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Night Shift

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#1 Claire


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Posted 17 January 2008 - 10:33 AM

I love ghost stories that happen on the job and especially those that happen during a night shift.  Has anyone ever had something strange happen to them while working the night shift?  Or, if you find any stories about night shift experiences, please share!
"We all go a little mad sometimes."  Norman Bates

#2 Guest_ellsbeth_*

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Posted 17 January 2008 - 10:35 AM


I worked in some very old hospitals, 11p-7a, and we were always sensing things, hearing things.
I will try to think of some specific stuff...
Good topic!

#3 Seether1



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Posted 17 January 2008 - 02:39 PM

That's very creepy. The Eye anyone? lol (Except without the shaking)
I'll look for night shift stories.

#4 Guest_ellsbeth_*

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Posted 17 January 2008 - 03:14 PM

OK, please do not take offense. I used to work in a very old Hebrew Nursing Home when I was in Nursing school.
On 11-7, we had to take turns doing rounds, alone, with only a flashlight.
So, here is this little waif doing rounds, every night.
I always had the feeling that something was really protecting me, very old spirits.
One night, I was doing rounds and saw a "leg" protruding from a bathtub----I nearly screamed, started to run, then felt something near. It was laughing---
It was like, "don't worry--look!!!".
It was a prosthetic leg another patient had left in bathtub to be washed.

OK! I was so relieved I nearly fainted, then I laughed----

#5 Stacy



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Posted 17 January 2008 - 10:49 PM

I think I have mentioned before, that a building my sister Jody and I used to clean at night had a ghost or ghost's, we actually felt like there were 2 or 3.
Our ghost's would occasionally play with the elevator, sending it from floor to floor.
Sometime's we would take my brother with us, whom we'd told about the elevator, and he didn't believe us, as he doesn't believe in ghosts, so we decided to play a little trick on him one night.  
We sent him off on his own to do garbage for us on the other two floors of the building, and any time Jody or I either one was near the elevator we would push the buttons and send it to one of the other floors.
After this happening several time's he finally came looking for us.  Of course we  knew when he was coming because we could hear the elevator, so we'd take off as fast as we could in the other direction, as far from the elevator as we could get.  
When he found us, he asked us if we'd come down where he was and went back up.  Somehow we managed a straight face and said "no, why."  He said he kept hearing the elevator going up and down, and he would look and no one was going in or coming out.  
We said, we told you "Sally" or one of the other's like's playing with the elevator.  He said, you guy's didn't come down at all, and we told him "no".  To this day, he say's that elevator is one of the thing's that almost make's him a believer.  We of course have never told him the truth, and we get hysterical every time we think of it.
Anyway, one night Jody couldn't make it to work, so I asked my brother to go with me, as it really did creep me out to be in the building alone.
As he was finished with garbage before I got finished with everything else, I told him I wouldn't be long, so he might as well go ahead and take off.
Shortly after I saw him walk out the door, I heard the elevator door open and close, and then the outside door.  So, trying to make myself believe somehow my brother hadn't left yet, I went to the outside door looking for him, but as I expected, his durango was no where in sight.  
I was starting to get really creeped out, from the time the elevator door opened and closed, along with the outside door, there wasn't time for anyone walking, or driving to get out of the parking garage.  
So I went back to work trying to finish as quickly as I could.  A couple minute's later, again I hear the elevator going from bottom to top floor, then back down to the main level where I was, and the door opened.  I went again to look, but of course no one was there.  
This continued the entire time it took me to finish up, and I finally had to stop going to look when I heard the elevator taking it's little ride, it was using up too much time, and I wanted to hurry and get out of there.
I was scared to death to get back on that elevator, but I had too, as the closet for our supplies was on the top floor, and all the way at the other end of the building.  I thought about carrying everything up the steps, but there was no way to lug that big heavy garbage cart and supplies up all those stairs.
So I finally had to just suck it up and load everything on the elevator.  That was the longest elevator ride of my life, and I prayed all the way.  Needless to say, after running to put everything away, I took the stairs on the way down to leave, I definitely wasn't climbing back in that elevator.
I guess the ghost was getting even with me for scaring my brother, it never happened again.  It was still playing with it every few weeks as usual, but never again like it had that night.
We had lot's of unusual things happen in the building that we could find no reasonable explanation for, and wish that we could go back there to work just so we could do some investigating in the building, as this was how we got our first real interest in the paranormal.

#6 Claire


    Living Dead

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Posted 18 January 2008 - 01:38 PM

Thanks for sharing you guys!   That is TOO funny, ellsbeth!

And, Stacy, you are braver than I!  I don't think I could have gotten on that elevator.
"We all go a little mad sometimes."  Norman Bates

#7 borntolive



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Posted 18 January 2008 - 05:17 PM

Yep I had and have.
I'm a security guard for almost 15 years now and had "spooky" things happening in 3 buildings.
The first one I was filling in for a colleague and I started my shift at 12, the first thing we needed to do
was walk a round to see if all the late nighters had gone home and to see if the lights/computers/radio's etc. were out.
When I was walking in the older part of the building (it was build in the beginnings of 1900 d the new part was build in 1970) and it was an insurance company. I had turned off all the lights and locked all the doors. When I came back to the reception desk I noticed that the lights were on and dancing!
It was like a freaking disco over there, they went on from the 1st to the 4th floor.
Because you had to turn the lights off in that part I had to go back.
I can tell you I almost did a poopy in my undies  huh.gif  
As I was on the 4th floor the door was unlocked and the lights were off, but a radio was playing and
I heard talking too! I searched the entire floor (and all the others too and nothing, there were no people all was clear).
I locked the doors turned of the radio and the lights...again. And when I got back........the same thing!
This went on until 4 that night it stopped as suddenly as it began, I called my boss the next day and told him I would not go back there even if they payed me a double salary.
My colleague told me there once had been a cemetery that was removed but they did not move all the graves  blink.gif

The second one was in a building that was build in 1938 or 1940 (not sure exactly) it was an electricity company.
I worked there for 5 years and had the late shift again,  it was a building that had 7 floors and 3 exits on each floor.
I always went with the elevator o the 7th floor and zigzagged down by the emergency exits. When I came on the 4th floor I thought there were still people working because I heard the door close of the mens bathroom.
I knocked on the door to let them know I was there and to ask how long they thought they would be working.
As I didn't got a response I opened the door and all was dark inside, I closed the door and finished walking that part of the floor. When I came to the second part I felt like something walked right through me, My heart skipped a beat or two and my ears sing/ring I stood there for a sec and definitely heard footsteps walking away from me.
I worked there for 3 more years but I never walked that floor at night again!

The third building is the one I work now and is fairly new (about 7 years old) it's an office.
I work here with 2 other colleagues (we are a team of three but also have other colleagues fill in) and we all have the same things happening in our night shifts (only in those shifts).
The elevator has a life of its own and does whatever it likes (but never the same thing).
In my shifts some of the machines that are on the first floor start making noises but when I go to check them nothing is the matter.
Lights flicker a lot (but not with other colleagues) and I most always feel like I'm not alone.
I don't think that it is a bad energy that dwells there because I can cope with it pretty good.
Maybe that is because I'm open more to the paranormal and I wasn't before.

Anyways these are the things a security guard has to put up with lol.


Dreams happen to us.
We do not dream.
We are dreamt ~ Carl Jung.

Love lookes not with the eyes, but with the heart ~ W. Shakespear

#8 Jody



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Posted 19 January 2008 - 11:16 PM

Oh were to start?  As Stacy said before her and I used to clean a building together.  There were so many things that happened there it's hard to remember them all.  This is were we started to get interested in the paranormal.  Sadly for us it was when we quit that we finally joined a group and learned how to do a good investigation.  

The story that strikes me the most is, one night while trying to get done quick we decided to seperate and do different floors in hopes of getting done faster.  I had done one floor and Stacy was on another floor.  I finished and headed up the elevator (which changed floors randomly on its own).  When I got off the elevator i could hear a hysterical laughing in the conference room.  to give you an idea of the building, it made a complete circle.  You would get off the elevator go around a hallway were you would either go left through glass doorss to the trustee's office or take a right into the conference room.  The conference room was big enough that it divided into two sections to make two different rooms.  When leaving that room you would go down a long hallway until you hit the bathrooms (were are storage closet was) or the kitchen.  If you continued aroung the corner it led you into an office area that wound around quit a bit before leading you back to the elevator (the office area had doors on either side completely inclosing it.  Any way I got off the elevator and heard this laughing.  I immediatly figured it was Stacy who must of done something goofy like accidently knocking over the garbage can.  As I entered the conference area know one was there.  Wondering were Stacy was I just stood there thinking who could that have been.  After a bit Stacy came from the hallway were the bathrooms were and said what did you do, I could hear you laughing all the way down the hallway.  Needless to say both of us heard the laughing, but neither one of us did it.  The rest of the night we decided to stick together.  

Many times while in that upstairs office room I would see the head of a figure walk by on the oppisit side only to realize I was the only one in the office at that time.

As creepy as the building was at night, we would love to have that job back so we could properly investigate it and see what we could catch as proof, because we know we could.

There are more stories but I will have to think about them and see what I (or we) cam recall.

#9 Claire


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Posted 21 January 2008 - 07:30 AM

Loving the stories!  Thanks guys!
"We all go a little mad sometimes."  Norman Bates

#10 Lady Sorbus

Lady Sorbus

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Posted 22 January 2008 - 06:17 AM

Sadly, the only night shift job I had, I hated, and it was really too busy to allow for any paranormal experience, were any ghosts so inclined.

If I come across any nightshift stories, I shall send them to you, Claire, though it's been a while since I've heard a decent story.

#11 Claire


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 01:52 PM

Found another night shift story!
"We all go a little mad sometimes."  Norman Bates

#12 MacCionoadha BeanSidhe

MacCionoadha BeanSidhe

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Posted 27 January 2008 - 01:51 PM

I did not experience all this myself, but friends and I did share some of it.

My friend worked as a security guard at an old rope factory, it had been turned into stores and offices. He told me, he noticed the strange happenings on the first night on the job.  The place had large planters of flowers and trees throughout the hallways. While on his rounds, he would check to make sure that everything was in order. Well a little while after he come back from one of his rounds, he looked at the security camera and noticed that the planter(near the elevator) was knocked over. The soil and plants had spilled out, all over the area, near the elevator. They cleaned it up and not long after they noticed planters in another part of the building were knocked over. Then the elevator started to act up. The doors would open and close, then it would go from the bottom floor to the top. The doors would open, close, then the elevator would go down to the lower floor. This would happen often throughout the night. The guards will also tell you, they always feel like they are being watched.

I also experienced the elevator and the feeling of being watched, while I worked a few temporary jobs there. I would help set up shops for their grand openings and cover for people as they took leaves of absence. I always dreaded, when I had to go to the basement to get something out of storage or to throw out the trash. It always felt like someone was going to jump out at me. One time another friend of mine, we worked at another store previously to this, and the rest of the workers, were sitting in the hallway waiting for our boss to come and open up the store. As we were sitting there I saw something white and fluffy/feathery moving down the hall towards our group. It was about the length of a chihuahua and only few inches tall. I asked everyone if they could see it too, they said yes, they could. It was not any animal that I or any of the others had seen before. It walk past us down the hall a ways, completely oblivious to our presence and disappeared through solid, closed and locked security door! We only saw the thing that one time. My guard friend asked me if I would like to get a jobs in night shift security there. I told him not on your life... lol.

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#13 KISSfan



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Posted 27 January 2008 - 03:04 PM

Great idea!

I may have mentioned this elsewhere here,but I worked at a Holiday Inn for years as a housekeeper. We didn't have a night shift for cleaners,but I'll share what I experienced there.

The hotel was built in the 80's and shortly after it opened,a man hung himself in a fourth floor room. A housekeeper discovered him,he had hung himself using something that he tied around the knob,then slung over the door in the bathroom,which is immediately to the right of the front door. A crack in the door jamb is still visible,as is a bleached out area immediately underneath where he was found.

I started working there many years later,but I began to get glimpses of a man with jeans,a dark tee shirt and short gray/black hair. The windowless hallways were quite eerie anyway,but much moreso when I began seeing him duck through closed doors of unoccupied rooms and such. He also liked to unplug the vacuum cleaner on me,but the worst was when I was cleaning an end unit late one afternoon. I was scrubbing a tub when I felt someone looking at me. I turned around and saw him,for just a second,staring at me. confused0068.gif

A second one is a woman who died in a room,while I was working there. There had been a major snowstorm that day and when she didn't check out as scheduled,my supervisor found her on the floor,she passed from an overdose and had left a note for her family. The hotel was filling up fast because of the strom and it took the coroner hours before they could remove her body,unseen by guests. Anyway,it didn't tkae long before she too,was sensed roaming the halls. The room exuded a deep sadness and a couple of unknowing guests spoke of feeling really uncomfortable in that room.

The last was at a once notorious biker bar I waitressed at,which had seen a total of four homicides that I'm aware of. The bar had few patrons by the time I worked there because of it's reputation,but the building is very old, and creepy when empty.
I was helping with closing duties one night,and my co worker was behind the bar,stocking beer.
Near the front doors,I bent down to unplug a juke box when I spotted a very heavy woman,wearing a full length skirt,sweeping the floor with a corn broom. She had her back to me but I saw her quite clearly,she had short or tied up dark hair. I saw her for a good few seconds before she faded away.
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#14 Guest_Silent Walker_*

Guest_Silent Walker_*
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Posted 28 January 2008 - 09:08 AM

I used to work in a lare building in the center of Leicester and also used to work shifts.

Quite a few times I would be working away and all of a sudden I used to hear someone walking up the metal steps outside upto the fire escape but it wasnt normal walking, more a gentle footstep then a thud like someone with a walking stick.....

I found out later that a former worker at the building (When it was a shoe factory) had come back to work after a few too many ales and had fallen down the steps, breaking his neck and dying, the man in question had a wooden leg....

#15 Claire


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Posted 29 January 2008 - 09:30 AM

Thanks everyone for sharing your stories!  They give me chills!
"We all go a little mad sometimes."  Norman Bates