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Re Posting. Questions About The Paranormal

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#1 Ghanghis


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Posted 06 December 2007 - 10:20 PM

Hey guys. I'm and FNG (Friggen New Guy) here. As far back as I can remember, I have had "weird" things happen. They happen so frequently that they seem kind of normal now.
I have had vivid dreams that happened in the future. Basically I have dreamed of events that have happened. Some highlights include moving into the house I have now. I drempt of the place while I was in college. I graduated almost 9 years ago, and the house is 1 year old now.
When I was a kid, I would see my mom out of the corner of my eye going from the kitchen from the hall. I'd ask her for a cup of water as she was in the kitchen right? Well, she was still in her bedroom at the other end of the hall and had not gone to the kitchen for some time.
Lately, I have awoken to visions and actual spirit presences. One visits my newborn son but attempts to hide under his crib. This one is odd. I now understand that spirits who are seen, take a shape that is accepted by the mind. For some reason, this spirit takes a shape like the statuette we had as a kid. It was a green sculpture of an Egyptian kitty cat. On a couple of occasions, this spirit has chased away other spirits who would be unwelcome in my house. I know they mean us harm as the temperature of the room seems to dip very suddenly. Also the hair on the nape of the neck really stands straight out when they approach.
I have a lot more buy my fingers are tired of typing now. If anyone has had similar experiences please let me know. I have lots of questions.

#2 Porcelain



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Posted 07 December 2007 - 01:48 AM

I'm very wary of 'spirits' that I see when I've woken up - I'm extremely prone to seeing things, because I am still in a state of dreaming. This is often called 'Lucid dreaming'. Things I have seen include spiders (small and HUGE), writing on the walls, and once a shadowy figure hovering above me. These dreams are often so vivid that I actually get out of bed to confront the insect, but of course it's not there.

The dreams are more interesting. I personally don't have prophetic dreams, although once or twice I've had coincidences. I dreamt that I was a boy on some train tracks, feeling utterly despondant. Later that day I heard on the news that a teen was killed crossing the tracks. I chalk that sort of thing up to coincidence, but if it happens often to you, there may be something more to it.

#3 antoninette65


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Posted 01 January 2008 - 10:21 AM

I am not an expert but it sounds like you have psychic abilities to see the future.  These visions come to you in dreams.  If you want to "tune in" to this you can record your dreams in a notebook right after awakening.  As far as the spirit protecting your child, it could be a loved one you were very close to that has passed.   Hope this helps.

#4 Enigmatic-Essence


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Posted 01 January 2008 - 11:27 AM

I'm that way to, with the dreams and weird things happening where it has just become the norm for me. Honestly it creeps me out every single time no matter how often it happens. I personally feel crazy sometimes.
A dream is a wish your heart makes

#5 PIT leader

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Posted 01 January 2008 - 11:29 AM

I've had some kind of prophetic dream, where I will dream about something then forget it. Then when the event happens, I will remember that I'd dreamed of it before (a kind of deja-vu.) It's never been anything major though and the "event" can happen days or even weeks after the dream.
  I had a lucid dream once where I saw a big spider in my nightmare (I have a phobia of spiders) and when I woke up the same spider appeared to be dangling by my head. Out of shock, I threw a pillow at it and ran out of the room. When I returned and checked the bed there was no spider there, or any evidence (e.g- webs) to support it ever being there.
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#6 Nelson



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Posted 07 January 2008 - 07:41 PM

prophetic dreams are very strange indeed, only ever happend to me once i dreamt about my uncle and aunty visiting and they unexplainably arrive the next day.

But have you ever tried interpreting your dreams, that seems to forfill the truth even more often

#7 ooliviaoo


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Posted 08 January 2008 - 01:09 AM

I have always believed that there is another form of existance. But I myself had never experienced one beside FLASH BACK and SLEEP PARALYZE. And i'm not even sure whether this two can be regarded as one of them. But one of my friends do tell a story of his own exprience.

He is a Chinese, like me. He had a chance to spend 5 years studying abroad, in Canada. he was an atheist back then. However,right before he went back to China, something inconceivable, which later on completely shatterwd his belief, happened to him.

That was one month before everything was well packed. One night, he had a strange dream about a woman, who was weeping all night long in the dark. In the dream, he could not see clearly the woman's face. but he can tell somehow, not by vision but by a kind of sense, that she was wearing a white robe dated back in the old ancient China. He said for sure that he didn't know a thing about the woman, but there lingered a feeling of familiarness. From that day on, the woman showed up in his dream from now and then. At the beginning, it was just some weeping. Day by day, the woman stopped to sigh. And then he began to expreince sleep paralyzing, which deteriorated ever time he dreamt of her,especially, when some times the woman would cast a glimpse casually at him. it was scary in every of his bones. The dream last for a month till he finally came back to China, after which he had thought the nightmare was gone and everything was over. Never did it occur to him that it was just the beginning.

There is a large floor-mirror in front of his bed. That night, ---the most grisly night in his whole life maybe, could not tell whether it was in the reallity or not, he saw the woman again, standing right in front of the mirror with her back facing his bed. Though, because of the angle, he could not see her face in the mirror, he could feel a strong hatred supressing and flooding around the room. He could not move at all. The woman walked closer and closer to the mirror with murmuring and groaning while my friend was starting to feel suffocated. Luckily, the instant the woman's face touched the surface of the mirror her image disappeared, like being drew into the mirror. All the horriable feelings were gone, the room was suddenly cleared. He, my friend, could then breathe, intaking all the fresh air he had though that he would never have the chance to breathe. At that minute, he decided he was widely awaken during the process. Then, the phone rang. Relax! It's not the phone ghost. However, no better, it was from his grandma telling him that his grandpa was past away just now. Not sure it was the grief or the scare, he didn't tell anybody about the dream and the woman, even to his parents.

Several months later, he came across a respected abbot in Hanshan Temple, Suzhou.( His fammily is rich and kind of high-classed. Seldom does plain people have the chance to visit an abbot, especially this one in Hanshan Temple.) Before he could say a word, the abbot asked him all of a sudden that had him been haunted by anything spooky recently. Couldn't bear the burden, he told him every thing about the dream, expecting an explaination. After listening to his story, the abbot silented for a while and asked:"Has anyone hurt or died in your family since the nightmare?" He was stunned, followed with his grandpa part. Then the abbot sighed and smiled:"It's ok now, It's ok. Your grandpa has taken all the hatred for you. You'll be ok. It's a blessing that you didn't see clearly the woman's face, or there's no running away."

"Who's she?"
"I don't know, you may know her well in your preexistence. That's when you owned her and now you have to pay off the bill."

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