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Growing Up In A Haunted House

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#1 Ladydi



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Posted 15 May 2019 - 05:52 PM

My childhood home is a 150 year old farmhouse. We moved into it when I was 7 and just starting school. When the children at my school found out where I live, they freaked out and told me stories of it being horribly haunted. Apparently a woman fell down our cellar steps and broke her neck and her husband hung himself in our garage. I found this story out on the first day of school. I came home mad at my parents for making us move. I told my sister and we both freaked out. lol.

The house was only 2 blocks from the elementary school. No children would ever walk past our house. They would cross the street to get past it. Most would not enter it. Only a few close friends ventured to come inside and they would not sleep over. We (my sister and I) were told by our parents to never tell anyone about our experiences because my mom didn't want her house to be known as the towns haunted house (too late because it already was).  I had nonstop experiences In that house up until I moved out.

I wont tell about the really frightening stuff because half would not believe it and half would be scared to death. lol

We had no shower. Just an old clawed-foot cast iron bath tub. Every night while taking a bath I would sit and listen to spirits talking in my attic. The attic door is inside the bathroom and the attic is a creepy, nasty crawl space in which we always heard conversations. One time when I was listening hard trying to make out what they were saying I heard "shhhh. She's listening."  I screamed, jumped out of the tub and ran down the hall naked to my bedroom. I got dressed and ran downstairs to tell my parents but my mother gave me her usual "shhh. Stop it! Don't talk about it. They won't hurt you.". Not reassuring in the least.

This may sound creepy of me, but I always had spiritual gifts and could hear spirits talking so eventually I got used to the attic spirits and would even go sit in the attic because they brought me peace and security. I liked to read books in there as it was the only peace I could get to read without my mother or sister bothering me. The attic door is in front of the toilet and sometimes when I was feeling bratty and heard my sister come up to pee I would scratch the door with my fingernails to scare the crud out of her and then jump out.
She never laughed. She even fell off the toilet one time. She moved back in to my parents for a few months when she was older but didn't stay long because her children started having nightmares and getting touched and hearing voices.

That's a couple of my experiences as a child.

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Posted 16 May 2019 - 02:45 AM

LOL, they are freaky experiences and thank you for sharing them :yes:
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