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A Grandmother's Love

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 09:12 AM

As a former Spirit Board medium, I hear a lot of people state that you cannot contact or talk to loved ones during a session. I will tell you categorically that that statement is untrue. Although a Spirit Board works differently to a clairvoyance session, there is some similarity. With both, you cannot guarantee who will come through - you just deal with those who do. A very skilled clairvoyant may be able to channel to a specific contact in mind (and we are talking about the genuine clairvoyants out there, not the fraudsters who are very clever at pulling information out of a subject, using common suggestive 'headers', without the subject even realising it), but you cannot typically normally channel to a specific contact through a board. Occasionally, however, you can receive contact from an entity that 'pushes' itself forward and wants to be known. This happened to me in 1996.

To understand this story a little better, you need to understand my life to some degree. I will keep it short - I promise.

I was born in 1971, with my sister following a couple of years later. When I was 5, my parents divorced and my father got custody of both my sister and I. He was a hard working man and spent most of his time working long shifts to support our family. He was also a very keen footballer. He played most weekends before moving away from being a player and going into refereeing, again, taking him away from home most weekends. Due to the lack of time he was actually at home, we spent most of our childhood living with his parents - our grandfather and grandmother. We lived with them for around 3 years in total before he met a new lady in his life, and whom would become our step-mother.

Spending this time with our grandparents, my sister and I became (probably) closer with them than a 'normal' family unit would. There are things I know about my grandparents that normal grandchildren just wouldn't get to know (like, how my grandmother used to wear the old styled wax-covered earplugs at night to bed because of my grandad's snoring!). I had an intimate knowledge of the house in which we lived - layout, colours, ornaments, smells, the garden and lots of other happy memories.

After we left our grandparents, and moved in as a new family unit once my father remarried, I spent the first year continuously running away from home (my step-mother was abusive to me, both physically and mentally) back to my grandparents, whom, as regular as clockwork, would return me back to my father and 'her'.

I was 10 years old when I was told by my father that my grandmother had cancer. My world suddenly fell apart around me, as she was the only one I felt I could turn to. My father was rarely at home, through work or football, and the situation with my step-mother had hit rock bottom. My step-mother refused to take my sister or I to see her in hospital, with my father being unable to do so, and when she finally passed a few months later, we had not been given the opportunity to say our goodbyes to her and tell her how much we loved her. The next time we 'saw' her was at her funeral service.

Jump forward to 1996.

I was posted in Trenchard Barracks, Celle, Germany (former WWII German Garrison) with the British Army. I had been learning about Spirit Boards from 'Bob' for about a year at this point following our return from Bosnia. It was something that I kept as a very close secret as it is actually an offence under Military Law (under 'Demoralization of Troops') to be doing what I was doing. There was just a small circle of lads who actually knew what Bob and I did (most of them were from the ISO container unit back in Vitez during my very first paranormal experience).

One day, I was surprised to be approached by a couple of 'A' Company lads who asked me if I would be happy to conduct a session for them. I had never met, or even seen, these two lads before and I was a bit dubious at first, thinking I was being set up to be frog-marched away by MPs, but the more I spoke to them, the more I realised that they were genuine enough and even had their own board back at their accommodation block. We agreed a time and date for the session and went on our separate ways. On the night arranged, I joined the two lads (along with Bob who was going to act as my scribe and watch me) in their block and after securing the room, we set-up ready for the evening's session.

The first contact we made was with a 'Hans' (no, not Solo........) and judging what was coming through, we concluded he was German. Unfortunately, as none of us spoke much of the language at that time, it was a very short-lived session and wished him 'auf Wiedersehen'. Then we had an entity come through, almost immediately, who was quite strong on the board and I went through the normal line of questions I always used to use from the onset of any contact. The following is extracted from the actual transcriptions from that evening that I still have in my possession today. Notes in yellow (in brackets) have been added by myself for the purpose of this post, outlining things occurring at the time, or to note abbreviations used by Bob:

ITAT? ('Is there anybody there') - NR ('No Response')
PRTC ('Please return to centre' - requested by board speaker)
AYM? ('Are you male') - NO
So YAF? ('You are female') - YES
PTU ('Please tell us') you're N ('Name'). - M A R Y
RTC ('Returned to centre' - done on own accord and without prompting by users)
GE ('Good evening') Mary. TY ('Thank you') for making ctact with us this eve'. AYH ('Are you happy') to spk with us 2night? - YES
TY Mary. DYK ('Do you know') anyone who is O ('around') the board? - YES
PTU ('Please tell us')the FL ('First letter') of the FN ('First name') of the P ('person') U no. - M
(At this point, there was myself (Malcolm) and a Mark sat around the board - I had not 'clicked on' at this point to whom Mary was)
TY Mary. PTU the FL of the LN ('Last name') of the P U no. - E
SP - ('Session paused' - we were discussing if Mark had the last initial E, and it turned out it was just me, but at this point I still did not realise who Mary was).
HDYK ('How do you know') the P? - G R A N D S O N

So, at this point, I was taken back a little and we paused the session to decide how to move forward. I decided that i would come away from the board, as always with personal contacts, to remove any contamination, with Mark taking over as 'key Speaker' and supported by the other lad with us. Things went kinda crazy (in a nice way) from here, and to save boring you to death with more transcriptions, I will just summarise the evening from this point.

I initially asked a lot of basic questions to start to ascertain if this was really my grandmother and then threw in some very personal questions - the kind that no-one who did not live with us at the time could possibly have know the answer to. Everything was coming back through correctly first time and very clear. At one point I got quite emotional after realising that I was indeed talking to my grandmother. These emotions formed through the joy of of being given the chance to talk to her once more, and the love for the woman who raised me for a short period of my life. It even got to the point where I was thinking of questions in my head, and they were being answered on the board before even vocally asking them aloud and I had to give my questions to the confused onlookers after.  At one point, I asked her if she was my guardian spirit, but was a bit disappointed when she told me that she was not.She did tell me, however, that she was proud of me and what I had become and to tell Dan, my grandfather, that she still loved him, to which I promised I would-. It went on like this for around 20 minutes before she finally left us and we went over in detail what had just happened.

I telephoned my grandfather the very next day, and although I did not tell him what had happened, the conversation was brought around to my grandmother and I expressed that, 'I am sure that grandma still loves you grandad'. I felt that I had fulfilled my promise to her, albeit in a non-direct way.

I never heard from her again in the time I remained a Spirit Board medium, but I am happy with that. I cannot go dwelling on a single experience and spend the rest of my life pining for something else to happen that, ultimately, probably never would. It was a one off event for me that gave me an opportunity to tell her the things I wanted to all those years ago whilst she was laying ill in hospital - and I am forever thankful for that.

This was just one of many experiences that I witnessed and has helped to shape my strong belief in something beyond. I do not have all the answers (if I did, I would be sooooo rich from all the books I could release!), but continue to look for the little clues here-and-there every single day through paranormal research and conducting investigations.

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Posted 12 January 2021 - 10:13 PM

Wow, lovely experience thanks for sharing :yes:
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Posted 28 January 2021 - 08:58 PM

Former spirit board user, I'd love to know more about what made you decide not to practice anymore, and I loved this experience, thank you for sharing it!
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Posted 30 January 2021 - 05:03 AM

View PostearthlydelitesGStudy, on 28 January 2021 - 08:58 PM, said:

I'd love to know more about what made you decide not to practice anymore

Hi earthlydelitesGStudy.

I have posted the story on this forum. Please take a look at my post titled 'How My Ties With Spirit Boards Were Finally Cut'.

You state that you are a 'former spirit board user'. May I enquire, for my own curiosity, why you stopped using the board?
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