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I'm Haunted?

haunted ghost demons

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#1 anonymous67


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Posted 14 June 2016 - 12:55 PM

I don't really know how to start this off, or actually get to the point, so I guess this will just be all over the place. Anyway, I'm new to this site, and I just thought I needed to get this off my chest and hopefully have some advice or thoughts on what this actually is. Alright, anyway, to get to the point of writing this... When I was a baby, i've always had some sort of paranomal attraction. I never wanted to touch the ground(?) and I was always scared to sleep in my own room. My parents thought maybe my sister accidently let something enter our house. Anyway, a couple years later, I was about four, and we moved to Oklahoma. In this house, there were strange things that I could actually remember clearly, unlike when I was a baby, of course. So, the first thing I remember, is having a friend named Sarah. I remember invisioning how she died, and it was so clear to me, as if I were there to watch the whole thing go down. I remember her being in a truck, and one thing lead to another. I would always talk to her, and there's even videos of me talking to her when no one was around. Fast forward to this particular day, I was laying down with my father, and we played this thing called "Scary Stories." While we were laying there, I told my dad about "a room under the hospital." I explained it so graphically, and it made my dad freak out. I was only like four, how could I have known what a morgue looks like? It even freaks me out to this day. And, I even still see the morgue I once described in my head. Anyway, this was either before or after the morgue incident, but I remember sitting on the living room couch while my mom and dad were in the kitchen. I was talking to Sarah as normal, but there was a twist. I suddenly see her hanging from a ledge, trying to grab a hold of me. Then she fell, to what looked like the fiery pits of hell. Yes, I apparently saw hell. After telling this to my dad at the beginning of sixth grade, he told me that maybe Sarah really wasn't a little girl. Maybe she was a demon. And, honestly it made sense. There were parts in the house where I thought, "I can't step over it. Hell's down there" And I remember, coming from the room where the apparent portal to hell was, were a bunch of arms, reaching out, as if they were trying to escape. I even remember my dad getting locked in the bathroom, where he claimed the devil was. So, could the devil, or demons, really be following me?
  Fast forward to fifth grade, or the beginning of sixth. I was getting ready to go to school, and the front door was wide open. I remember looking out and hearing the faint sound of music. I felt like I was in a trance. I wanted to follow it, and I found myself taking little steps towards the door. However, I was soon able to stop myself. Later that day, my mom dropped me off at the house, and went to go back up my brother and sisters. I was in my room, putting all my things down, when I decided I needed to go to the bathroom. As i'm walking out of my door, I see a black figure running. I step back in surprise, then turn over to go to my moms bathroom. But then, there in the corner, was a little girl. She had her hands clamped in front of her, and her head was hanging down, as if she was in ashamed. She wasn't in color, she was like the rest of them. Black. Completey black. I went back to my room, afraid of seeing any more. Then, when nighttime hit, I was getting ready for bed. An hour passed, and I'm the only one awake. I pull the covers down, and turn over on my side. What I saw made my heart jump out of my chest. There, on the closet, was a girl, hanging by her neck. I completly covered myself, quickly growing hot.
Either a couple days later, or even weeks later, it was the weekend. I don't remember if it was in the morning, or afternoon, but I remember the event clearly. I was in the bathroom, when I started hearing these noises coming from the walls. I stood still for a bit, hesitant to turn on the faucet just yet. Then, the noises became more consistent, and to add on to my fear, I heard whispering. The whispering became louder and louder by the second, until finally a voice overpowered the rest. It shouted, "The devil!" I didn't even care about washing my hands, running out the door quickly as possible. Adding all of this up, including seeing bugs on the walls even when they're not really there, I've concluded I'm either haunted, or maybe I'm just diagnosed with schizophrenia. I don't exactly have a clear understanding of schizophrenia, seeing as I'm only 12, about to be 13 in November, and really don't do any research on mental disorders, except the ones I have, which are anxiety and depression.
  ...I just want help. Could it be my mental illness, an undiscovered illness, or am I really just haunted by demons or ghost, or even both?

#2 Vlawde



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Posted 14 June 2016 - 01:28 PM

First off  welcome to the forums! In reading the last sentence, it sounds like you are saying you have a mental illness. That's the first avenue I'd explore. Based on your experiences, it doesn't sound like typical paranormal activity, but more a product of your mind, based on imagery from horror movies and scary stories like from creepy pasta
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#3 Tantric Kitten

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Posted 14 June 2016 - 01:32 PM

Welcome to the forums.  You are very well spoken for your age.

I think it's really important that these things (and especially your account access so they can make sure you're safe online) be shared with with your parents.  It's hard for kids to separate reality from imagination sometimes and children often have sleep disturbances ( noticed that several of your examples happened at night or when you may have been in twilight between sleep and wakefulness) so what you're describing could be a number of things.  

You could be seeing things.  Many sensitive/psychic adults can tell similar stories.  You could be having sleep disturbances and bringing up things you've caught glimpses of on TV or in movies.  There could be a medical issue.

So talk to your parents or another safe adult.  Ask about having a medical evaluation because the last thing you need at your age is to worry about being crazy.  Read things (Echo Bodine and  Chip Coffey both have written books specifically for psychic kids to help guide you through and learn to differentiate stuff... something a lot of adults have trouble with) about learning to deal with and use any potential gifts (abilities often go away with the physical transition to adulthood).  And remember that love is stronger than fear.  If you're religious it's Christ's (or Allah's or Yahweh's or Buddha's) love.  If you're not it's the light of the universe.  If you walk in love and light you have a powerful protection.
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#4 earthlydelitesGStudy



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Posted 16 June 2016 - 11:47 PM

Hi Anon, welcome to the boards. I think it's important, like Vlawde and Tantric said, to find a safe adult in your life that you can talk through these things with. As you've indicated there are some illnesses that you have been diagnosed with, it's a good idea to get your doc to check you out and make sure everything is ticking along like it should.
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