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Spore City: The Vase Memory

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Posted 11 July 2017 - 08:20 PM

Here's a federalism-consciousness vignette I wrote inspired by the naturalism-inspiration film Lorenzo's Oil.

'Humanism storytelling' makes me feel better about our arguably commerce-confounded 'TrumpUSA.'



In a certain royal palace in modern India, a prince named Jyoti was distressed by his father's cruel treatment towards the prince's bride (a beautiful princess named Shaina). Shaina's dowry (bride-price gift) was not as high was was expected by the royal families, and Jyoti's father never forgave her for that. Day in and day out, Jyoti's father (Dilip) tormented Shaina verbally (and emotionally), and when Shaina purchased a fine ancient-world vase from a museum with Jyoti's money, Dilip intentionally cracked it. Shaina kept the vase up in her palace out of pride, but both she and Jyoti remembered Dilip's obstinate cruelty towards them every time they walked by the vase and noticed the unsightly crack in it!

Jyoti and Shaina decided to move to America to start a new life with Jyoti's more-than-adequate funds. They settled down in northern California where Jyoti started to manage a winery there. Things became prosperous very soon, and Shaina and Jyoti started forgetting about the cruelty of Dilip, especially after they had their first son, a handsome young boy named Amlan. As everything seemed to be proceeding towards the proverbial 'American Dream,' there was culture-shock news of an anti-capitalism terrorist named Fred Astar who was vehemently opposed to the 'consumerism-biased' TrumpUSA and President Trump in particular. Fred wanted to plant a nuclear weapon on the San Andreas fault-line to create an unnatural earthquake and make an anti-federalism statement regarding the establishment of a Burger King fast-food restaurant in Afghanistan.

Amlan was now a young man and an avid fan of comic books. His parents (Shaina and Jyoti) were happy with him and his achievements in school. Amlan was a big fan of the eco-consciousness comic book anti-hero the Toxic Avenger and how the 'avatar' signified a modern social focus on the 'filth' of industrialization-related pollution/corruption. Amlan started submitting drawings and comics-stories about the Toxic Avenger to a California comic book publishing-house and began to make some good money (at the tender age of 16, under the tutelage and guardianship of his parents of course). Amlan specifically talked about Fred Astar's intention to disrupt the San Andreas fault-line and release a 'metaphysical sludge' (or anti-spiritual ooze) of anti-American sentiments and how the Toxic Avenger represented a cure to all this cynicism.

When Amlan won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his stellar and critical and politically symbolic work, Shaina and Jyoti where thrilled and decided that their son was pivotal in catalyzing valuable dialogue regarding modern-day anti-federalism terrorism. Shaina started thinking about that awful ancient-world vase her cruel and obstinate father-in-law Dilip cracked while she and her husband Jyoti were living in Dilip's royal palace. Shaina swore never to return to India and instead follow closely the career and achievements of her now very respected son Amlan. She decided to buy a new vase, another ancient-world artifact (from a museum in California) and proudly placed it on the mantle of her new home in Napa. Things seemed once again wonderful until Fred Astar rose to prominence again, this time swearing to drop tons of toxic mud from his private-jet onto the White House lawn (as an anti-federalism gesture conveying eco-pollution outrage!). Fred wanted to call America the 'Spore City of industrialized corruption (implying Shaina's vase was no 'relic' of realized American optimism!).



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