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Guy: A Dark Side Narration

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 03:27 PM

I've always been a fan of the offbeat Tales from the Darkside television series and Batman (DC Comics) stories, so here's a short-story I cooked up to 'merge' the two 'realms of storytelling.'

What do you think?



A philosopher named Theseus suggested that the universe/world we know is one that is brightly lit, illuminating all of the predictable contours and regular shapes of nature and harmony --- perfect spherical planets, the beautiful rings of Saturn, the shimmering reflective waters of lakes and rivers, the colorful leaves of autumn, the proportions of skyscrapers in cities, the standard scales of musical chords and progressions, and the wonderful symmetry of the human body (left hand, right hand). However, this same philosopher also suggested that there exists an entirely other universe/world in which nothing is brightly lit or conveniently perceived. This 'other world' is one of shadows and enigmatic forms and is inhabited by unsightly spirits such as shape-shifting goblins and underwater creatures with infinite monstrous eyes. The philosopher therefore called our 'normal world' the Beautiful Plane and the 'odd world' the Dark Side.

Americans became interested in the modern age with paranormal activity storytelling representing angst towards traffic-claustrophobia, networking oddities (e.g., Internet-hackers), and anti-social behaviors (e.g., terrorism). Americans started celebrating relevant TV programs such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits which differed greatly from 'normal-life' TV programs such as Happy Days and Family Ties. Americans started marketing bizarre comic book 'super-villains' such as the Green Goblin (Marvel Comics), Brainiac (DC Comics), and Red Skull (Marvel Comics). It was clear that modernism came with a complete set of unusual 'otherworldly-experience' stories (and even movies!).

A Hollywood film actor and part-time comic book fan-fic writer named Guy Levian started exploring the studies of the philosopher Theseus and his theories regarding the axial 'schism' between this hypothetically-modeled 'Beautiful Plane' and its opposite --- the 'Dark Side.' Guy's favorite comic book hero-villain duo was Batman and Scarecrow (DC Comics), since the former symbolized urban Utopianism and crime-fighting while the latter symbolized the 'dark side' of the modern mind (e.g., urban terrorism). Guy liked what Theseus postulated and believed that Batman must be a 'totem' of psychological security while the Scarecrow was obviously a totem of the reality of uncertainty and fear. Guy wrote a fan-fic in which Batman discovered that Scarecrow was actually his twin-brother. In the fan-fic, every time Batman looked in the mirror, he saw Scarecrow's bizarre face and mask!

It dawned on Guy that Theseus's conjecture that this hypothetical 'Dark Side' must be in some way real --- at least to the human imagination. "Why can I imagine that the 'Dark Side' is real if it is some 'construction' of fantasy? Am I insane because of metaphysical curiosity about uncertainty and enigma?" Guy decided to go camping in the forests of the Pine Barrens in New Jersey (USA) where there were folk rumors of the cryptic creature known as the Jersey Devil (a semi-humanoid 'ghoul' lurking in the woods but not necessarily a predator if unprovoked). Guy resolved to find a crystal clear lake in the forests of the Pine Barrens where he could meditate on the oddness of the world he knew which would give rise to bizarre folkloric mythic stories about the existence of the Jersey Devil. Guy mediated and meditated and meditated in the Pine Barrens and then resolved to one day either make a movie about the Jersey Devil or write a comic book fan-fic about Batman confronting the Jersey Devil.

As Guy felt resolved that his meditations in the Pine Barrens were complete, he approached the crystal clear lake near the spot where he conducted his meditations. As he peered into the shiny waters in the moonlight, Guy was horrified to see his own reflection in the waters of the lake and see the image of a much older version of himself rather than the reflection of his own body and face of his correct age! Guy wondered why the lake was reflecting an image of him as an older man. He concluded that what he was witnessing was indeed some 'Dark Side' of the human mind. "Meditating on the oddness of the universe I know must have given me a glimpse of the unsightliness and enigmatic quality of the 'Dark Side'!" Guy reasoned. He quickly went home and started writing his comic book fan-fic about Batman confronting the 'Dark Side.'

As Guy wrote his fan-fic, he got the eerie feeling that what he was writing concerned the fantastic if bizarre notion that Batman was actually 'transforming' into the Scarecrow while meditating on the 'Dark Side.' Guy started theorizing that the 'Dark Side' (as Theseus implied) was indeed a region of perceptible oddness that could be perceptibly 'obtained' in the imagination with meditation and that such a perception would yield conceptualizations of forms and experiences too eschewed for the human mind to contain conveniently. Guy felt like he was having a nervous breakdown, so he took a break from writing and decided to simply scribble down notes about his theories about Theseus's hypothetically-modeled 'Dark Side.' Guy discovered to his amazement that as he jotted down notes and made doodles of shadow-spirits, fantastic goblins, and shape-shifting intelligences, he was slowly coming to terms with the possibility that confusion itself was somehow...real!


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Posted 07 September 2017 - 07:51 PM

Very entertaining thank you for taking the time to share :) The image does look like a dark crystal clear lake :yes:
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