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Mysterious Whisper Child

ghost white hair child mom car

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#1 marymary


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 10:36 AM

So I need help. I’m really freaked out. I’m a mother of one, a beautiful baby girl, and I was driving her back from her grandparents’ house four nights ago, it was around 9 I think. It was a pretty quiet night and there weren’t many cars on the road so I was stealing glances at my little girl in the rearview mirror. My van has a video screen, so I’d put in one of those Baby Einstein videos to keep her entertained, plus I hear that they help with brain development. Anyway, I’m stealing glances at her, and I can see her pretty well because of the light from the screen, although it did make everything back there kinda washed out and it flashed different colors a lot from the changing images, so my eyes would have to adjust sometimes. Anyway (sorry I go off track so often, my husband hates it!). ANYWAY, I looked in the mirror once and I couldn’t believe it, I almost swerved off the road in shock, there was a little boy sitting next to by baby, leaning over and whispering to her! I stopped myself for a second, I mean I’m not a crazy or superstitious person, so I just assumed something could naturally explain what I was seeing, and I thought of the video and how it was probably just a reflection off of the window or something, so I focused on my mirror closer. It was definitely not a reflection. The screen flashed different colors again, but the boy, who looked very young like 5 years old, stayed the same, it seemed like he had very blonde, maybe completely white hair (the colors of the screen made it difficult to tell) and he was seated perfectly in the center of the seat next to my baby’s child seat, now clearly whispering something, but I couldn’t hear a sound! Now that I had focused and was certain I wasn’t imagining things, I whirled around in my seat to, I don’t even know really, yell at the boy or grab him or comfort my baby, I’m not sure, it was just one of those instant motherly instincts you never think about, you know?. Anyway, when I turned around, there was no boy there, only my baby girl! She was just staring at the screen, giggling. I was freaked out, to say the least. I kept driving for a little while, maybe 30 seconds? and then, convinced I couldn’t have imagined the whispering kid, I pulled over on the side of the road, turned off the car, turned on the lights, got out, and opened the van’s sliding doors to look around. But he wasn’t there. He wasn’t there when I checked the trunk either. I just stood there, puzzled for a few seconds, definitely shaken up. Then I got back in and drove home, looking back just about as much as I looked at the road. When I got home I just held my girl while I watched TV with every light on in the house. When my husband finally got home from work (he always has to work late at the end of each month) I let him put her to bed and didn’t tell him what I’d seen.
I’ve waited four days to bring this up because I kept telling myself I must have made it up, or remembered things wrong, or been too tired and my vision was blurry, or something. But I keep replaying it in my head, and I know what I saw, I’m sure there was some weird whispering kid in my car. I mean, could I be crazy? I’ve never “seen” things before? Or was this real, like I think, and if so, the real question that I can’t shake is what was that kid whispering to my baby girl???

#2 DarkShadow



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Posted 17 April 2013 - 03:03 PM

I think you did see a spirit.  I'd be freaked too.  But nothing bad happened, right?  As PortlandGhosts said, it was a pretty cool experience!

#3 Augustine


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Posted 17 April 2013 - 05:26 PM

Wow, that is fascinating (although I don't blame you for being alarmed...certainly not what I would have expected to see in the backseat either).  Did your daughter give any indication that she noticed the child too, or was she completely zoned into her video?

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