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Spirit Guides And Ties From 3 Years Ago

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#1 HotSpot24



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Posted 14 July 2020 - 02:50 PM

Some of you may remember my image from 2-3 years ago. I did share this image with my medium and they said that there were 3 spirits in the image (one not visible to the human eye).

So recap of who all is in the picture:
Sarah (at right)
Floating head guy (I don't know his name)
And invisi-dude

Sarah is the spirit that attached to me when moving houses 4 years ago. According to my medium, she felt like she was left behind, and was clinging to me because I was the constant in her existence. Additionally, she was the spirit that said "sorry" from I don't remember how long ago. It was soon after I'd gotten moved into the new house.
Anyway, I was advised to cross her over (which I wanted to do, but couldn't due to family being Catholic) but I instead let her stay with me. I did tell Sarah (according to my medium, since she was attached, she could hear me) that she should cross over into the light. She was rather stubborn about it, she stayed with me for another year or two before I asked the same medium for an update on whether Sarah had crossed or not. Apparently it took the medium calling in Sarah's mother to bring her home.
The cool thing is that Sarah wanted to come back as one of my guides. So another year brings us to now.
According to my medium, she is one of my guides now, and when I asked about her (Sarah's) thoughts on the picture I had, through the medium she said it was a gift to me.

So my question is do spirits typically come back as guides if they've been attached to you and weren't negative?

#2 KlaineyGStudy


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Posted 15 July 2020 - 04:33 AM

Yes I do remember your avatar. But I also remember your name :yes: nice to see you posting with us again HotSpot.

As for your question, I believe many spirits come in and out of our lives all the time to guide us. So yes, I think it is possible Sarah could be one of your guides.

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#3 MichelleGStudy



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Posted 15 July 2020 - 12:50 PM

I had a very similar thing happen to me - only the guide turned out to be a close friend of mine.  I didn't pick up on it at first but a patient of mine did.  She would have never known about his passing and I don't see her ever picking up on it any other way.  It rang true as she was describing about who she saw standing next to me.  We had/have the same diagnosis and chose different paths to treat it.  We decided to 'compare notes later on.'  The last time we spoke on the phone, we talked about the following weekend that our group of friends (5 in total) were to get together for the weekend.  it was unspoken but we both knew it was the last time we'd speak here. I will never forget the sound of his voice and the goodbye in our words. I will hold on to that forever and one of our moderators then said something to me that I will never forget.  'Michelle, he didn't die as his body di. Do you understand?' I did.  I look at his photo everyday and feel as close as we've ever been.  I miss my best friend terribly - but one day we'll 'compare notes.'
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