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Most Recent Things Going On...

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Posted 06 December 2007 - 09:47 PM

I'm pretty new... well new to posting, I've been reading the message boards for a long while.

I'm a 35 yr old, mom of 6 kids.  The paranormal, and the religious is kind of all jumbled up for me, so, it's something I've always believed existed, but not anything I'd ever really dwelled on, and it's not anything that frightens me in any way, even though I do believe there are evil spirits...........I generally believe, they only have as much power as a person gives them.

OK...all that said...

I really don't want to make this a long drawn out post, but I think there's a few things I have to cover....sorry in advance!  A few things kind of happened right around the same time.  In July, we were living in an apartment nearby....and I had advertised online to do some house cleaning.  I got a call, from a guy in another state, who wanted to know if I could work for his elderly parents.  My first day there, their other son said that his dad used to know someone with the same last name as mine, but he named a city that my father, who died 11 years ago, never lived in, so I blew it off.  A good month goes by, and I was chatting with the couple, and he mentioned a place he used to work, and, my dad worked I brought up my fathers name again, and the floodgates opened!  "oh yes, I knew him... we commuted to work together each week... his wife so and so...he had cancer... my wife was the only person he'd let cut his hair... "on and on.  So, here I this house each week, and its a house my father used to spend all this time in, and I got this overwhelming sense that----- somehow my dad arranged all this from the other side, because...........of alllllllllllll the people in the entire state that could have been called for this couple, they called ME?  Too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence!!

About the exact same time... August 1st, my biological father died.  I was adopted, but found my birth family about 13 years ago, so I got to know my biological father a bit.

And on August 4th...........we moved from our apartment, into the house we're in now.

Since we've been here, I know I house, new noises, things to get used to, but things I just cannot explain have been happening.  It started with the lights in my bedroom, turning on in the middle of the night. Sometimes the ceiling fan would start up by itself too, or change speeds.  It would be several times a night, and then nothing for  days, or weeks, and then again... the last time it happened was about a month ago- and it was ALL night long!!   It was keeping me up, and actually I finally got irritated and said out loud "What do you want??!?!?!?!?"  ha.   So, I did start to wonder, if it was maybe, one of my fathers....hmmm.

I can't verify this one, but I was in my room, and my 5 yr old was home from Kindgergarten, watching his Spongebob in the next room, and I heard a crash, I called out and asked him what was that, and he said a movie (dvd).  I asked what he was doing that a dvd would make that kind of noise, and he, very seriously, said that HE didn't do it, it just flew off the sofa and hit the wall.           :::shrug:::

Similar to that, about 4 nights ago, I came into my room to go to bed for the night, my husband was still watching tv in the living room.  I conciously noticed the 8x10 framed picture of my son on my nightstand, cause it looked like someone licked it or something, lol, and I remember thinking, I should clean that off!  Within about 5 minutes, of getting into bed, and turning off the lights, I was laying perfectly still, trying to get to sleep, CRASH!  My husband immediately called out to me asking if I was ok.  I never did move in bed... lol... I laid there and just said to him..."wasn't me!" but that picture went flying!  I didn't get up to check then, but in the morning, saw that the picture went off the side of the nightstand.  I KNOW that picture was completely on the nightstand, it wasn't on the edge where it would have slipped off.

Another crazy thing, one morning, I was typing up an email- VERY involved in what I was writing, zoned out.   I heard a little moan behind me.... like, when someone is sleeping, and they kind of sigh in their sleep?  I totally turned around to look at my bed, fully expecting to see my son sleeping---  but the bed was empty, and I realized it was like 10 am and he was at school!  I was home alone...........and I heard a... can't really say voice, but definately a moan or a sigh.

Other things are, when i'm home alone in the mornings, my bed creeks behind me, that sound when someone is sitting on  a bed.   It never happens in the evenings.  It's also the same bed I've had at 3 different residences now, and I've never heard it do that before.

OOOH..shoot...the last one, I almost forgot.  Most everything revolves around me, and in my bedroom.   However, 2 weeks ago, when I was at the elderly couples house, cleaning for them, while I was cleaning their living room.....  the stereo came on by itself.  It's never done that before, no one else was in the room, I wasn't near any remotes, if there even is a remote for that old stereo.............  odd.

Dangit.... it's long, I'm sorry!  LOL   Just thought I'd share some of the stuff going on here lately.  


#2 believer1991



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Posted 07 December 2007 - 09:35 AM

Hi and welcome to the board!

From reading your post it sounds like to me you have a bit of poltergeist activity.  Poltergiest is German for Noisy Spirit or Noisy Ghost - depending on what dictiornary you use.  Theory is that people themselves can subconsciously cause things to happen - such as you have described - things flying across the room.  Im not saying that is what you have going on.  Maybe try taking some pictures of the rooms or trying to capture EVPs.
Good luck though in finding what ever is causing all the mischief

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  It is the sorce of all true art and science- Albert Einstein

I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive. - Albert Einstein

#3 indigocrow


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Posted 02 January 2008 - 09:30 PM

There is no such thing as coincidences so your dad  most likely did arrange that! Thats pretty cool.

I don't see why your fathers would try to keep you awake. They may let you know they are around but not to annoy you or keep you from sleep. Sounds more like a ghost. The ghost could be attracted to you over the house you are in and that is why its moving along to the elderly couples house.