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Posted 24 November 2009 - 01:52 PM

We here at GhostStudy feel the need for this as this forum has gotten out of hand with high expectations and rudeness and people flaming over psychic readings. This forum was NOT built for psychic readings. It was made for just what it says:

"Our forum for discussing topics such as psychic phenomena, astral travel, dream analysis, divination, near death experiences, out-of-body experiences, angels, and the like."

What this forum has changed into is a flame war. We would like to see members refrain from psychic reading requests. If you do have a question, find a member that may have the capabilities to do so through a private message.  With that being said, REMEMBER, it is THEIR choice to give a reading or not. YOU take the chance of not getting a response. There should be no hard feelings expressed in your posts on this board. Period.

Not all psychics that come to this board do so to give readings. Here is a perspective from a lady that I admire greatly:

For the members that do readings, we do not want to see another "high and mighty" response to members that aren't "professional" in asking you for readings. Each  of you that has let it be known of your special abilities has the option of not responding if you are not comfortable and should be responsible enough to give advice on how to get a reading. This is a kinder way to treat each other.

NO MORE rudeness, no more "I'm not going to bother". If you don't want to bother, just don't. Simple.

The crack down part of this entire message is this. We are asking people not to ask for psychic readings. If you do post one, it will be deleted. We should be able to share our experiences as a psychic/medium, clairvoyance or whatever without the need for flaming.

If we continue to see nastiness in this forum, we will be serving warnings. Count this as the first warning. After that, accounts will be banned from this community. We're sorry it has come down to this but the staff has worked really hard in this forum with it turning for the worse. Let's all work together and turn this forum around so we don't have to remove it completely.

The GhostStudy Staff