn't consider 'it' human.

Appearing to a child in the form of a stuffed animal (or other person or object kids have a known affinity for) is usually an attempt to attract them, but, as is the case in the story you told, such attempts often have the opposite effect. This is the result of an amusing miscalculation on the part of a would-be deceiver who doesn't understand humans enough to comprehend how, for example, a teddy bear walking around might very well frighten a child.

#3 Vlawde



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Posted 30 March 2022 - 05:41 PM

Welcome, and thanks for sharing! I'll revisit this thread when i get up tomorrow and see if I can add anything to it
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#4 kevinscan



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Posted 30 March 2022 - 11:46 PM

Very interesting, Thanks
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#5 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 31 March 2022 - 01:15 AM

Thank you for sharing these experiences and agree they are very interesting especially since it involves different family members and close friends.

I understand what you mean about believing those close to you, my mother and Aunt had strange experiences as a children.

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Posted 31 March 2022 - 11:53 AM

Greetings and thanks for the multiple share.
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