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My First Introduction To The Paranormal

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#1 titch2k6


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Posted 03 January 2021 - 06:02 PM

I just thought I would share with you my very first 'official' paranormal experience. This is the experience that changed everything for me, as far as my beliefs went, and kicked off a stint as a Spirit Board medium.

Although I had experienced some strange things as a child, I was a complete skeptic when it came to the paranormal. I just had not witnessed, nor experienced, anything in my adult life that made me think about the subject at any great length. That was until an event that occurred back in 1994.

I was based in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of UNPROFOR during the war there. Soldiers, being soldiers, do almost anything to keep themselves amused (and keep their minds off the not-so-nice things they see on a daily basis) and I came in one day from a patrol around Novi Travnik to find my ISO container accommodation unit full with fellow soldiers, along with a close friend, who for the benefit of this I will call 'Bob', sat at a makeshift table with a Spirit Board. I was informed that Bob was going to do a seance and amused by it all, I eagerly sat down to watch what was going to unfold.

Bob kicked off his session with three other soldiers around the board with him and within a few minutes, had made contact with something on the board. That 'something' turned out to be Joanna, the girlfriend of 'Jim' (not real name) who had passed away in a car crash (she was hit by a drunk driver) a few months prior to his deployment and was one of those sitting at the board. Now Jim was obviously a little upset through the interaction, but the rest of us observing found it highly amusing and again, soldiers being soldiers, were shouting banter to the four men at the table and the 'fake' presentation they were performing. They took this all with a pinch of salt initially, but as time went on, they were quite visibly getting annoyed with our outbursts......

It finally came to a head with Bob losing his cool amongst jeers of "I saw him push the glass!" - mainly from me. He instructed Jim to leave the board, after excusing him, go into the next unit, write something on a piece of paper, place it in an envelope, seal it and then come back. Jim left and returned a few minutes later with envelope in-hand and was instructed by Bob to place it on one corner of the board. Bob continued for a few minutes more, to the backdrop of more jeering and banter from my direction, before turning to me and inviting me onto the board. Wanting to prove the whole thing as a set-up, I jumped at the chance and sat next to Bob. He then pulled another three 'volunteers' from the jeering crowd and invited them to join in place of the guys already on the board. After the swap, Bob gave me a few basic dos and don'ts before LEAVING THE BOARD HIMSELF.

There were now four complete skeptics sat around the board with fingers on the glass. Under prompts from Bob, now sat on a bunk across from us, I started asking questions to Joanna.

The first time the glass moved, honestly, I felt like I messed myself - along with the other three guys on it. The small gathered crowd, seeing our reactions, realised that everything was not as it seemed and a silence fell upon the unit for the first time that night. After a further period of communication, I felt confused, unnerved and unsure of what was going on. Most of all though, I was intrigued. But Bob was about to pull off the final act that would make me question what I thought about passing on forever......

Under suggestion from Bob, we asked if Joanna could see what was on the paper sealed within the envelope and on the corner of the board, to which she replied 'Yes'. We asked her to spell out what the message was, to which she responded 'Frends forever' - and no, I did not make a spelling mistake. You see, Jim was slightly dyslexic and when we opened the envelope, that was EXACTLY how he had written it on the paper - I will never forget it. You could have heard a pin drop...........

Eleven skeptics and four believers walked into my unit that night - 15 believers walked out.

Anyway, a long story short, I found out after that Bob was Wicca and did Spirit Boards on a regular basis. So of course, I spent as much of my free time with him, until I left the Army in 1998, and learned what I could about Spirit Boards from him. I then spent further time with people he had introduced me to in civvy street during periods of leave and learned some more. I went on to conduct regular Spirit Board sessions myself years after. I walked away from Spirit Boards in 2007 completely after another life-changing experience. This one was not so nice and was the only time in my lifetime I have experienced true fear. I'll save that tale for another day......

As I stated earlier, my views and beliefs did a complete U-turn following this event. I have experienced and witnessed too many unexplainable things during my time as a Spirit Board medium, many of which throws the theory of the ideomotor effect right out into the bin. I myself repeated Bob's 'little example' on occasions to show people that the sessions were no hoax, with the occasional visit still from Joanna, who was only too happy to communicate with me further.

As a caveat to me sharing this story with you all, I do not condone in any way the use of Spirit Boards and stand-by the Soup's stance on them. They are most definitely not toys and can produce............unexpected results. I studied for years on how to use them and knew what I was doing - until I was proven otherwise.They can be unpredictable and should be respected for what they are and NEVER used for amusement by those who do not know, or understand, what they are doing.
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#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 04 January 2021 - 03:18 AM

Fascinating and I can't wait to hear your not so nice experience, thanks for sharing here :yes:
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Posted 07 January 2021 - 05:37 AM

Very interesting.  You are correct they definitely are not toys and are very unpredictable.  We have used them several times at very haunted locations and the spirits there didn't seem to like them being used.  Maybe because it was drawing unwanted spirits into their space.  My retired spirit board resides with a retired black mirror in my detached garage.  I won't have either of them in my house.  Both attracted negative things.  Thank you for sharing that.