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Evil Spirit Messing With Me And My Wife - Part 3 The Fight

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Posted 18 April 2017 - 12:41 AM

Could you please help me move my post to new thread if you dont mind. If you find my post somewhat helpful, i feel happy too. From my experiences, some mystery will be very interesting if it stay as mystery. Thank you

New thread started; here is the link :)

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:For those members interesting in asking some questions. Please use link :)

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Posted 28 August 2020 - 09:56 AM

View PostKlaineyGStudy, on 17 April 2017 - 03:55 AM, said:

Maybe you could share your knowledge with everyone how to resolve this issue :)

I decided to become a registered user here just because of this thread (including part 1 and 2).
While I was participating on Belorussian paranormal research in 2017 there were a user (a female from Russia) who told the similar story - so called "SMS Poltergeist in Kaluga".
Her story started in 2009 (this info I have found later on a different website). But the story was following (this is my post from the Russian paranormal research website when they were looking for this female): automatic Google translation:


"Well, I'll start.  8 years later, this topic found its continuation on  At the request of the author, the thread was deleted on the same forum (I think it was in June 2017), although it reached a large number of pages (80 or even more).  I came to that forum only in April of 2017, although the topic was started earlier (somewhere in February 2017, but I could be wrong).

As you can see from the approximate dates, I found the situation at the height of its discussion, so my impressions can be a little reinforced by this fact.

So, the  witness (or focal person, "FP" in the future) spoke about the situation in the same words as in this topic.  But there were a lot of photos of the text messages themselves, photos of the garden, the room and the gift that the poltergeist (hereinafter "PG") sent from Japan.  It was a beautiful umbrella, something else like perfume, beads (I don't remember).  The FP had a photo of either a box with an address, or a label from a parcel, but the address was definitely Japanese.  The PG claimed that not a single Japanese person suffered financially, and he used electronic money.

Yes, that's right: according to FP, the poltergeist sent the real package.  Moreover, he threatened that he would choose a car at the auction and send it too if the FP and her mother (the original primary FP) refused to receive the package in the mail.  Yes, the poltergeist threatened that he would make the family pay a lot of money for customs clearance.  The family agreed to receive the package with small items.

But most of all I was intrigued by the photos of SMS, seriously I was impressed.  PG wrote very meaningfully, emotionally, philosophized a lot.
Because  the topic has been deleted, you will not be able to see it with your own eyes, but I will be able to describe what had an effect on me.  If FP wants to continue this topic here (I'll try to let her know that there has been a surge of interest in her topic on this forum), then I think she will post pictures.  In the meantime, I can only retell what I read in April-May.

So, PG described himself as a creature about 500 years old, said that he was like an angel.  He has no overseers, but they are not officially allowed to contact people.  Knows how to use the Internet, and uses a satellite for these purposes. " I used to be a man, "- one sms said (in his words "little human soul").
He needs FP for communication, because the information data base is a "dead weight", and he needs more detailed and, most importantly, the idea of the "now living FP" about the difference between love and being in love.
Claimed to be using FP's father's thesaurus.  Therefore, his speech and emotional reactions may be similar to his behavior.

He said that a person does not die after death, but continues to live in another dimension (he even called the air temperature, such as +60°C in his place).  Human life is a test, each subsequent life/test is a new test.  Souls turn into angels if they lived right.   He called FP "my lady", in Russian it means "madam".  He described himself as he was in a past life: a domineering but honest ascetic (no excesses, including absence of mistresses).  He emphasized that he liked to "love".  He called love the most beautiful thing on Earth.  Life is the development of souls, it is endless.  Life on Earth is a test by the seduction of material goods.  Life span is predetermined by how quickly a person copes with the task at hand.  The body is simply a temporary abode of the soul.  Death is not the end, but the road.

PG said something about Atlanteans, Lemurians, mantras, the subtle world, etc. But I did not remember.  I only remember that death is a return home.  At the same time, he mentioned that he also does not know everything that he needs to learn, but he is lazy.  He wrote that he has responsibilities - to slightly influence the living in case of their wrong choice, to meet the dead and take them to their destination, or something like that.

That's all.  I will not write criticism, because I am not a researcher and I have no clear ideas of how, where and what to look out for.  Yes, and generally tired of the negative.

I will say one thing: this incident helped me distract myself during one of the most difficult periods in 2017, so I'm just grateful that someone or something brought me to that forum at that moment.  I really needed it then.  And then your forum was found, because I tried to find as much information as possible on these topics.

That's all.  I told everything that I knew, except for those moments that I did not like.  They were.  But on the whole, I will remember this incident precisely because it gave me hope then.  And that's enough for me."

This is FP's blog with the photos of sms. But because they are in Russian I'll leave this website address here just to confirm the existence of the similar case

This story ended with the death of the user's father in 2018 who was either possessed by the entity or it was some kind of neurological disease.
The PG was bragging about how easily he could manipulate that man. And the FP confirmed with the examples of physiological/neurological manifestations which happened with her father such as often changes of states of consciousness with spontaneous stupor like appearances and mechanical actions etc.
She also described the circumstances under which possession happened. Her father was a long-haul driver. Once he picked up the hitchicker and didn't remember the rest of his trip... Since then the sms PG had entered their family life.

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#43 Guest_babyliss_*

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Posted 28 August 2020 - 10:23 AM

As for the Russian and Belorussian researchers' attitude to this case: they were interested in the beginning but lack of cooperation led them to believe that the "victims" somehow enjoyed their relationship with the entity or "hacker" because they didn't follow the researchers' instructions to check the phones (yes, there were a lot of phones in the case too) for the malware or other possibility of hacker's access.
FP also got the emails from PG (but SO DIFFERENT from the sms!) on notebook but the content of those emails was so much sexually explicit (in text form only, at least as far as I know) that FP refused to show them to the researchers.

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#44 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 19 November 2020 - 08:38 PM

wow that is a lot to consider, thank you for sharing
It's in the trees, it's coming!