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All Of My Experiences - From Childhood To Present Day

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Posted 27 June 2016 - 03:17 PM

Let's start by saying that this house has something of a dark history. We know of the old lodger called "Frank" who lived in the room I currently sleep him. I have no idea what became of him. Maybe he died in this house, or maybe he moved to a care home. But the most chilling story was the man who used to live here. He was confined to a wheelchair. We still have the concrete ramp leading up to the front door to allow him easy access. One day he somehow fell, in his wheelchair, down into a brook near our house and drowned (and hopefully it is my imagination, but I am sure I heard a thump from upstairs while typing this!).

Any one of these old inhabitants could be giving us a bit of mischief now.

I hope you don't mind a bit of a long story of the incidents I remember. There have been several, and the memories of some may be sketchy.

The moving wardrobe - This is going back many years. My bedroom was in the box-room at the front of the house. I was sitting quietly on my bed, perhaps reading or playing a game, and the wardrobe shook. It was as if someone shoved it from the side.

Moving bed - I have thought recently that perhaps my bed was resting on an uneven floorboard or something. I was sitting on my bed, and it suddenly jolted. When I was a child I was sure it was lifted up a little and placed down again, but maybe it was just resting on an uneven floorboard and slipped.

The Shadow - This is one which sticks out in my mind, We had a cat who "adopted" me. She used to sit on my chest while I read at bedtime, kneading me the way that cats do and purring. This particular night she was doing just this - she sat on my chest, and while she was settling down I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Like a dark shape drifting through the door. I looked at it, and the cat looked at exactly the same time. Whatever it was, she saw it too. The animals and ghostly appearances brings me onto my next story, many years on, involving our Jack Russell Terrier ..

Something at the top of the stairs - Me and my mum were watching television. Our Jack Russell was curled up on his cushion. He suddenly woke up and dashed to the bottom of the stairs, staring up. His hackles raised almost straight away and he began to bark. It wasn't little playful "yaps" either - they were his "get the heck out of my house" barks. It's worth mentioning that he never raises his hackles usually. He stood there just barking fiercely at whatever it was. We finally managed to call him back to settle down, and I decided to go to investigate. I tried to call our dog to follow, but he got at least five stairs from the top and he went back down. He's a Jack Russell ---- nothing should scare him! I still have no idea what it could have been. There wasn't anything abnormal hanging from the banister, or anything out of place that could have confused him ... I'm sure he really saw something that night.

"Good night." This was recent. I'd stayed up a little later than my parents and so was the last up to bed. I was turning off the lights. I went into the kitchen, checked the back door and then turned off the light. From behind me, in the middle of the kitchen somewhere, I heard a male voice say "Good night". Strangely this did not scare me.

Objects reappearing - In the past my mum has mentioned her hair clip reappearing in the middle of the kitchen table after she'd lost it. A similar thing happened to me. I had a necklace given to me by a boyfriend. We had a bad break-up and I wanted rid of it. I wanted to take it to a charity shop that I volunteered at, but suddenly couldn't find it anywhere. I checked in my locker at work, in between the floorboards, in my chest-of-drawers .. everywhere I could possibly think. I had given it up as lost and assumed that maybe it had come undone while I was in town. Then one day, after my bath, I found the necklace lying on top of my jeans ...

At work - Me and a manager were at work. We were upstairs in the corridor next to the staff-room, and we were quietly discussing a member of staff. I was sort of a supervisor at my old place of work, so I often had to provide my opinion on people I worked with, whether they were competent or not. We were both talking and we heard someone walking across the staff-room, and for a horrible moment we thought it was the person we were discussing - when I went in to check, there was nobody there.  

I'm sure there are more. I'll rack my brains and post any extras that I think of :)

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Posted 28 June 2016 - 06:55 AM

I have had my share of encounters since childhood too.  You will find that this is not an uncommon occurrence for some other here as well.

Some of the noises / events could be rationally explained as non paranormal.  Others have NO explanation other than paranormal.  

It doesn't sound as if bad stuff has happened to you.
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