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The Most Spooky And Haunted Castle Around The World - Part 2

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Posted 24 October 2016 - 10:39 PM

Here they are, another 3 of the most spooky castle around the world

Edinburgh Castle – Scotland
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Edinburgh Castle is known for turning skeptics of the paranormal into die-hard believers with its cast of fascinating specters. Spirits spotted on the castle grounds include a ghost dog prancing through the graveyard on foggy nights; a headless drummer who paces the halls (first reported in 1650!); and the ghost of Lady Glamis, who was burned at the stake for witchcraft in 1537, and is said to prowl through the castle at night.
Not too long ago, paranormal researchers conducted a major experiment at Edinburgh Castle. 240 volunteers – none of whom had prior knowledge of the castle’s history – spent 10 days in and around the grounds. The participants reported eerily similar experiences, including burning sensations, feelings of being touched by unseen beings, and sightings of a leather aproned ghost in the same location.

Castle of Bardi - Italy
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The haunting of this castle stems from a tragic love story. The daughter of the castle’s lord, Soleste was desperately in love with Moroello, the captain of the knights. Distant battles often took Moroello away from the castle for lengthy campaigns, during which time Soleste awaited his return perched atop the castle walls, her eyes searching the horizon.
One morning, Soleste spotted riders. To her horror, the knights wore enemy colors. Distraught at the thought of her lover perishing at war, Soleste threw herself from the wall, plunging to her death.
Alas, the riders were Moroello and his men, brandishing their enemies’ colors in celebration of their victory. Finding Soleste’s body crumpled before the castle, a heartbroken Moroello also killed himself. To this day, the ghosts of the lovers wander the castle grounds.

Moosham Castle - Austria
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While the phrase “witch hunt” may conjure thoughts of Salem, Massachusetts, the brutal persecution of women suspected of witchcraft stretches far beyond Puritan America. One of the bloodiest witch hunts took place in Austria, where numerous young girls and women were taken to Moosham Castle under directives of the Archbishop of Unternberg. There they were tormented, tortured, and murdered in the dungeon chambers. It’s believed that many of these women still wander the grounds, seeking justice for their wrongful deaths.

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