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Lemarchand's Box: Hellraiser (Fiction)

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Posted 22 October 2017 - 11:58 AM

Lemarchand's box is a fictional lock puzzle or puzzle box appearing in horror stories by Clive Barker, or in works based on his original stories. The best known of these boxes is the Lament Configuration, which features prominently throughout the Hellraiser movie series. This was designed and made by Simon Sayce, one of the original creative team members. A Lemarchand's box is a mystical/mechanical device that acts as a door — or a key to a door — to another dimension or plane of existence. The solution to the puzzle creates a bridge through which beings may travel in either direction across this "Schism." The inhabitants of these other realms may seem demonic to humans (source of information: Wikipedia).

The box represents a certain configuration of mystical paranormal experience, and configuring it in the right way so as to tune your senses to the 'reality' of the esoteric elusiveness of darkness itself enables any 'traveller' to enter into a 'zone' of hell.

We see in the original film Hellraiser that a traveller purchases the box from a mysterious merchant and then tries to open it himself at home with a meditation-ritual surrounded by candle-light. We also see that the realm of hell that the box opens the gates to is occupied by the deranged and horrific soul-wagering demonic species (humanoid but bizarre) called Cenobites who are 'captained' by a prince-of-darkness named Pinhead.

Lemarchand's box is a puzzle-item that resembles in 'niftiness' the basic well-known cube reorientation puzzle-challenge toy the Rubik's Cube, but of course, Lemarchand's box is much more supernatural and also a device to gain entrance into a dominion of pure evil.

We may consider how Lemarchand's box typifies a human curiosity about the 'physical/intellectual processes' that enable an individual to meditate on the perceptible 'terrain' of the 'underworld,' so the natural question arises, "Does this box symbolize an  'Occult realism'?"


PINHEAD: So, you've solved the box-puzzle and find yourself in my domain.
VICTIM: It seemed natural if unusual, but here I am, and I intend to take some treasure back home with me.
PINHEAD: Nobody escapes us!
VICTIM: Hey, relax, I just wanted to get a 'glimpse' of hell; I had no intention to 'invade' your dominion.
PINHEAD: That is irrelevant; by solving the box-puzzle, you've entered into a contract with this realm.
VICTIM: What do I have to do?
PINHEAD: You must serve us as a messenger of the convolution of flesh...or be completely destroyed.
VICTIM: All I did was solve your little box; I have no interest here but to get a peek at your weapons/arms.
PINHEAD: We use many weapons including chains and saws, but your education must be more serious.
VICTIM: Look, I'm not a 'paranormal investigator.'
PINHEAD: Your mission now is to choose your destiny.
VICTIM: What if I had simply refrained from touching Lemarchand's box and played at home with my Rubik's Cube?
PINHEAD: You would have never seen this place...
VICTIM: I don't believe in an underworld, so I have to face the reality that you're going to try to destroy me!


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