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Demons Harming Pets Story

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#1 Ladydi



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Posted 20 May 2019 - 03:42 PM

I was reminded of this event after reading a post in this forum and wanted to share a short story. I will put a disclaimer and apologize ahead of time for telling stories with psychic elements in them because it cannot be verified and can be made up easily. Even I roll my eyes sometimes when I read someone telling a story about psychics because so many are fake we want to automatically not believe. But it's an interesting story so I will tell it anyway.

One case I was on was a girl being possessed by a demon. She lives in my town and was actually a friend of my niece. When I went over my sister's house and first met her I knew something was off the way she acted was weird. My niece smokes pot and convinced this girl to smoke it with her. She had never done it before. This part is hearsay from my niece who called me frantic asking me to come right over. The girl went rigid and lying flat on the floor eyes open not moving. They thought she was dead but could see her breath so they waited for a bit trying to get her to come out of it. When she did, my niece said she was not herself. Her eyes went all black and she started chanting things they could not explain and started chasing my youngest niece around the house. No one was home except my older and younger niece. Yes the older one is a jerk and got high when she was babysitting her 9 year old sister.

She then got up chanting and started chasing my 9 year old niece around the house trying to grab her. She tackled her and would not let go, chanting. (To be honest this behavior is not like anything I've seen before so I automatically thought this girl was just being a jerk and I wanted to go over there to yell at her and stop her from terrorizing my niece). My older niece called me frantic and so I drove over.

When I got there the girl had left. They said she came out of it and walked out. The next day she talked to my niece and asked her to get me to help her, telling my niece she has had a demon with her for as long as she can remember. The next day I went to this girls house with my niece, ready to tell her off).  The house had the same horrible feel to it like most houses haunted by evil. The things the girl told me seemed to correlate to most demonic possessions. Then I was able to talk to it. I think growing up in a house inhabited by evil made me able to easily talk to most spirits. One thing it said was that it loved to torture her cat. It told me it does so late at night sometimes all night long it pokes it hard in the side  and makes it's back burn in agony. When I relayed this to the girl she told me that her cat sometimes stays up all night screaming like she's never heard a cat scream. In complete agony and it rolls on it's back like it's back is hurting it and bites at it's side. She said it will be sitting on the arm of the couch fine and suddenly it gets pushed off the couch so hard it hits the wall next to the couch and then falls to the floor and bites it's side. My niece was able to collaborate all of this.

Anyway, This story is probably not what you are used to in this forum. You are probably used to stories of paranormal investigations and you have to accept my psychic moments to believe the story. Sorry if it's not what you are looking for in stories.

There are a few more stories about how odd this girl acted after that day and things she says happen to her. One thing is she said the demon shows itself in the mirror to her when she looks in the mirror. She said she will be looking at her own reflection and slowly she will see an outline of the demon in it and if she keeps staring she loses her reflection and just sees the demon. She said he talks to her through the mirror and tells her what to do. This is not the first time someone has told me they talk to demons through mirrors. In fact, it's common with that type of haunting. There was one other time she acted very strange during a sleep over at my house. She worried me so much I stayed awake all night just to make sure she wouldn't do anything to the other kids. I told my sister to not allow her to sleep over anymore and watch her when she's around.  She didn't want help. She liked the power she felt the demon gave her.

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Posted 20 May 2019 - 05:25 PM

I'll add to to this with a short story with my own conclusions. I was called in a number of years for my specialty in audio capture to a place on Long Island. Someone had called in a pair of demonologists for assistance with a women that would become uncontrollable. I really didn't want to hear any back history only that she wouldn't become violent. I wanted to be reassured that none of us would be hurt if she stepped into this alternate personality.

After arriving I could tell her life (in general) was chaotic. Her place was very unkempt, dirty with borderline hording. In very short order, her eyes rolled back and she began to convulse with a dark and sinister voice insisting to shout obscenities. In time, we had to restrain her because she became dangerous to herself, husband and the three of us. The situation calmed with 2 more episodes following but not to the same intensity as the first one.

We had a team moment later on and discussed the situation. The husband was included in the huddle. With back history, he indicated she had a very abusive childhood, lost her children to foster care and never recovered from a long list of very sad events. Our team split from the husband wanting to discuss a course of action. I was asked my take by the two demonologists.

I've always stayed true to my word and look for logical explanations first and foremost but to be perfectly honest, this was completely new to me. I never had to confront a "possession" so to speak. I looked at both of them and said, "I understand your motivations are to help and that your practices are spiritually based. I respect that." I think this case is far more involved but I think it's best if we find out if this women has a history of mental illness. I asked both of them, "Do you know her back history?" Both of them said no. Are we going to be coming back to help? I know it took us close to 3 hours to drive here one way. I suggest you look within your network and see if someone can assist her locally. I said, "I don't know if this is a possession or mental illness but what I do know is "This woman needs some help and needs someone to be there that can come at a much quicker notice."

I never went back. My involvement with that case was a one time thing. I still insist, these type of cases might require medical assisstance and a thorough back history needs to take place before someone can really help.

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#3 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 21 May 2019 - 01:01 AM

They are both very scary events, thanks for sharing them, and good advice EVP.
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#4 Ladydi



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Posted 21 May 2019 - 08:34 AM

EVP yes very good advice. I think most demonologists require a mental health check before even attempting to ascertain whether someone is having spiritual issues. I used to get unbelievable amounts of emails of people claiming to have demonic problems and honestly probably not even 5% of them would truly have issues. Most were mental issues either from previous trauma or fear rising from a ghostly haunting, and some just from attention seeking. I actually had to stop reading my emails because it became ridiculous and time consuming and I stuck to helping people locally only. Sometimes people become unreasonable and do not want to hear that they need to seek mental help and want to insist you are abandoning them. The other issue I heard a lot about is that local ministers/priests not wanting to help people when they believe they are experiencing spiritual warfare issues. Some could not even get the church to do a house blessing for them. That can never hurt and when I had someone I felt was just getting themselves worked up over little experiences I would recommend a house blessing if for nothing else but to make them feel better and less anxious.