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Does Anyone Know What These Are

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Posted 21 November 2016 - 02:50 PM

hi I live in a small town of Port Townsend and there have been some sightings by some of my friends and I, and i was wondering if anyone knew the history or any idea of what type of creatures these things are

1. a hooded figure, the hood is old and knitted it is a faded beige-ish brown color, the thing has know face just blackness under the hood, it sat in my grandmother's rocking chair and was staring at me, I was in bed at the time and had the feeling that if i left the safety of my cover the thing would consume me, it left briefly enough for to run into me grandmothers room and convince her to let me sleep in her bed the creature came back quickly and stared down at me, the thing was, is i couldn't physically see him but i could sense him and see it in my mind's eye. he also can apparently Love with memory as as i cant remember if i sat up an looked at him or if i just imagined that.

my friends said this was an entity called nighter and that he has had experiences with it as well, he also suspects that it has been here a very long time, he also believes that a shadow person that is bothering my friend may also be nighter, so is he just a shadow person or is it something more, if not then why could it take a form with color and solid shape?

2. an entity my male friend calls sundown while i have never physically encountered this entity but according to him it will start a certain distance from you and begin walking towards you before disappearing, he say that it is a black feminine figure and that it has a evil aura about it and that to never go near the thing as he doesn't want to find out what happens when someone does, something he told me that concerned me sometimes when I'm freaked out i will be trying to sleep i will get the grotesques flashes in my mind  and eye of demonic or decaying faces he said that is sundown as well, my female friend has something feminine deon that would hang above her head and look in the eye barely inches from her face, my male friend said that is also sundown, which is very scary considering what he had said about her.

3. this one my male friend named stalker a white male figure that is just always watching it only shows itself to me like 4 times once outside my bedroom window, once outside my bedroom window at my sisters, once through the bathroom window when i was showering and once right beside me,  these were always out of my peripheral vision, it has a neutral feel to it but my friend who was stalked by it as well says that it's not good and that i shouldn't trust it, when i told my female friend about the figure i felt it was angry with me and i had trouble sleeping that night, though i don't know if those are connected.

4. my male friend believes that this creature is also nighter, i think its a shadow person, my female friend is haunted weeks at a time by a shadowy figure it has come to her very close to her before, it is a shadow figure in some sort of trench coat built stocky and very tall it usually stands and watches her but hasn't hurt her

5. i have a bit of an overactive imagination, and when i get freaked out, its a bit of a jerk to me i see thing that i normally wouldn't see floating shriveled heads, a woman with a twisted body, a snake with a skull for a head, little child sized creatures that look akin to goblins and crawl around, but when i wave my hand at them they disappear momentarily before coming back this continues until i calm down i talked to him about it and he say that there something called gray folk i looked them up but could find nothing on them, my female friend thinks that something is haunting me. any way I'm a little scared and i want to know what these thing are and what I can do to stop encountering them and get them leave me and my friends alone, and how to protect myself.

I know that post is long but anything will help, there is one more bunch of creatures but I don't have a friends permission to talk about them with anyone else.

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Posted 21 November 2016 - 07:02 PM

The first creature you described might be some sort of Faire, or nature spirit. I have seen such a creature in the woods. I did not feel threatened by the it, I got the impression that it was curious about me as I was about it. The second could be some kind of hag, I have encountered it during episodes of sleep paralysis.

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